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Standing Desks are Perfect for Kids with Special Needs

17 September 2021

We know how hard it is to raise a kid, more so a child with special needs. Your child diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder would always seem distracted, unable to listen and pay attention, not follow directions properly, and show little to no effort for school work. The kid will climb and jump even when told to play quietly. You won’t be able to stop the fidgeting or the constant changing of body positions. The kid will rush to finish an activity instead of taking the time to savor it. And because of the rush, there’ll be a lot of careless mistakes. 

This doubles up your responsibility as a parent. You would have to exercise more patience, be extra attentive, and shower your special kid with more love and understanding. There will be nothing more rewarding when he or she begins to look for you, reaches out for your hand, smiles at your laughs, and accomplishes things on his or her own---all because you were there to cheer them on. 

There are tools out there, of course, to help you in parenting your child with ADHD. One of these is having a standing desk at the kid’s study or playroom. If it were just a fad, the trend would have died out quickly; but studies show the benefits of what investing in a standing desk will be like for your kid and your peace of mind and satisfaction as a parent who wants the best for your child. 

Height Adjustable Ergonomic Study Desk

Benefits of a Standing Desk for Kids

1. Movement helps the kid’s brain to function. Standing activates sensory feedback that stimulates the brain’s working memory and capacity to process information. Children with special needs move excessively so a desk that could accommodate that safety would be perfect for them. 

2. One out of three American kids has been diagnosed as overweight. Long hours of sitting have been reported to be a major contributing factor so standing desks will help children live more active lifestyles even while at home. 

3. Kids, like adults, zone out after sitting for a long time. Standing desks will help them be more alert and present during activities. Standing also helps kids to focus more which means they will have a better grasp of their lessons. 

Height Adjustable Ergonomic Study Desk

Considerations for a Standing Desk 

Since this is an investment, you should employ careful thought on what to buy.

1. Quick and Easy Height Adjustability Feature

It would be best to pick a standing desk that children can adjust themselves. The parent won’t always be present, say you checked if your eggs are already cooked or if your laundry’s already done, so self-operational standing desks will be your best bet. Plus no one really knows when a kid would feel like sitting or standing. Choosing a desk with a control panel that kids can use themselves is more sustainable. 

2. Storage

The spaciousness of the desk must be considered in terms of the activities your kid does. But buying a spacious desk on the get-go already offers more flexibility as to what classes or activities you’ll be doing in the future. Some standing desks also come with a pull-out drawer for extra storage. Flexispot also has an Under Desk drawer that can be mounted on any surface and would automatically provide extra storage without taking up desk space. 

3. Durability

You know it’s a good investment if it lasts you long. If you already bought a standing desk that can accommodate the height of a kid up to when he or she becomes an adult, then that purchase is a jackpot. 

4. Warranty 

Buy from a trusted manufacturer and look at their warranty policy. If it’s easy to return for a replacement or repair, give that company its much-deserved five stars. 

Height Adjustable Ergonomic Study Desk

What Flexispot has to Offer

With 20 years in the ergonomic space, Flexispot has a foothold in the industry. You know you’re in good hands with a company that values its customers and their needs. 

At present, it offers three standing desks for kids including the height-adjustable ergonomic study desk/ kids desk. 

It comes in a powder baby blue color that can be used for any age by any gender. You may also select a partner kid chair that is either pink, blue, or grey. An option to add an under desk drawer at a lower price point is also available. This will give extra storage for your kid’s hobbies and school work. 

This product particularly boasts its durability. With desktop height adjustment ranging from 550 mm for short children up to 890 mm for tall adults, the table can last you a decade or two. It can be used by your kid in middle school and even taken to the college dormitory. What’s great about this is that there is no manual lifting required. The product comes with a two-button panel that can be operated by a kid herself/himself. 

This standing desk has been designed with the kid in mind. The desktop is a waterproof surface that is stain-resistant and easily cleaned with a damp towel. The corners also had rubber edges to add another layer of safety for the fidgety kid and the worrisome parent. 

The desk also has a built-in bag hook. It is attached to the bottom of the desk frame and could carry heavy loads such as a packed backpack. 

For more safety concerns, the frame has been child-proofed and built-in with an anti-collision feature. It stabilizes the desk while adjusting the height to avoid accidents. 

Under Flexispot’s warranty policy, “all height-adjustable desks purchased on or after October 5, 2016, include a 5-year warranty for the frame, motor and other mechanisms, and a 2-year warranty for the controller and switch, electronics.”