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Standing Desk Status Quo 2018
Nov 06, 2018

About the report:

Welcome to FlexiSpot’s inaugural report on the “status quo” of standing desks in today’s workplace culture. This survey is a concise summary of the role standing desks play in pursuing a healthy lifestyle in and out of the office. In a era when daily life is becoming increasingly sedentary, FlexiSpot aims to provide data-based insights that empower companies and employees to make educated decisions about workplace wellness.  

Who we surveyed:

Our Standing Desk Status Quo Survey ran in October 2018. The sample set is comprised entirely of voluntary responses from a randomly selected cohort of previous FlexiSpot customers. A total of 3000+ respondents answered our questions. The respondents represent a mix of industries, geographies, ages, and work arrangements. Of these, 66.48% have purchased FlexiSpot products for their personal use, 4.69% have purchased as a gift for others and 28.88% purchased on behalf of their organization/company.  

Download report:

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Take a sneak peek inside: