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Standing Desk Mistakes and How to Rectify Them

15 October 2021

Standing desks are a new rage, and there are good reasons for this. They bring a new level of convenience to the working space, and employees have been having an easier time handling their tasks. However, just like any other piece of furniture or equipment designed to make life better, there are people who still use them the wrong way, and this counters the purpose they were intended for in the first place.

We are going to look at some of the common standing desk mistakes that people make, how they may affect their health and productivity, and the solutions they can try to rectify the mistakes. If you have been thinking of getting a standing desk for your home or regular office, then stick around to the end and learn a few useful tips.

The Desk is Too High or Too Low

The Desk is Too High or Too Low

The trick to using the standing desks properly is to attain that perfect height that works for your size. Any variation on either spectrum will only end up making things worse as you will have to adjust your entire posture, and this will have an even worse impact on your back and neck than if you would just switch back to sitting. The wrong height also applies a lot of pressure on your knees, and you will be forced to scoot over every two minutes to relieve the pain and pressure.

The solution to this is to find the exact height that works for your body size so that every time you lean over, your elbows remain close to your body. The moment your elbows start to pull away from your torso, then that means you need to make more adjustments.

Wrong Shoes

We have already hinted at how important it is to wear the right shoes if you are planning to use a standing desk for most of your work. You have to make the decision between the need to look good and the need to be comfortable. For ladies, heels shoes are the norm in the office setting, but they will be brutal to your ankles if you use a standing desk. Combine that with a hard floor, and you will be dealing with serious pain before the day ends.

Find a pair of well-padded flat shoes that are comfortable and kind to your ankles and toes. You don’t have to wear them to work, carry them in your bag and change into them when the time for working comes around.

A Screen that’s Too Low

A Screen that’s Too Low

The positioning of your monitor will also have an impact on how well you make use of your stand-up desk. If you position it too low, then you will be forced to lurch over, and this will make your head force your neck to provide the support it needs to remain suspended in that angle. This pressure will then spread to your back and the spine, and over time, you will develop neck pains. Looking down on your screen may give you the clear angle you require, but it comes at a very high price.

To counter this, set the monitor to a higher level that allows you to have an upright posture where you are almost eye to eye with the screen. If you have a laptop, consider getting a separate keyboard that allows you to type from another level while the screen is positioned on another level.

Staying Stagnant in one Position

The entire reason for using a standing office desk is to break the monotony that comes with sitting down for too long. However, standing in one place without switching standing positions will still lead to the same problems. Unlike sitting, where most of the upper weight is distributed through the thighs and the pelvic area, the entire body weight is supported by the legs, and this can lead to leg pain if you don’t shift the weight around regularly.

The solution to this is adding more movements as you work. Keep shifting the weight from one leg to another as frequently as you can. Take quick breaks every 30 minutes to pace around the office a little to ease the load. You can also use a footstool and wear well-padded flat shoes to increase comfort for your toes.

The Floor is Too Hard

The Floor is Too Hard

The surface you are standing on will determine how long you can work on a standing desk. The convenience that a standing desk brings to the table will immediately disappear if you happen to use a hard cold floor. Although a solid floor is good for the stability of the desk, there’s the counter effect of the legs bearing the brunt of all that bodyweight being exerted on them. This could be made even worse if you are wearing shoes that are equally uncomfortable, like high heels or heavy boots.

To counter this, consider carpeting the floor with something thick that will seep in the pressure applied on the legs. Wearing comfortable and well-padded shoes will also go a long way in making sure that you are not affected with joint pain over time.

You are Standing for Too Long

The biggest advantage that a sit-stand desk has over other regular ones is its ability to be adjusted and freely switched between sitting and standing. If standing seems to be more fun and productive for you, then, by all means, go for it. But be careful about how long you end up standing. Don’t get lost in the work to the point where you start ignoring the signs your body is sending you. Standing this long in the incorrect posture and switching the weight every two invites will have a toll on your body.

To be on the safe side, don’t go more than an hour working while standing. Either alternate it with some quick breaks where you pace and stretch a bit or simply re-adjust the desk to a sitting position once you feel the strain creeping up your back and neck.

An Uneven Floor

Never use a standing desk on an uneven floor, as that will interfere with everything from your work to your posture. An uneven floor will make the standing desk tilt, and that will affect how you stand and the positioning of everything on top. Any time you try to shift your weight while holding the desk will result in movement, and if the height is set to a higher level, the low center of gravity may cause the desk to tip over and collapse. This will damage all your working tools and could even lead to serious injury to your person.

Make sure the floor you are using is level by finding a nice spot for the standing desk. If that is hard, then find a way to counter the til by inserting a piece of word on the lopsided section to right things up a little.

Standing Desk Recommendation

Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series

There are countless standing desks in the market right now from various brands, and each promises heaven. Whether they deliver on that is another matter. However, certain standing desk products are currently available that any person looking to transform their workstation should consider going for. 

The Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series from Flexispot is the one standing desk that fits the bill. It has features that will help counter every single mistake mentioned above. These features include the following.

Dual-motor Lifting System: To stop you from using your own effort in malign adjustments, the desk comes with a dual-motor lifting system that boosts the loading capacity of the desk for maximum stability.
Huge Load Capacity: This electric standing desk has the capacity to support up to 275lbs of weight, which is more than enough to hold any size of a PC monitor, a laptop, a few books, among other necessary working tools that you may need.
Height-Adjustable: The adjustable desk comes with electrical buttons that allow the user to set the height that suits them the best. All this can be saved to a memory button that quickly repositions the desk to your height anytime you want to use it, saving you time and energy.
Steady and Quiet: The entire desk is constructed using powder-coated steel tubing that is scratch-resistant and silent as the adjustments are made from a sitting position to a standing one. The dual-motor system is seamless and works within seconds.
Stylish Finish: The working area is huge and spacious and has a stylish bamboo finish that provides the elasticity and durability needed to make working easy. The desk marks the use of carbonized technology to ensure the surface is water-resistant and scratch-proof. 
Easy Assembly: Putting the standing desk together is easy and can be done without any external help. All you need to do is follow the manual that comes along with the product, and you will be using the desk in less than 15 minutes.


Standing desks are a great way of switching up how you work. They are stylish, convenient, solid, and durable. You are assured of getting good years out of them while having the flexibility to change positions anyway you want. For more information on standing desks and where you can get them at affordable prices, check out our website at any time of the day, and we will be there to guide you.