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Standing Desk Converter Guide

29 March 2024

If you experience fatigue, aches, and muscle strains while working, chances are that it is because of your workstation. It is likely not allowing you to align your posture and work comfortably. This is why you should consider investing in a standing desk converter.

These comfortably sit on top of your workstation, allowing you to adjust their height whenever possible. As a result, you can easily switch between standing and sitting while working. However, hundreds of various standing desk converters are on the market, which will likely make the decision to buy a standing desk converter overwhelming.

For this reason, we have compiled this comprehensive guide that will provide you with all the information you need about standing desk converters and how to find the best one for you.

Buying a Standing Desk Converters

Many people are uncomfortable with standing desks, so they might be considering getting a standing desk converter instead. Not to mention, not everyone loves to stand all day while working. For such people who want to switch between sitting and standing and not standing all day, a standing desk converter is an excellent choice.

More often than not, a standing desk converter is a better choice than a standing desk. Even the market is flooded with plenty of options. However, you should understand your requirements and needs before dabbling into the market in search of a converter. In this guide, we will go over all of the factors you need to consider when buying a standing desk converter. By the end, you will be able to figure out exactly what kind of converter you need.

Why Should You Get a Standing Desk Converter?

Standing desks are far from perfect. This is why most people are opting for standing desk converters since they are much more convenient. More people are learning about ergonomics and how bad posture and aches can be detrimental to health in the long term. Standing desk converters are designed while keeping ergonomics in mind, which is why they offer numerous benefits to users as well. Here are some of the reasons why you should invest in a standing desk converter:

It Is Less Expensive

Most standing desk converters are much cheaper than full-standing desks. Hence, if you have a budget that you want to stick to, it would be a better option to invest in a standing desk converter.

Allows You to Keep Your Existing Desk

One of the most significant reasons you should invest in a standing desk converter is that it allows you to keep your existing desk. Perhaps that desk has a lot of storage space available, which will then even be more beneficial. If you don't want to give up your existing desk, you should get a standing desk converter. It will give you the chance to stand while working on the desk you have already been using.

You Are Not Fully Committing to Standing

Most people cannot stand continuously for hours, so a standing desk is not suitable for them. However, you don't have to worry about fully committing to standing with a converter since it allows you to switch between standing and sitting whenever you want. Additionally, you don't have to go through the tedious task of swapping out your existing desk either.

While using the converter, you decide that you enjoy standing while working; you can then decide to commit to a standing desk.

They are Portable

Some standing desk converters are lightweight and small. These can be quite easy to travel around with. Hence, if you have a mobile job requiring you to work on your laptop, sew, draw, or write, you can take your portable standing desk converter with you. This is an advantage you cannot enjoy with any other workstation.

Standing Desk Converters are Easy to Assemble

Some standing desk converters come fully assembled, while others are luckily quite easy to make and install. They take as little as an hour to assemble. Most people often get intimidated by assembling large furniture pieces, but with a standing desk converter, these people don't need to worry about that anymore.

Improve Efficiency, Focus, and Productivity

When you have the option to switch between standing and sitting, you can considerably improve your focus and productivity. This is mainly because sitting for long hours in the same position can easily tire you out, make you lose your focus, and make you sleepy. As a result, you would not be able to complete tasks effectively and on time.

However, when you have a standing desk converter, you can switch to standing. This way, you can stay active and combat sleepiness.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Standing Desk Converter

Not all standing desk converters are the same. This is why you should spend plenty of time doing your research and figuring out what kind of standing desk converter fits your needs and is perfect for you. To make the shopping experience easier for you, we have compiled the following list of factors you must keep in mind when buying a standing desk converter. This will help in narrowing down your selection.

Take a look at the following list of factors to keep in mind:

Determine the Ideal Standing Desk Converter Type

There are three main categories of standing desk converters. These include the Z-lift, X-lift, and L-lift converters. They all offer different features and benefits to users. The most popular choices are Z-lift and X-lift converters because they are the perfect blend of ergonomics, versatility, and affordability.

The standing desk converter from FlexiSpot is a blend of both of these types, which is why it is a great option to consider.

Figure Out the Perfect Height

The height is a significant factor you must keep in mind. Most desk converters are height adjustable, but you should still determine whether they offer the perfect height for you to stand. Most tall people need to pay close attention to this factor. While checking the height, you should also assess the height of the keyboard tray to ensure it aligns with your arms and allows you to work while keeping your elbows at a 90-degree angle.

Consider the Size of the Work Surface

The perfect size of the work surface depends entirely on you and the kind of work you do. Some people work on two monitors and have a separate keyboard, mouse, and other accessories. In this case, you should look at the size of the desk converter and choose one that aligns with your specific needs.

Evaluate the Stability

The last thing you want to do is to work on a wobbly workstation. Some desk converters may get unstable and wobbly when you put too many items on them. Not to mention, the stability also varies depending on the type of work you do. If you type a lot and the keyboard is unstable when you do, it can cause a wrist strain.

Look at the Monitor Adjustability

You must ensure that the desk converter can handle the weight of the items you place on them. Additionally, you should determine whether the converter allows you to tilt, mount, or rotate the monitor when it is placed on it. You should ideally keep your monitor at an arm's distance from you.

Determine the Ease of Assembly

As mentioned earlier, standing desk converters are primarily easy to assemble. In fact, you might also find some that require no assembly at all since they come ready to use. You must ensure that you have the right tools and understanding of assembling a desk converter.

Evaluate the Quality of the Desk

An essential yet vital factor to look into when shopping for a standing desk converter is the quality of the desk itself. Is it durable and stable?

You should also look at the specific parts of the desk to determine their sturdiness. It is best to get a high-quality desk since that will last you a long time.

Find Out About the Special Features

You must assess all the tasks you do at work and then determine whether a standing desk converter will help you carry them out efficiently. Some converters may offer you special features to enhance your working experience, such as the desk converter from FlexiSpot has a keyboard and desk cutout making it ideal for both computers and laptops.

Final Words

A standing desk converter is a fantastic tool for individuals who want a healthier working environment. The convenience of switching from sitting and standing will help you stay energized, active, and uplifted.

If you are considering getting a standing desk converter, you should check out the one from FlexiSpot. It is one of the most popular and efficient converters out there because it is made from high-quality materials designed to enhance your working experience and maximize comfort.