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Spine Disorder or Back Pain: A Social Problem

17 May 2021

Spine disorders are so prevalent in the world that it is now a social as well economic problem that needs more attention and medical care today. Spine and back pain become more prevalent as we grow older. Millions of people around the world suffer from spine and back pain that affects their social and economic status.

When we talk about the spine, it is also known as the backbone which is made up of 33 bones that are piled up on top of the other. It is the center of our body’s support system that allows us to stand erect, twist, and bend and at the same time giving protection to the spinal cord from any damage. The spinal cord is made up of nerve cells that serve the functions of movement and sensation. 

Spine disorders and back pains also affect an individual’s ability to work. When spine disorders or back pains occur, the worker may take some leave of absences from work which eventually could have adverse effects on the worker’s productivity and attendance.

What are the causes of spine injury or back pain?

● Absence of lower frequency of physical activity - sometimes due to our being so preoccupied with other things such as being engrossed to computer activities for a long time sitting, then we almost have no time to do some physical exercise

● Obesity – when we have too much fat in our body, we tend to be less active and eat much leading to being fatter than our body should be

● Sedentary life – because of our lifestyle today, we are more engaged in just sitting and focusing on our smartphones or engaging in gaming online for many hours that make us such a couch potato.

Some other causes of back pain

● Slouching – leading to bad posture

● Smoking

● When heavy objects are lifted

● Medical conditions

● Stress 

How to Prevent Back Pain

● Do some physical activities such as physical exercise 

● Sustain your ideal weight

● Stop smoking

● Keep your body in good posture 

Different Types of Back Pain

An online article ( about back pain enumerated some of back pain types:

●  Acute back pain - severe but lasts usually 7 to 10 days

● chronic - usually occurs every day and stays longer than six to eight weeks, can be severe that lasts months or even years

● . Mechanical pain - the source of the pain may be located in the facet joints, discs, soft tissues, or vertebrae. 

● Radicular pain - back pain travels to another part of the body such as the leg

● Inflammatory pain - a combination of mechanical and radicular pain and there is inflammation

When to See a Doctor About Back Pain

The Mayo Clinic online article on Health Information indicated some of the symptoms of back pain that needs medical attention such as:

● When the back pain persists after a few weeks

● No improvements seen even with rest and it becomes severe

● When the pain spreads down to one or both legs

● The pain extends below the knee

● Feeling of numbness, weakness, tingling in one or both legs

● Weight loss is observed

Poor posture is usually the cause of spinal disorder or back pain coupled with a sedentary lifestyle and excessive weight. As such, we must be aware of these so that we could prevent these that would cost us social, emotional, and economic problems. So, the consequences are too many to ignore. In this case, we must change something in our lifestyle. 

If you’re working at home because there is still a coronavirus pandemic, we could be more active with exercising at home to change our sedentary lifestyle, if this our lifestyle. I am also guilty of this. So, I thought of recommending a good brand of ergonomic furniture for telecommuters.

FlexiSpot is one leading brand that is trusted by millions all over the world. All home office furniture is ergonomically created and designed so that we could efficiently and productively without sacrificing our wellbeing.

Spine and Back Pain Preventive Product

One of the best products that are good for our spine health is the Seiffen Laminated Spliced L-shaped Standing Desk from FlexiSpot. This standing desk is adjustable with its Height Programmable Control Panel that is equipped with four memory buttons to save up to four sitting and standing heights and switch your posture with just one touch. So that you can sit and stand while working and doing away with excessive sitting which might cause back pain or spine disorder.

The L-shaped desk allows comfortable and easy movements at any side of the desk. As such, stress is reduced and more productive work is performed. It is also easy to install because it takes only 40 minutes to do it. Durability is at its best as it was built with powder-coated steel tubing; the desk frame resists scratches and stains and ensures stability even at the highest setting.

The desk has a weight capacity of 121 lbs. And has an anti-collision feature that will automatically stop and reverse the desktop if it detects unexpected obstacles while in motion, ensuring safety and preventing damage. 

Lastly, if your desk legs become uneven resulting in a slanted desktop, you can simply use the leveling glides at the bottom of the desk to stabilize and level your desk. Available colors are black and gray.

Asking about warranty, this product has a 5-year warranty if purchased on or after October 5, 2016. Such warranty is for the frame, motor, and other mechanisms, and a 2-year warranty for the controller and switch, electronics. 

Shipping is possible to 48 states in the U.S. from 4 US warehouses via FedEx for free. If you're shipping to Alaska or Hawaii, you will be charged the FedEx posted rate.

With the smart features of this standing desk, spine and back pain issues will no longer exist. Thus, posture is corrected while working and wellness with productivity comes together for you. Why not visit the FlexiSpot website now so that you could see the wide array of products that are available for you to choose from.