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Stand Up and Move with FlexiSpot

23 July 2021

You may resign yourself to the fact that sitting can burn some calories for you as you work in front of the computer. But did you know that you can elevate your fitness goals with just the help of these FlexiSpot best sellers? 

Through an innovative way to combine aesthetics and ergonomics, these FlexiSpot fitness solutions will surely help you view your health in another light.

2-in-1 Sit2Go Fitness Chair

The 2-in-1 Sit2Go Fitness Chair is the finest of the bunch. You can work continuously with the Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair. Maintain a robust physique, good health and burn calories during sedentary activities. This would be an amazing fit to the already fantastic standing workstations of FlexiSpot.

"For many factors, I love the bike at the workstation. It is almost easy and creates a different enjoyment in tasks that do not normally demand effort! Without feeling really bad, I could take some time to read, surf blogs, and check a newspaper. Only another rationale that I gave it four rather than five stars is that the chair may have been a bit more comfortable and that it distracts me from working. I would just have to conform. This bike/seat tandem is something I definitely advised my co-workers to get." - Bert M.

"I utilize this way too often and it is a good thing. For a certain purpose, it actually helps me to stay focused. I can't honestly say I do not have any times when I am too indolent to somehow get up or go to the gym but I can't miss any more fitness opportunities thanks to this bike seat. Without experiencing pain, I looked for a way to boost my movement. I think this stationary cycling seat is a lifesaver especially when paired with a healthy diet. And now I say welcome to a stronger me." - Nancy C.

“My thigh muscles received the action they didn't have for years with this desktop bike! This is the best gadget for all of us. This device was pretty excellent! Oh, I'm pleased! It's really a need for everyone else! No matter how difficult the profession is, I think my initiatives to promote and improve my well being have been repaid. I've had this bike get everyone at work so impressed that I bought one for each of them as well. They truly love it. It is quiet and straightforward to cycle." - Ben D.

"The pandemic has led to our boss' decision to get us working in the safety of our homes. I have a diagnosis of injury to my hip, which significantly limits my ability to exercise sans suffering. And I'm here now for several weeks. Which alternatives do I have? My salvation was from Flexispot! I was eating too much and feeling depressed. I encountered Flexispot and the 2-in-1 Fitness Chair of Sit2Go thereafter. Oh, dear heavens! This is a wonderful help for me. The tabletop is the electric version of the black sit/stand and it looks lovely and has been a brief thing to build. And the bicycle is my favorite. It's legit. in helping workers like me get the much needed exercise. Even though I'm not sporting protected cycling bottoms, I can work up a sweat as much as I'd like and it's pleasant to prepare for success while cycling too. They are available in a number of combinations and are neatly stored under the workstation if not in operation. This is true fitness equipment, as my significant weight decrease has been seen. I purchased another one in my home because of office bike fever. Bless you, Flexispot! Thank you. Thank you! This pairing is outstanding, and the bike is extraordinary." - Karlyle H.

Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series

The Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series provides all the ergonomic assistance you would really like! You may start by utilizing the right and superb workstation in tandem with an easy and rapid installation to enjoy its customizable and improved working memory with four height configurations. Have you thought these things couldn't get greater than you assumed? You would have plenty of space on the configurable workstation to accommodate your professional demands.

"I was amazed by this Flexispot customizable workstation! This was for our home office, and we have chosen a variety of styles and hues. The setup can be a tad difficult, but you will complete it with plenty of perseverance. But you'll be ready to take advantage of this professionally built workstation after you undertake this project! I appreciate that you may change the settings to minimize your typical upright or lounging posture instead of pushing the switch and shifting it to perfection. It's really quite substantial too and surprisingly good! The sharpness of the desk is really sophisticated and timeless. I would advise people to get moving with the help of this desk." - Tyra G.

"I was very uncomfortable to hear from folks who had a standing desk from other manufacturers that putting them up was complicated and required particular components, which is fairly difficult to gather in our community in the middle of nowhere. However, FlexiSpot made everything easy for me! Once you conclude putting it together, your workstation is prepared to be used, no more gear is necessary and just about anything you can get is there, so you can take advantage of the benefits of a computer workstation immediately. The instructions were extremely brief and straightforward. Everything looks excellent and works wonderfully for my fitness, and the table has been sent in good condition. I felt incredibly safe and active with the investment." - Camille P.

Kana Bamboo Standing Desk

With the Kana Bamboo Standing Desk you can sense the beauty and elegance of a lush forest. The bamboo has a warm feel. You'll never have to think about everything, because the resilience of the wood and lacquer that saves it against scuffs, discoloration, and sunlight benefits this charming desktop.

"Because there was no standing option for my last desk, I understood just how long I used to sit down whenever I actually started working. Prior to the outbreak, I utilized the desktop supplied by that of the corporation. This is what I'd define a fantastic workplace all day long." - Henley D.

Final Thoughts

If you are on the lookout for the best ergonomic deals, look no further as FlexiSpot will truly deliver everything that you would need with regards to your health and professional career.