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Simple Workplace Exercises to Boost Your Productivity

04 June 2021

Long periods of inactivity can have a harmful influence on a variety of biological systems, including blood flow and spine alignment. It can even affect your mood and alertness throughout the day. 

Our bodies were not designed to sit for lengthy periods, as is common in office employment. For us to survive, we need movement!

Though standing workstations and ergonomic chairs can help prevent the negative effects of sitting for long periods, there are many activities you can do while sitting at work to offer your body some much-needed care it needs. 

Some workouts at the work desk routines may require some ingenuity, but they are doable with a little perseverance. Go and inspire everyone in your office to join you in moving around and being active throughout the day!

You could be worried about disrupting your concentration or workflow, and to be sure, think about what works best for your style. In the larger scheme of things, taking a few minutes away from your computer screen throughout the day to do some simple workouts can improve the performance and productivity of your work!

Exercises You Can Do at Work


Why not incorporate a few squats while you are on your feet? Maintain a straight back, shoulders back, and chest out. Slowly raise and drop your upper body, spreading your feet to about shoulder width. The better the exercise, the lower the squat!

After around 10 reps, you will notice how effective this workout is. You may make this work out more difficult by carrying a hefty backpack or stacking books on your head, just like calf raises! Simply keep a straight posture to prevent putting undue strain on your back.

Stationary Jogging

Running in the office is not advisable but running in place is wonderful for your heart and will not tip over any expensive office equipment (or surprised employees)! The health advantages of this exercise can be felt in just a few short spurts every day. After all, you are searching for a simple approach to keep your body in good shape without having to run a marathon.

Doing Some Tricep Dips 

A non-wheeled chair can be used for this basic workout. Pull yourself up to the edge of your chair and grab the seat's edge with both arms at your sides. Then, extend your legs outwards and lower your torso till your arms bend at a 90-degree angle, using your arms to do so. Throughout this exercise, keep your core engaged and firm, and your chest forward.

During this workout, it is critical to concentrate on your triceps. Close your eyes and pretend you are carrying your entire weight on your arms (avoid distributing that weight to your legs). Try three sets of 15 reps!

Raising Your Calves

This is a simple one! Simply summon your inner ballerina (or ignore it if ballet is not your thing) and stand on your tiptoes! Raise and lower your body slowly, putting your weight on the balls of your feet and using your calf muscles. You will feel the muscles activate more if you lift and lower slowly and methodically. Repeat this process ten times.

Taking the Stairs

Here is a workout you can do at work every day without drawing attention to yourself during the day! Taking the stairs every day is a terrific way to get some extra cardio, tone your calves and thighs, and increase your heart rate for a boost of energy.

To add a bit extra emphasis to this exercise, try some entertaining modifications. To feel the burn, skip every other step!

Stationary Wall Sit Position

Do you have any walls in your office? This is fantastic! You have got everything you need for this one.

Begin by backing up against an empty wall and gradually moving into a "sitting" position until your hips are level with your knees. Your legs should be bent at a 90-degree angle at this stage. This exercise engages both your quads (thigh muscles) and your core. 

Feel the sweet, sweet heat by staying in this posture for up to one minute. For optimal results, repeat this process roughly 10-15 times.


Push-ups are one of the best and most comprehensive upper-body exercises that you can do almost anywhere!.

Grip the edge of your desk and extend your body fully outward for the desk variation. Then, as you would with push-ups on the floor, steadily elevate and lower your body. Keep your body straight and your back erect by activating your core (do not let your hips slip forward). Place your hands flat against the wall and lean forward and back with the same concepts in mind for the wall variant. Try three sets of ten or more reps.

Rolling Your Neck

This is a simple exercise that you may do while sitting at work! Simply move your head and neck clockwise and counterclockwise a few times. This helps enhance blood flow to your neck and mind by stretching out stressed neck muscles. For an easy, quick boost, do this a few times a day to maintain your neck muscles lose.

Crossed-Leg Lifts

This is a great exercise to do at work while sitting. It is quite easy for anyone to attempt. Simply lift your legs and cross them in your seat, like a genie! Then, use your arms to push down on the armrests and lift your body for 10-20 seconds.

Sitting and Standing Alternate Throughout the Day

Taking a break from sitting and working while standing up is an excellent method to counteract the bad effects of sitting all day, even if it is not much exercise in terms of calories burned. Though standing rather than sitting does not burn many more calories, it has been demonstrated to improve alertness and energy levels in many circumstances.

Even if you only stand for a few minutes at a period throughout the day, it will help. As a result, standing desks that raise and lower themselves to suit the demands of the user are becoming more common in modern businesses. Because we are all different heights and sit in different positions, having a desk that can raise and lower to bespoke heights is ideal.

Final Thoughts

It is simple to stay healthy and motivated at work by exercising throughout the day. How many of these do you think you will be able to work into your usual routine?