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Social Media Management

02 August 2021

Nowadays, people cannot live without the internet. We have become quite reliant on it every day in every part of our lives. Whether it be for work, studies, for the smallest needs like ordering groceries, or keeping the home safe and energy-efficient, we rely on the internet. Even our identity is partly molded by and in cyberspace. 

As more and more people are connected internationally, it reveals the lives, cultures, and experiences we would not be able to know or appreciate.

We have become open to ideas and personalities that we would otherwise not have access to, if not for the internet.

Like going to a new school or a new environment, the internet has become a hub not just for opinions, news and ideas, it is also a new space for us to build a brand for ourselves. From work profiles on LinkedIn to social media, it is a new space for us to manage and manipulate people’s perceptions of us. 

That is why it is important to have a good grasp of how social media works and how it can be managed. As we use it for our daily life, it can also become a bane to our existence and our reputation if we do not manage it well. There are pros and cons to an internet presence. That said, it is important to have a social media strategy on hand with very clear limitations and objectives.

There are many risks to an online presence since it is easy to create accounts and have zero accountability in harassing, doxing people, or creating discourse virtually anywhere just because.

Boundaries between work and play can become blurry at times.

For example, it would not be a good idea to add your work colleagues to your Facebook account.

It would be a dilemma to decline, however, you would need to protect yourself from posts or comments that may hurt you either professionally and personally. Opening up your account to the public also poses its own risks. Abusive and inaccurate posts would be something you will have to deal with. That said, your audience or market should be something you slowly as selectively choose.

There are a lot of companies, especially Fortune 500 companies that have regulations and policies regarding an employee's social media account. These companies are wary about the company’s reputation and information sullied. Apart from that, there are certain company intellectual property and industry information that is regulated by the government guidelines that could be leaked. If this happens the company would be liable for the employee to whatever repercussions of those leaks are.

Approximately 75% of American recruiters and HR agencies research their candidates online and some have been fired for social media posts. What an individual posts and what they use their social media for is important as it represents not only the personal brand but the company they work for. 

There is certain information that should not be made public or disclosed through social media. It pays to be honest, authentic, and consistent across all your accounts. Things that you need complete control over and be kept private from prying eyes should not be posted on any social media platform.

A person’s individual progress in terms of social media is imperative to personal branding.

Many how-to articles in your social media organically found in blogs or video-sharing platforms would advise consistency and keeping one’s momentum intact. However, true success in marketing and one’s social media goals really depend on the quality of your content. 

While of course, it is a great idea to put yourself out there and have a few friends applauding, it is worth remembering to gauge the quality of your content compared to others. Is this certain creation, quality, or post something that I would like to be known for? Is this authentic and representative of me or do I just want to communicate a personal opinion of things I don’t really have any business being in?

Depending on one’s personal objectives and product to market, there are social media monitoring tools that may be utilized to check and monitor engagements and growth both of the account and the sales of a product. You need to be able to learn from the results of your actions and interactions. 

Engaging effectively in social media can either result in useful connections or zero growth no matter how much time and effort you make in building an account or how many creations you put out there.

Quality is one of the foremost things that people need to consider before posting.

Some even hire professionals for certain posts for social media. While it can be less work to delegate tasks if you are busy, there should also be the cohesion of the whole personal brand also. There are apps, software, and websites that can aid anyone wanting to upgrade the quality of their content.

A good workstation is best to maintain the ideal brand and conveniently monitor your engagements. Of course, these can also be done on a smartphone. However, if you want to level up you would need to invest in your hardware as much as you need to invest in yourself, in doing this you will have a great product or personal brand to market.

Of course, you can always upgrade as you grow your social media and professional success. But for those who are serious about personal branding, you deserve only the best. The Modish Standing Desk is a premium, elegant choice at Flexispot. It has a loading capacity of up to 275 lbs, hence would be able to accommodate all your computing needs and other peripheral devices that you use to manage your social media presence.

 It is also height adjustable and that goes without saying that it would conform to your height and comfort while keeping in mind your posture. It has soft edges which are safer for those who have children and pets at home. This standing desk is also stable and has a weight capacity of 275 lbs. And has an anti-collision system that makes it the safest standing desk you can have.

The cable management system and the socket-outlet with USB portals in it make it a perfect and smart choice for your home office. Your personal brand strategy is an extension of you, and your workstation is representative of that success you have worked hard for.