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Decorate Your Room with these 6 Photo Display Trends

20 August 2021

We live in an age where physical photo albums have become rather obsolete. Nowadays, film camera users belong to a small group of hippies who value slow art and its grainy aesthetic. They have been captivating the interest of their peers and have been gaining traction in recent years. But even they themselves rarely get their photos printed, asking photoshops to save developed shots in their flash drives instead. The new photo album has gone digital; it doesn’t mean, however, that there is no market left for photo printing. 

People still hang their photos or display photo frames in their homes. They add so much more personality to a space and become instant conversation pieces for family and friends who come to visit. Here are six trends people have been doing, and you could also try to decorate your room or workstation with photos. 

Floating Shelves WSF1

1. Photos are hung on the wall or from the ceiling

Do you know those classroom pocket charts that most kindergarten teachers use? Go to the nearest bookstore and buy a clear one to stick to your wall. Fill each pocket with a photo, and voila! You have a hanging photo album in your room. 

Another trend is to use wooden hangers and have the photos pinned to the ends. Flexispot’s Floating Shelves come with fixed hooks where you can hang the wooden hangers. You may also opt to use fairy lights, strings, ropes, or macrame knots to tie in the hooks of the floating shelves and hang your photos onto.

You may also hang photos right from your ceiling using light fixtures, paper, and strings. 

Cork Board Bulletin Board 36 x 24 Inch

2. Photos are pinned to another surface to lean on the wall or stand on its own

For a raw or grunge look, go to the hardware store and buy a wire grid panel. Use clothespins or metal clips to attach the photos to the grid panel. If you don’t fancy the pin aesthetic, you may opt to punch holes in the corners of each photo and use a wire or a rope to tie and secure each in every grid. 

If you work in the creative field, a corkboard would come in handy for a mood board kind of photo display. Flexispot has a corkboard sized 36” by 24” inches that you may fill in with photos, chaotically or in an organized manner.

3. Photo frames are arranged in creative ways

Of course, people still do it the traditional way. They select their best photos, have them printed, and put them in photo frames to hang or stand alone on top of tables beside vases, plants, and diffusers. You may opt to pick an irregular-shaped table such as the L-shaped standing desk of Flexispot. It’s sleek and made of bamboo that could easily match any room aesthetic. Sturdy and stable, you wouldn’t have to worry if it could carry multiple photo frames or a big, heavy one as its weight capacity is up to 330 lbs.

To be creative, people put their frames in the wall in a way that would form a shape---probably a heart, an irregular polygon, or in cascading fashion usually seen in frames hung above a staircase. 

4. Photos follow a color palette.

You could never go wrong when following a color palette. If you’re a person who loves pops of color, you may group photos that are bright and bold. If you’re someone who loves classic and muted, you may go for a black and white photo wall. You may also opt for a monochromatic design, grouping photos with the same dominant color. 

An interesting take is to have a photo ombre wall. Basically, what you will do is print each photo in a smaller size than the photo frame. Pick a color palette and print each color in fine paper four or five times, depending on how many rows and columns you want your photo wall to have. Put these printed solid colors inside the frames with the photos in the middle. Line them up in your wall, with every row having the same color and different from the next row. 

5. Photos are glued to a piece of art

Be even more creative and do an art piece that will serve as a backdrop for your photos. Maybe you can paint and splash colors on the canvas or make the photos a part of the painting. You could also create a mural with yarn and attach photos to it randomly. Your mind is the only limit because it’s your space, and there are no rules. 

Photos are directly plastered to the wall

6. Photos are directly plastered to the wall

Since the photos are the stars in this room decor idea, you may choose to go the simplest route. Stick the photos directly to your wall. You may fill the edges of your bedroom door, the edges of your wall mirror that you use every day, the wall behind and on top of your bed, or at the top of a fixed table. Flexispot has fixed height tables that come in three colors: mahogany, maple, and black. The look is modern and clean and would most likely complement any room design. It has durable steel legs and a dense chipboard top that can hold up to 220 pounds.

Whether print or digital, photos hold good, and sometimes not so good, memories of our lives. They may not tell the whole story, but one frame is a moment frozen in time. It may be a photo of someone caught in mid-laughter, a photo of someone crying out of tears of joy, a photo where you held your baby for the first time, or a photo of when your puppy first arrived in your home. Having them displayed in your private room or workstation may inspire you in your daily life or even serve as a reminder of the significant moments of your past that you might have forgotten already. Hold them dearly and have fun decorating!