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Stay Up And Doing Amidst The Spreading Pandemic Virus

09 February 2020

Late last year 2019, an alert of a strong and wrecking epidemic broke out in Wuhan, a city in the Hubei province, China. It got the WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION on their feet and working to curb the menace. There has been an  alarming increase in the death toll and how fast this epidemic is spreading. You can say this is a good time to think of how best to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. The center of the outbreak which is a wet market in Wuhan city where there is sales of animal meat, seafood has caused the market to be on a shut down since 1st January 2020 with a lot of sanitation going on.

This epidemic, known as CORONAVIRUS comes from a group of Coronaviruses which consist of a set of viruses that causes disease in birds and mammals. Also, in humans, it causes respiratory infections through sneeze, close contact and cough.

However, in this period, as the epidemic continues to extend, and there seems to be different records as the day counts on by, there are certain things you can do to keep yourself protected. Highlighted below are some tips on how you can protect yourself from being infected.

1. Wear your gloves at all times

One of the ways through which the virus can be contacted is by cough, sneeze or getting too close in contact with an infected person. So it is important that has the body regulating this pandemic is working tirelessly to curb this menace, always keep your gloves in when going to shopping mall, when boarding that bus or whenever you are in other public places. So let us say you find yourself in a situation where you need to take off your gloves, maybe to shake hands with someone or anything at all, do not use the same hands to touch your eyes or face. Ensure that you wash your hands before you put them back in gloves or before you use that hand to come in contact with your face. Thoroughly wash your hands with warm water and soap, then put the gloves back on.

Nevertheless, it is unhygienic to leaves your gloves unwashed even when there is no outbreak, not to talk of this kind of moment. Wash and change your gloves everyday. After washing, let it dry proper before using again.

2. Help yourself with a mask

Another way to keep yourself safe from being infected with the virus is by wearing a mask. Now the thing is, don't get yourself all groomed with wearing a mask more than once, it is required and expected that you get more than one so you could wear them interchangeably to save yourself from bacteria infections. When you find yourself in the midst of a crowd, this is one of the best ways to keep yourself safe, so always keep your mask handy. When you come across someone sneezing or coughing, the best you can do is to tell the person to wear a mask or better still stay away from such person. But you have to diplomatic about it and let the person understand that it is best for you both.

3. In your homes

So this one is speaking to the family. In this pandemic period, it is best that you separate your towels and have each person have his/her own personal towel with a tag of their name on it. Let the instruction be firm that they should only use their designated towels and never touch the other person's. This could be a way to get infected with the virus as it concerns personal use.

4. Be watchful of the kids

Nursing parents, you are expected to keep a tab on your kids, educate them on interacting with others in school and also help them keep their personal things clean and sanitized.

5. Get a general scoop for your food

Talking about separating personal stuffs. It is best that you get a scoop that will be used to take the food the dish, and then allow each personal use their personal spoon to eat. As it is customary in China to serve in a big dish and each person takes from the dish with their personal chopstick, it is advisable to desist from this. Get a scoop that will be used to serve the meal and then each person can go on and use their personal chopstick to eat. This is not just limited to chopstick or scoops alone, also other utensils or things that concerns everybody in the family.

6. Be watchful of doorknobs, handrails or touching other people's things

Although, you are advised to have your gloves on when turning a doorknob but if it warrants that you turn the doorknob with no gloves on, immediately you are done, find your way to washing your hands thoroughly. Also, be careful with touching the handrails and people's stuff; at home, office or school or anywhere. Be watchful of touching your face without having wash your hands immediately if it happens that you touch the object.

Although, it might be difficult getting used to this as it is not part of your daily from times past, but as the current situation warrants that, ensure to give it and stay up to being obedient with these tips or any other you might be getting.

Stay Safe!