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Standing Desks that Every Bookworm Would Love

19 July 2021

Books serve as our gateway to other dimensions, worlds, and cultures. At a young age, children should be taught the wonders and magic of reading. While anyone can read anywhere, we need to face the truth that enjoying it too much can affect your posture. It helps to have a desk that would keep your posture in great health. But no need to look further because FlexiSpot has these three desks that would assist your back as you read to your heart’s desire.

Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Glass Top - 48" W

The Comhar can do everything for you as you sit down or stand while reading your book. With the sleek glass top, this desk can fit right in perfectly with your office space. It takes minimal space while still keeping your desktop space as spacious as it could be.

“As it's far beyond anything I've seen yet, I chose the tempered glass version. It's chic, resilient, and doesn't aggravate my arms. I'm well aware that I am getting older and my body needs to get every help that it needs. That is why I have been devoting much stricter concern to my fitness in recent months. The whole table drives me to be far healthier and stronger! I noticed the ideal furnishings to have kept me occupied while I function at work. It's mine, and I'm my desk's master! I'm overjoyed to have one with us. I can adjust the height of the desk with a single simple click. I would not even sacrifice it for something else.” Kristoffer L.

“Gone are the days when I had to keep full concentration on my children as they ran around my office. Even though I leave the home office, there are no mishaps due to the kid protection option. Because the workstation may be secured to improve safety, the kid lock button is the greatest. Whoa! Whenever you work at home and also have children who come to your workplace, you'll need to get this. The motions up or down are fairly quick. With so many electronics on top, it needed only about five seconds to move from another configuration to the next. Due to the current height memory option, I will not have to constantly modify this most of the day! In no time, I'll be in the stance I love. It's incredible. Since I get to move up as a result of these weeks, my knees don't require any surgery. In addition to that, I mix in some workout from time to time.” Justine G.

“I had this desk for some time now. The greatest part was just how simple it was to put together. Almost all other workstations in this budget range require a lengthy, time-consuming setup with difficult-to-understand manuals. That is not the case with this amazing table! In terms of functionality, I particularly like the adjustable height settings and the built-in USB charging. The cabinet is also really elegant and practical, which is a wonderful bonus! Altogether, a fantastic workstation at an amazing value, something I would highly suggest anyone to get.” Mac S.

Vici Quick Assembling Standing Desk

Get to your reading right away with the Vici Quick Assembling Standing Desk! As its name states, it is a desk that guarantees a swift assembly time that would let you get back to work in under five minutes! The Vici Quick Assembling Standing Desk makes your life easier as well with the four programmable buttons where you can save your favorite height settings!

“I adore working at my FlexiSpot desk. It may not have a lot of functions, which I like because everything I wanted is just a sit-stand desk. I like that I can configure three diverse heights and then simply dial in the number to get it to that level. Trying to transition is a breeze with it! The design is mostly clear cut, although there were some areas when I became perplexed or made a mistake since the instructions illustrated a seemingly desk from the one, I was assembling. I did arrive here anyway, and now everything is fine. I've owned it for a long time but have had no problems with all of it.” – Margie A.

“This stand-up desk has exceeded my expectations. I checked a few standing desks with a nice price range and ultimately decided on this though because this was the good fit for much of what I desired; so many other manufacturers only offer large units. I like the desk a lot, however, the instruction booklets could be improved as it is not that clear. The whole workspace is phenomenal! The adaptable layout allows employees to function effortlessly during the day. Set it to a lower position and sit right, or switch it up and function whilst standing. This was considered necessary for my shoulder pain. You should get this one!” – Sarah N.

“I've had so much fun and ease with working at this desktop for over a couple of days and I'm really enjoying everything about it! Although assembling the Vici was uncomplicated, I asked for assistance lifting the table due to its heavyweight. The workstation is well-made and has a contemporary look. This desktop is a fantastic choice for those who are working in front of computers! I perform greatly for more than seven hours each day, and this workstation has improved my neck and alignment. It's really substantial and ergonomic, especially when considering I have several screens on this. It was also very simple to put all together, and I was capable of accomplishing everything myself except for lifting this. If you'd rather be capable of standing up while continuing to work, it's well worth every penny!” – Joseph R.

Height Adjustable Ergonomic Study Desk

Your kids would love using the Height Adjustable Ergonomic Study Desk as they read and study! 

FlexiSpot's structure, which is engineered for optimum sturdiness, guarantees that the workstation remains stable even at its highest elevation, improving the protection of youngsters. When tried to compare to a conventional height-adjustable office set, the electric-powered height-adjustable office table offers greater seamless and ergonomic adjustments. The top of the height-adjustable youngsters' desk is made of high-quality wood that is pleasant to use and good for the environment.

“This desk’s movement is very fluid! It's simple to alter the desktop by pressing a button. I previously purchased a study desk that required me to manually crank the desk, which was extremely difficult for anyone, let alone the kiddies. However, this desk has remedied that dilemma for us. Furthermore, it is extremely reliable at all degrees. Despite having all of my belongings on the desk, it operates with remarkable durability. Made from strong components, this piece is sure to last you for a long time! This is really an amazing purchase that is well and good for your mental health.” – Tyler M.

Reading is a great hobby for anyone to start and enjoy. And with all of these ergonomic standing desks from FlexiSpot, you can have a great time and a sturdy desk that can handle all of your books!