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Strategies in Life that are Worth Trying

22 June 2021

I was watching TV years ago, if I remember right, it was Oprah’s show and there were some celebrities that she interviewed that night who gave some inspirational statements which for me was worth taking note of. So, I grabbed my pen and paper to jot down those wise and wonderful statements that were given by these celebrities. I thought you might find them worth reading and also worth your time to practice. I also tried some of them and they were really good food for thought. Here are some of them for your reference:

  • Either you get it or you don’t - well, I think this means that there are only two things that could happen when you are trying to achieve your goals in life. It is being successful in achieving your goal or being unsuccessful in achieving it. 

 For example, when you are applying for a job, you have prepared for it for the interview and you really are positive and think that you are perfectly fit for the job with your academic record and experience in tow. However, there were many applicants whom you discovered to be more qualified than yourself. And you were not hired which you think was really a surprise and unexpected.

In this case, don't lose heart because it is not the end of the world yet. You have other opportunities that will come your way in the near future. Maybe you have to think about how you did the interview because sometimes first impressions last. Some people say that first impressions can be made in 15 seconds! Review and recount what you did. Or maybe you can say that it is not the right job for you, to be honest with yourself.

  • You create your own experience - I think this means that you take responsibility for your actions and experience. There is no one in this world that could gain experience for you. It is your own effort to create your own experience based on your determination and resolve to have a more pleasant experience than a bitter one. If you chose to be a good person with a great ambition in mind, and you followed the right path to achieve it, then that is a good experience that you will have at the end of the day. 

However, if you chose to be happy, go-lucky, and not really serious about your future, your experience might not be that pleasant and you might be off track with your future career. You have to be thinking positive things and do what is better for your life, now.

  • Life rewards action - A couch potato will end up with nothing. If you will just sit in the corner all day staring at your smartphone, I think your life will not improve and will be better for yourself. However, if you are using your smartphone to earn money, that is one best way to make a life-changing experience. Life is full of actions and if you do not do your part to make life easier and better, it will not be a good life especially in these times that everything is unstable and dynamic.
  • We teach people how to treat us - this about establishing good relationships with others. To have that respect and good treatment from others, you should start respecting people first and making yourself respectable by doing good for others. It does not mean that you will dress up elegantly just to earn respect. 

 It is a matter of doing actions with good behavior and decency. If you practice clean living, that is, doing your best at work, not drinking too much alcohol, and showing your drunkness on the street, people will definitely not respect you. Another good character to display is being honest at all times. Do you believe in the “honesty is the best policy” thing?  

  • There’s power in forgiveness. I believe that this is true. When you forgive others, there are at least positive changes that could happen between you and the other person with whom you had a quarrel or cold treatment in the past. Anger and hate in us will never make us healthy and a better person.  

At some point in time, you have to forgive others who have wronged you in the past. However, be sure that you are doing it seriously. And when you do it, the other person may feel guilty or may feel better because you forgave them. You will also feel more comfortable and proud of yourself for doing it. Forgiveness is not being based on a person. It is being humble which is a noble character.

  • There is no reality, only perception - I think this is true. One’s reality may be different from yours. You may think negatively about the reality these days that we are still in the pandemic period. However, for others, this reality is the time to have more bonding time with the family because of quarantine and lockdowns. Some people find reality today is the chance to have more fun and to have better relationships with family members as we stay home for more than a year already.

I observe even news reporters report with their own reality when they also inject their ideas and opinions about a certain news report. They also create their own reality as they see events unfold before their very eyes. Do you think news reporting is always objective? That is a million-dollar question and it is up to your reality to respond to it.

With these foods for thought (as I see them), why not try to write your own ideas about them and feel comfortable sitting and working on an ergonomic table from Flexispot. Please check on this company. Try to check on the Theodore Standing Desk-48" W which is durable and with a stylish design that is ergonomically designed. It is height adjustable with storage drawers, a built-in USB port for charging your devices and could be installed in three easy steps.