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Standing Desks Transform the Workspace. Here's How.

06 May 2022

You heard through the grapevine that standing desks can help you improve your work experience so you buy yourself one. Congratulations! You are a step ahead in the right direction for considering ergonomic solutions. To maximize the product that you just bought, you must be in the know on how to use and adjust it. You can work smoothly when you have a knowledge of how your standing desk operates.

In this article, we will dive into standing desks, why people are going crazy over them and what value they could add to your work life. We hope that after you read this article, you would have gained a heightened appreciation for that product you just purchased.

The Fuss About Standing Desks

If you haven’t noticed just yet, standing desks have been on the receiving end of great reviews. So many people have tried it out that they want to spread the word about how it changed their work lives. We are positive that if you haven’t tried one, you will soon get one in the upcoming years since more and more offices are switching to standing desks than regular ones. Plus, at a personal level, you would notice what you don’t like about your workplace and seek solutions to eliminate them.

Desks are very important for office workers. They spend more than eight hours of their day working on their desks, which is why it’s very important for the company to invest in desk furniture. You should know that the way people think, feel, and work is impacted by how they sit, stand, and move during the workday. Their health is also affected in the long run.

Why Standing Desks are Your Go-To Ergonomic Office Solution

Why Standing Desks are Your Go-To Ergonomic Office Solution

People might regard it as just standing, a normal activity, that they don’t really value its health benefits. When sitting for extended hours, you put a strain on your spine, the body’s primary alignment structure. It can also cause additional harm when you’re not sitting in an ergonomic position. You would soon feel painful health complications if you continue to work with your spine misaligned or tensed up because of repetitive muscle misuse. What happens is that your muscles automatically make up for the misalignment which makes the entire body move unnaturally and strenuously. So many workers are focused on finishing their tasks that they hardly notice the tension in their bodies or if they do, they shrug it off as another thing to solve on another day. Come the hundred times, they will suddenly feel the extreme tension and to some, pain.

So why not go the better route? Improve your blood circulation and total muscle activity by having a standing desk set up at work. You can improve the position of your spine into one that is healthy. You may take active breaks regularly, remembering and committing to doing them. We have also received lots of testimonies that standing desks help them stay focused, more so when they start early in the morning and right after lunch when afternoons make one feel sluggish.

Then again, we aren't encouraged to stand up the whole day. The most popular types of standing desks have adjustable height features that allow one to transition from sitting to standing while working with ease.

Pro Standing Desk (E3/E5)

Features of the Standing Desk

FlexiSpot prides itself on its adjustable standing desks. Their products help improve efficiency and how you would approach and view work. We will discuss the features of the Pro Standing Desk (E3/E5).

Lifting System with Two Motors

The lifting system has been upgraded to two motors. It has also developed an enhanced structure with increased loading capacity and maximum stability even when the desk is at its highest setting.

Increased Loading Capacity

Even if you fill up your desk and reach the full weight capacity of 275 lbs, the powerful dual motors still work to achieve their maximum lifting speed of 1.4"/s (EC4). What’s great about it is you only have to press a single button to make all these happen.

Consistent, Quiet, and Quick

This product has a desk frame that is made of powder-coated steel tubing, proudly scratch and stain-resistant. You can be guaranteed optimum stability even if your desk is at the highest level, thanks to the dual-motor lifting mechanism and strengthened structure.

Control Panel for Advanced Users

You can also opt to grab one with an innovative keypad, three memory height settings, and a customizable sit/stand reminder system. You may view this while working because the numbers are shown through an energy-efficient LED display. People often forget to stand during their workday so one of the jobs of this control panel is to remind you when it's time to stand.

Stylish Bamboo Design

Bamboo provides a natural surface that is twice the suppleness and durability of regular wood. The carbonized technology coats the surface in a water-resistant 2H lacquer, making it moisture-proof, insect-resistant, and scratch-resistant.

Testimonials for this Standing Desk

Few Testimonials for this Standing Desk

Best Standup Desk for Everyday Use

My Flexispot electronic standup desk has made my day so much better. I cannot begin to describe how much I love it. I was now able to sit for an hour and stand for even a few more. The display and controls are so easy to use! I particularly love the added feature of memory settings at certain heights. Moreover, what sealed the deal was the black-on-black table is perfect for my living space and the size is exactly what I needed for my dual monitors. I love my Flexispot electronic standup desk.

-From Gabriel M.

You will not be disappointed when you buy this product. Many people like me are already working from home because COVID-19 changed work dynamics. Since this is my setup, I decided it was time to invest in a nice office desk. What started out as a whim became the best purchase ever. I am amazed by the remarkable quality of this desk including the height adjustment features. I just touched the needed button and voila, I’m already set up to sit in my desired way while working. As we speak, my husband wants one for his office. I personally highly recommend this product.

-From Brenda

The Advantages of Standing Desks

The Advantages of Standing Desks

It’s not common that people to choose the better route. But if you do and finally commit to having a healthy lifestyle, then congratulations on being a step toward better health. Prolonged sitting has been related to health issues such as obesity and metabolic syndrome, a group of disorders characterized by high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and others.

Ease of Use and Adjustability of Standing Desks

There are employees who attempt to be healthy, standing up at the start of the workday. But as the day progresses, they become sedentary. This is why you would want to choose a standing desk with adjustable height features because it will allow you to easily switch from standing to sitting several times.

Switching to Standing and Sitting Easily

You can’t avoid sitting when you have a desk job. This is why the best option available is to combine sitting and standing while working. A mixture of static and dynamic activity, activity and recovery, and sitting and standing is the best for any human body. There is a need to strike a balance between moving and being supported in safe positions.

Final Thoughts

You need to invest in a standing desk to promote good health and well-being for you and your staff. Remember that a sit-stand or standing desk is not enough to compensate for altering a completely sedentary lifestyle. You also need to add regular exercise and a well-balanced diet to the equation. But then again, it may not be the answer to everything but it is a step in the right direction if you stand more regularly throughout the day.