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Sleep Hygiene And Bedroom Ergonomics

15 March 2023

Just as we have personal and oral hygiene, sleep hygiene refers to a series of steps to ensure a good night's sleep. Adequate hours of sleep and the right sleeping time are essential for physical and mental wellness and must not be ignored. The way to ensure good sleep hygiene is to establish a routine that you follow every day without fail. The sooner you begin practicing good sleep hygiene, the less likely you are to suffer from insomnia and sleep difficulties.

Why Is Sleep Hygiene Important?

We think that while we sleep, our body shuts down. While our body does become inactive for the entire duration of sleep, our brains are as wide awake as ever. Many important processes are reserved for our bodies to carry out while we sleep. our brain controls these essential processes for the optimum functioning of our body. These important processes include the repairing and regeneration of cells. Rebuilding tissues, discarding old and worn-out cells, and regenerating new ones. Replenishing the tissues of the body and reenergizing them in preparation for the next day. Without adequate sleep and rest, it would be impossible for the human body to continue performing its routine tasks and activities.

So How Does Our Body Know When To Sleep And When To Wake Up?

We have a genius inbuilt alarm system in our bodies that regulate our sleep-wake cycle. It tells us when we need to sleep and when we need to wake up. This is controlled by the presence of light and its effect on our hormones. Sleep hormones such as melatonin are responsible for putting our body to sleep. the release of melatonin is triggered by our brains in the presence of sunlight and released into the bloodstream, which keeps us alert and active. As the sun begins to set and night begins to set in, there is less light entering our eyes. this activates our circadian rhythm and tells our brain that it is time to go to bed. Melatonin is then released into the bloodstream, preparing the body to go to sleep. It makes us tired, slow, and lazy. Our muscles feel tired, and our eyelids feel heavy. These are the signs that our body is telling us to get into bed to rest and recharge our batteries.

Ignoring these signs and forcing ourselves to stay awake interrupts our circadian rhythm and sleep-wake cycle. Continuous disruption in sleep hygiene can result in many health problems, such as:




Heart disease

Type 2 diabetes


Kidney disease

Cancers of some types

What Are Bedroom Ergonomics?

Ergonomics refers to the study of people while they perform their routine tasks. Sleeping is an activity that we all perform for at least eight hours every day. It is an essential part of our day, and we must ensure that we get the best quality of sleep. the best quality of sleep is achieved when we sleep and wake up at roughly the same time every day, when we sleep at least eight hours every day and when we sleep in a comfortable and clean environment. Ergonomics in the bedroom refers to creating the best environment for sleep to ensure that it is peaceful and undisturbed, and makes you feel energized and refreshed the next day.

Bedroom ergonomics must have the following elements. It must be:

Comfortable and restful

Peaceful and noise-free

Cozy and dark during sleep hours

Clutter-free and tidy


To achieve the above-mentioned conditions in the bedroom, the following elements are essential:

The Layout Of The Bedroom

The bedroom layout should be such that it must have all the essentials at the right distance from each other. The bed should be placed on the room's longest wall since it is its centerpiece. While it is not recommended to use the bedroom for anything other than resting and sleeping, if you wish to have a mini office in the bedroom, then it should be in the opposite corner and not in the way. You may place two armchairs in the corner of the room if you wish to have a little seating area. But all of this depends on the amount of space you have in the room.

The Furniture

Depending on the amount of space in the bedroom, the number of furniture pieces, and the size of the furniture, must be carefully chosen. It should not be too bulky to take up too much space, but it should be big enough to be comfortable. If the room is small, you should not place any extra furniture besides the bed and small nightstands.

The Height Of The Television

Some people prefer not to keep a television in their bedroom and watch it only in the tv room or lounge, while others like to have a little Netflix and chill before bed. If you choose to keep a television in your room, you must ensure that it is at the correct height and eye level. A television that is placed too high or too low is bad for the posture as well as isn't very clear to watch. Depending on the distance the television is from the bed, invest in a big set to be easily viewed from the head side of the bed.

Lighting In The Bedroom

Lighting is very important in any room. In the bedroom, there should be large windows that bring in plenty of daylight int Daylight wakes you up, makes you feel refreshed, and makes your bedroom look large, bright, and open. It is a great way to wake up to a beautiful morning with the sunlight infiltrating your room. Being in a gloomy room with no windows, especially in the morning, can be very depressing and is not the funniest morning to wake up in. dark rooms can make you feel drowsy, lazy, and depressed and tiresome to get out of bed.

While daylight is essential during the day, it is just as important to minimize light in the room during the night. Invest in good black-out curtains or blinds to block out all light in the night to create a dark and cozy environment. Screens and light can disrupt the circadian rhythm and make it impossible for you to fall asleep at night. This is why achieving complete darkness in the bedroom at night is important to prepare your body for sleep even before you get into bed.

Task lights and lamps can be placed on the bedside or the work desk if you wish to do some light reading before going to bed or if you have some work that you need to finish off.

Storage And Wardrobe Space

You can never have enough storage; therefore, it is essential to spend on smart furniture to serve the double function of being decorative and storing. You may add drawers under your bed for storing bedding and other items. Make sure to get good wardrobes that are efficiently designed to store lots of clothes. If you have space, you can invest in a trunk or stools that can also serve as storage compartments.

Leaving clutter or mess around the bedroom, especially on the bed, is not the most pleasant sight. Our beds are our sanctuaries, and they must be a source of calm and relief just to look at. A tidy bed looks inviting, and you cannot wait for it for a good night's sleep.

What Are Adjustable Bed Bases, And What Are The Benefits Of Using Them

Adjustable bed bases are beds that are elevated at the head and foot end of the bed. They are remote-controlled or manually operated and can be used to adjust the bed height. There are many benefits of using adjustable beds:

They can be used by the elderly to elevate their heads while watching television, eating a meal in bed, or just when they want to sit up in bed without needing assistance

Bedridden and sick patients can use them

They can be used by people who suffer from acidity and indigestion

They can be used by people who suffer from circulatory problems or restless leg syndrome and can raise their legs

People with arthritis and joint pain can use them

Adjustable bed bases are easily available on Flexispot and in different types. They are convenient and comfortable and can make it very easy for those suffering from insomnia or acidity during sleep. People who normally sleep with pillows under their heads or feet no longer need to bother with those and can raise any part of the bed with an easy button click.

The Final Word

Adjustable bed bases are a fantastic invention and blessing for many people. After using adjustable bed bases to sleep on, most people never want to return to traditional beds. They are convenient and easy to operate and have many benefits for those who prefer to adjust the height of their beds. The most important aspect of sleep is the bed; without a comfortable bed, it is impossible to achieve quality sleep and wellness.