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Sore Hands: Releasing Stress on an Adjustable Standing Desk

18 August 2021

Achy Hands

You mPain that has made you feel sore and exhausted. Do you remember the last time you felt that your hands were trembling, you could not arch or bend your fingers, your wrist was also in pain and your shoulders were aching? If your answer is yes, then you might have experienced ergonomic pain. 

You are not alone in experiencing these kinds of pain. In actuality, it happens to almost all office workers who do a lot of work in the office and use improper ergonomic equipment. 

The Ergonomic Remedies for the Sore Nerves on the Hands

If you experience these things when working, there are countless remedies that you could apply so you could relieve the sore pain on your hands. However, you need to make sure that the paint around your hands is minor and does not need immediate medical attention. Another is, you need to make sure that despite the pain around it you could still bend your fingers and nothing is swollen because otherwise, you need to see your doctor for a further check-up. This is because if you try doing these remedies and your condition needs medical attention then you might be put at risk. Nonetheless, it is better to talk about these things. 

When you feel that the nerves on your hands and fingers are throbbing and are giving you much pain, then the best thing to do is put a hot compress on it. This could relax the muscles and nerves on your hands and fingers while trying to relieve the pain. It is best done on an ergonomic standing desk that is height adjustable so you may lower your chair at the same time adjust the height of the desk. The best standing desk that could help you while you apply the hot compress is from Flexispot. With this desk from Flexispot, you can ensure that your shoulders and neck would be protected and your back would not be in pain. 

Another remedy that you can do when you feel that there is soreness on your fingers and hands is to squeeze a stress ball. Doing this could help you ease the pain and stimulate your nerves. However, if you notice that the pain is already unmanageable and the nerves become swollen

and purple it is best to go to the hospital for immediate medication. Remember that self-medication when there is already swollenness and redness on the affected area is risky and could put you at a higher risk. Hence, you must observe all the precautions even when you just feel the strain on your hands. 

One of the ways to safeguard yourself is to use an ergonomic standing desk that has also a wide surface and a desktop with an even surface just like the desk products from Flexispot such as the Kana Bamboo standing desk. With this, you may ensure that you can use the stress ball with ease and safety.  

When you are releasing the stress with tools such as the stress ball. It is also advisable to use a standing desk that could be extended or the ones with an extra platform such as the height Adjustable drafting table from Flexispot. With this, you could lay your arms and hands on the surface well while you secure other devices on the table. When you are relieving stress, you need a comfortable and wide space. So, you don't need to feel the inconvenience when you try stretching your arms. 

So, now that we mention some ergonomic remedies for your sore hands, we will move forward on the best standing desks that you could use in the office that could also help you lessen the pain when you are applying the said remedies. It is important to have a piece of equipment that has the right ergonomics. This is because it could help you improve the posture that could benefit you too when relaxing your arms and shoulders. 

The Ergonomic Benefits of Flexispot Standing Desks

The standing desk products from Flexispot stand out in the competition because these desks could help you maintain a good posture and because of its even surface, you could manage your devices and put them in a right position that would not harm your upper body and strain the nerves of your hands. 

The Standing desks from Flexispot have the motors that help these products assist you in doing the sit-stand motion. When you are at work, the standing desk could provide flexibility. Hence it could lessen your burden when you work in the office.

The standing desk from Flexispot has a wide array of desk products that come in different designs. Each design contains a feature that can help you make your movement in the office easier and faster. For example, are the standing desk converters from Flexispot? These products have brackets and screws that could provide an easier movement. Hence, if you check the products from the website of Flexispot, you would see there how convenient it is to use the desk converters because you could put your devices on top of it and move freely around the office or work area. So, with this, you don't need to twitch and stretch your arms and shoulders too much or have a hard time doing multitasking because, with these products from Flexispot, you can ensure a faster movement around the office. 

Lastly, the Flexispot standing desks are made with precision and even measurements for more comfortable use. Hence, when you put the devices on the surface and achieve the proper alignment of your whole body, you could ensure that you will achieve it without many difficulties. 

Final Thoughts

For an office worker like you, the hands are the most important part of the body because these are the organs that you need for typing and writing. Thus, it is important to keep an eye on them and make sure to take care of them. Through Flexispot, you can be able to overcome the nerve pain and strain that you would experience in the office.