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10 Things Sitting Too Long Does to Your Body

18 September 2021

On average, a regular person sits for more than six hours per day while working. Sitting for an extended period of time has short-term and long-term consequences for your body and health. 

That is why you should purchase an ergonomic chair, including a headrest and armrest.

According to studies, sitting for long periods can increase mortality. As a result, this has become a growing threat to humanity's long-term destiny. We have compiled a list of ten things that can happen if you sit for a long duration.

Increased Body Weight

1. Increased Body Weight

Your muscles can create chemicals like lipoprotein lipase when you move about, which aid in the digestion of the sweets and fats you consume daily. Sitting for an extended time reduces the release of the molecules above and expands the back end.

You can be at risk for metabolic syndrome as well. An ergonomic chair is a reclining chair that can assist you in practicing better posture. 

You can also opt to get a standing desk like the Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series of FlexiSpot to reduce your seated time. This tool will also allow you to move more freely while sitting. 

This will also assist in avoiding fat storage in the center of your body. As a result, you will be able to avoid being obese.

2. Risk of Blood Clots

Blood clots are one of the most common causes of death. This fact is not said to scare you but help you become aware that sitting too much can cause this. 

Sedentary behavior can impair blood flow in the legs, and it can also reduce the levels of proteins that prevent blood clots, putting you in danger. The majority of those who sit for more than forty hours per week may be affected.

As a result, the blood clot may go to your lungs. People who sit for more than 10 hours are at a higher risk than those who sit for less than ten hours, which can harm your health.

Cardiovascular Disease

3. Cardiovascular Disease

Sitting for an extended time might cause cardiovascular disorders such as persistent hypertension and coronary heart disease. It also has the potential to lower the tone of your blood vessels. Less physical activity might cause cholesterol plaques to form in your heart's blood arteries, resulting in early atherosclerosis.

The use and supply of oxygen can also be out of balance. When your heart needs more oxygen than your blood can provide, this occurs. This risk of heart disease can be reduced by using an ergonomic chair.

4. Tight Hips and a Bad Back

Sitting for too long will cause soreness in your back and hips. You may avoid this by purchasing the best computer chair for extended hours. Your hip flexors will not shorten if you use this chair.

Sitting for an extended period can change the way you sit. The discs in your spine may be compressed as a result of this. As a result, it can lead to early deterioration and chronic pain.

Back Strains

5. Back Strains

Human beings must always be on the go. Sitting stops this from occurring by keeping the body in an awkward position. An S-shaped human spine is designed to tolerate strains.

When you force your body to sit for an extended time, the S-shape transforms into a C-shape. When someone slouches, their stomach muscles become weak. An ergonomic office chair protects your spine with neck support, and it also keeps your spine from being strained.

6. Cancer

Sitting for long periods each day puts you at risk for endometrial and colon cancer. Weight gain and inflammation might cause this to happen gradually. If you use the Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair, you can prevent this problem from occurring in the first place.

According to popular belief, sitting for a few more hours increases endometrial and colon cancer risk. Eight to ten percent of the time, your chances improve. As a result, purchasing an ergonomic chair will help to prevent and reduce this risk.

Legs and Glutes are Weak

7. Legs and Glutes are Weak

Sitting for long periods can weaken your glutes and legs. You are not using your powerful legs and body muscles in this situation, and as a result, they are not impeding your progress.

It can lead to muscular atrophy after a specific time. Your muscles will gradually deteriorate. As a result, your glute and leg muscles will be unable to keep you stable. And, as a result, your body may be in danger of injury.

8. Bone and Muscle Problems

A lack of physical activity might harm abdominal muscles. Leg pain from sitting for long periods is a sign of bone trouble. As a result, you could develop osteoporosis.

Holding your body in a sitting position will not be challenging for your bones, and they can gradually lose their strength over time. As a result, an ergonomic chair like FlexiSpot's Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair can keep your bones from becoming porous and fragile.

 Poor and Compromised Posture

9. Poor and Compromised Posture 

This is yet another disadvantage of sitting for long periods. Sitting, for example, can cause your pelvis to rotate backward, and as a result, it may put a strain on your lumbar discs.

Your head will forcefully move forward in this position. To compensate for the weight transfer, you must allow your shoulders to curve. Sitting all day in an appropriate office chair height will improve your posture and prevent back strain.

10. Causes Digestive System Issues 

Our pancreas produces insulin to convert carbohydrates into glucose. Sitting makes muscles inactive, which lowers insulin levels. As a result, muscle cells use less insulin.

As a result, sitting can lead to diabetes and other diseases. It has the potential to cause chronic constipation, and it can cause hemorrhoids in some people.

Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair


Sitting for long periods can have a variety of adverse effects on your health. This may impact your way of life, and you may be more vulnerable to wounds if your legs become weak. Furthermore, it has the potential to weaken your bones and cause osteoporosis.

Purchase an ergonomic chair to relieve back pain caused by prolonged sitting, improve posture, and prevent premature degeneration. Your muscles will become stronger due to this, and it can also lower the risk of cardiovascular and lung diseases.

Count on a reliable company like FlexiSpot for ergonomic equipment that can help you avoid potentially risking your health because of too much time spent sitting down.