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Space-Saving or Not: The Truth About Standing Desks

20 July 2021

A Spacious Area

Every worker aims to finish more than 5 tasks a day. Tasks that could be an inch close to perfection. In the modern corporate world, most are required to accomplish as many tasks as possible without as many modifications as possible; in some companies, rooms for mistakes are reserved at the last portion. As a result, people experience a tremendous level of stress and fatigue. Competition becomes very stiff so to speak. Further, these things give many ergonomic problems to the worker.

You might be one of the corporate achievers who experience these things in the office on so many levels. Kinds of ergonomic pain such as: 

  • Severe headaches- when you experience the heavy feeling around the head, you might end up having triggered conditions like Vertigo 
  • Severe back pain- after long hours of work in the office, the difficulties moving easily and freely
  • Frozen shoulders-the unbearable numbness or sting around the shoulders that most of the time give you the difficulty to move it or worst is you might hear the snapping sound around the blades when this pain attacks 

These ergo problems take place because of the kind of work area that you move in. The truth is, the kind of place that you need to work on should be spacious or if not that spacious must give you the freedom to stretch or work with ease at the standing desk for example. Ideally, the workstation that you got to have should allow you to put your devices like the stand-up desk or ergonomic chair along with the other office equipment with the proper configurations or distance from each other. 

When you achieve the proper angles and distance of each piece of equipment from you and the other devices and they would not strain your body to a point that your nerves are twitching, then you're good to go. You could ensure that you could pace around your workstation swiftly and you could protect yourself from the ergonomic problems that some people experience with ordinary pieces of equipment. 

On the other hand, some workers have doubts about particular desks especially when they hear terms like standing desks or sit-stand desks. Some mistakenly think that when you use a standing desk, you might lose 50% of your workspace because standing desks could consume half of the workstation. Another, they think that standing desks could not help you save space. The truth is, buying a sit-stand desk or standing desk, especially the ones from Flexispot, would not consume much space in your workstation because these products have the parts and design that are meant to save space and allow you to maximize your movements when sitting and standing at work. With the Flexispot standing desk products, you can eliminate the possibility of experiencing ergonomic pain because of stress. Indeed, when you buy the stand-up desk, sit-stand desk, and standing desk from Flexispot, you are giving your time more freedom to optimize a fruitful workday in the office. 

Now, let us find out why the Flexispot standing desk products are the best in the market and why these pieces of equipment could propel your performance instead of giving you limited space to work on.

The Space - Saving Standing Desks from Flexispot

Made with the most impressive precision and exact measurements, the Flexispot standing desks, sit-stand desk, and stand-up desks ensure that every inch would serve your office needs. With the exact measurements of these standing desks, you can make sure that from frames to the sturdy surface, you can use the product when you are doing reports, printing your materials, or encoding your summary for the meeting. All these could be made possible because of the Flexispot standing desk. 

In particular, Flexispot has the bestselling standing desk such as Kana Bamboo Standing Desk. This one has a moderate size that could fit in a work area shared by 2 people. The width of the whole desk frame is around 43.3"-66.9". With this measurement, you could enjoy using a table that is ergonomic and could help. you optimize your work without the fear of not being able to stretch your arms when moving around the workstation.

At Flexispot, you may also choose a standing desk that has spacious drawers. If you need a sit-stand desk that also has a spacious storage space, then you may consider the Esben Standing Desk UD4. This is also height adjustable. It has a model which contains some other premium keys. These premium keys could help you preset the desired or needed height. This shows that this sit-stand desk from Flexispot would not be just a height-adjustable desk but would also be a piece of equipment that could help you save space on the surface because you may keep away clutters on top and put them in the storage area. 

This is also a sit-stand desk that has a built-in charging port that could help you save time and space because instead of plugging your device on an extra outlet, you may do it with the help of the Esben Standing Desk UD4. With this standing desk, you may also avoid wire entanglement of excess wires lying on the floor of your workstation that could cause accidents. 

Lastly, The best feature of these sit-stand desks from Flexispot is that even if they adjust the height, they don't require extra space when lifting because they remain stationary and they lift only on the frame space. Hence, you could ensure that these standing desks from Flexispot would not make your workstation look cramped and narrow. Choosing the Flexispot standing desk products is the best choice as an office worker because you need this feature so you can get ergonomically protected. when multitasking. 

Final Thoughts:

Cramped spaces add stress and fatigue. When you are working, it is better to work in a space where you can concentrate more and move freely. Hence, Flexispot standing desk products are here to give you the space-saving solutions that make these pieces of equipment the best in the market.