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Six Reasons People Celebrate

18 September 2021

If there’s one thing in common with every single country in the world, it’s that we know how to celebrate! Humans have been holding events, gatherings, and parties all throughout history to celebrate victories, birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions, and whatnot. Our ancestors paid respects to gods through rituals and banquets. They held parties for war victories or the merging of kingdoms. Today, we have Sweet Sixteen parties, junior-senior prom balls, and graduation dinners. 

Some people find it unnecessary and a waste of time, money, effort, and other resources. They are also not fond of the small talk and the awkward chitchat that may come up during these celebrations. Other people see it as a part of life, as a way to celebrate the happiness and share it with the ones they love. We’re not one to preach but we thought of reasons why we humans love to throw a party and why you should consider maintaining or doing them more often. Below are five reasons: 

We celebrate because it reminds us of milestones in our lives or traditions in our culture.

1. We celebrate because it reminds us of milestones in our lives or traditions in our culture. 

One way of distinguishing one culture from another is through the celebrations we hold every year. This, in a way, builds our identity and strengthens our connection to our traditional roots. 

In terms of personal celebrations, we have past milestones that remembering helps us deal with our present. For instance, an anniversary celebration can help a couple who is going through problems at the moment reminisce about the good times. 

2. We celebrate to foster a mindset of gratitude. 

When we celebrate after a success, small or big, it helps keep us grounded by reminding us of the personal hard work we put out and all the people and opportunities that paved the way for our success. Pausing to celebrate before going on to the next step of our lives fosters a sense of gratitude in us, that we are happy and thankful for where we stand in life. 

3. We celebrate because it builds a sense of community.

3. We celebrate because it builds a sense of community. 

We hold events with family and friends, colleagues, and strangers as well as commemorate special historical days with the whole nation. There are even special universal events such as Christmas Day or New Year festivities. These events help us bring people together on a day and night of fun, of human unity, and love. It helps us feel that we are never alone as inhabitants of this planet we call home. 

4. We celebrate to create memories and traditions. 

Even though most celebrations are hinged on the past, there’s something new that happens every year---whether it’s the addition of a loss of a loved one or a pandemic causing lockdown rules. Every celebration is an opportunity to create new memories with others and even start future traditions. 

5. We celebrate to reflect on future possibilities.

5. We celebrate to reflect on future possibilities. 

Because we celebrate the past and review the present, we are given an outlook for the future. Celebrations help us pause and reflect on what will be the next best course of action. It can remind us of our past strengths and experiences that we may bring with us as we move forward in life. 

6. We celebrate because it’s fun.

What would we rather do anyway? Life is meant to be a journey of highs and lows; it’s meant to excite us and feels more alive. Celebrations do just that. Guests become excited about what to wear and who they’ll reunite or meet for the first time during the party. Organizers are probably the most stressed but yet have the most fun because they are at their element. 

A life devoid of any celebration just seems dull, boring, and repetitive. 


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Final Thoughts 

Celebrations are not a waste of time. They help people keep a balanced way of life, not just burying themselves in a pile of work and growing their bank accounts without having the appetite for celebrating.