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Stay Motivated While Working At Home

13 July 2021

Countless people dream about working from home, not driving, sleeping extra, spending more time with their family, and working out more. However, working at home can be a double-edged blade: you can work from home, but it isn't easy to focus on the critical work. The trouble is that the freshness and thrill of working from home will wear off, especially if you've been doing it for a prolonged period. You must master how to stay engaged and productive when your house has become your workplace if you want to continue being productive.

Staying productive at home involves a little more effort, whether it's a stack of dishes that suddenly looks more enticing than your manager's requests or a brief TikTok binge of silly people doing random things. Procrastination, lower productivity, and emotional suffering might result from a failure to discover the key motivation. Here are some helpful hints for staying motivated while working from home so that you can be satisfied, healthy, and effective.

Pretend as if you are going to work in the office

Ideas linked with working in a traditional office can boost your productivity, and you would not have to cut them loose if you work from home. When working from home, practice the same routine you would if you were going to an office: set an alarm, make breakfast and coffee, and get dressed. 

Use a timer

If you find that taking short sprints is better than struggling through complete marathons, you might want to adapt that similar mindset to your work life. A timer will assist you in implementing the Pomodoro method, a famous productivity approach that divides your work into manageable 25-minute periods. Although your smartphone has a timer, the point is to keep the distractions bomb as far away from you as possible.


Researchers discovered that when people were exposed to overwhelming clutter, they were less efficient. They had a more difficult time concentrating and understanding things. Declutter your home workstation by getting rid of anything in excess. This practice will make it much easier for you to locate the items you require while working. Minimalism should be maintained. Make sure your workstation only contains the tools you need to complete your job. Clutter does not only relate to physical items; it can also refer to disorganized files and software on your computer. Disposing of digital clutter on your office computer can help you operate more efficiently.

Plan the night before

Take a few minutes before going to bed to outline what you want and need to do the following day. When you begin to work, you'll be able to focus better and be more effective. When most people arrive at work in the morning, they start planning their workday. As a result, they spend a significant amount of time organizing the tasks that must be completed. However, devoting too much time to deciding what you'll do during the day may prevent you from meeting those things.

Start early and have a morning routine

Although it may seem difficult to believe, getting down to business as soon as you wake up is one strategy to increase your performance when working from home. Commence your day off right by waking your body up in the morning by opening the curtains and hopping in the shower. It is critical to have breakfast. Your body will appreciate you for providing it with great, essential nutrients when you wake up in the morning. Smoothies, High-fiber cereal, and juice are healthy options that will give you the energy you need to start your day. It is also okay to drink tea, coffee, or water.

Have a dedicated and comfortable workspace

Choose a comfy place in your roomy, well-lit home, preferably one with isolation. As if you're in an office, you'll need a workstation with all the materials you'll need to complete your tasks, such as a computer and a phone that is just for your use. Let the folks who live with you know that you are working and will be unable to enter the room at all times.


While using your dining chair saves room, it is not beneficial to your back. Your chair should be comfy enough for you to work in the proper position with your feet flat on the floor. Consider the FlexiSpot's Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair. It boasts a 3D lumbar support system, a 135° lounge tilt, and 4D adjustable armrests for the ideal sitting experience behind your work. As user Corral S. said, "For someone who's forced to sit for 8 hours or more, this is something I needed. I actually thought that it was only fancy-looking, but it has helped my back a lot."


We've all gotten up from our workstations to stretch our legs for a few, which escalated into an hour's worth of stroll away around the house. Get the best of both worlds with the Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series by FlexiSpot. This stable, snappy, and quiet standing desk has a dual-motor lifting mechanism and an improved frame that ensures optimal sturdiness even at the highest setting. It also boasts a sophisticated keypad with three memory height settings and a programmable sit/stand reminder system, allowing you to easily switch positions and receive friendly reminders when it's time to stand.


Houseplants are like pets that don't howl back—you get to care for them, enjoy their company, and simply admire their loveliness. They turn out to be crucial WFH buddies as well. According to a study, plants may help alleviate fatigue, improving efficiency and ability to concentrate in the workplace.


A desk lamp aids in task lighting by illuminating the given task. Whether you're working on the keyboard or reading the tiny print, you'll want to be able to see comfortably and effectively.

Have goals and prioritize

Setting daily goals will help you sustain your highly effective rates. Just as we must overstate the amount of time we will invest in a task, we must likewise exaggerate the number of tasks we will complete during the day. Even if you don't meet the target, you'll have a list of specified activities performed by the end of the day. As vital as all duties are, some cannot be postponed, take longer, or have the most considerable influence on your company. That is why we emphasize the necessity of having specific goals since it is possible to differentiate between urgent activities and those left for later.

Take breaks regularly

It may seem counterintuitive, but relaxation is necessary for keeping high productivity levels. Working from home makes it so easy to become sidetracked that you may be tempted never to take a break to avoid this dilemma. Do not let the shame of working from home keep you from taking short breaks. Rest, in addition to enhancing quality performance, is necessary to keep the body functioning properly. Instead of simply browsing in your smartphone, use your breaks to move away from the computer and walk around.

Rethink multitasking and tackle one task at a time

Doing over one thing at a time inhibits and affects performance on the work at hand. This is since, despite its large storage capacity, the brain only analyzes one piece of data at a time. Productivity has nothing to do with completing multiple tasks at once but rather the contrary.

Reward yourself

Always give yourself a treat after accomplishing a particular amount of duties or completing a long day of hard work. There are numerous methods to reward yourself; just ensure the benefits are substantial enough to keep you on track but not so substantial that they become distracting.

Know when to stop

Working in a non-corporate setting also has an impact on our perception of time. Especially when we don't have the habit of turning off the device and returning home, it is critical to set a time limit for finishing the day. Ultimately, your work will become entwined with your private affairs, negating one of the most significant benefits of working from home: enjoying more time for yourself. This rule applies to weekend messages, texts, emails, and conversations as well. Never use these accounts unless essential.

Once you've mastered these methods for staying motivated at work, you'll discover that working from home can be enjoyable, gratifying, and very successful. It might also be a chance for you to do your sharpest work from the comfort and privacy of your home.