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Stay Warm in the Bitter Cold of Office AC Temp

19 July 2021

You're not alone if you've spent the entire winter anticipating the heat of summer, only to find yourself shivering all day in a cubicle. When you consider that many people wear less than a suit to work these days, it's no surprise that many employees feel a chill at work.

On sweltering summer and warm autumn days, we always want to be cool and chill, but that office AC can frost out those of us with more delicate thermostats and different metabolic rates. Going from a pleasant atmosphere outside to an overly cool office might be excruciating, especially if you're spending hours inside. It's also implausible that everyone in the office will agree on the same thermostat level. However, you have the option of taking matters into your own hands. This summertime, we've compiled a list of the methods to stay warm in those freezing rooms.

Bundle Up

Wearing layers that you can put on and take off can save your life. It's beneficial during the transitional months when the climate is uncertain, and you don't know what to wear. When you're indoors, layer a vest or a cardigan over your top to keep your torso warm. A scarf might also be helpful. Keep one in your filing cabinet or desk drawer to ensure that you are always equipped. Choose a pashmina that also serves as a shawl to keep your shoulders cozy. Keep gloves in your workstation to keep your hands warm and obtain the fingerless variety so that you can still write and use electrical gadgets. You can also get fingerless gloves that heat using your computer's USB port. Don't forget about the cozy socks.

If Possible, Use a Space Heater

The next choice is a little more daring. Yes, many individuals purchase space heaters and store them under their desks to remain warm. What better method to combat generating cold air than to blast warm air? You can buy a space heater for as low as $25. Just make sure to switch it off at night and keep it away from any paper or combustible materials. You should also confirm with your manager to determine if they are authorized on the property. If space heaters aren't permitted, use a heating pad for your lap. And keep hand warmers in your pockets. Desk lamps may also provide a little more heat.

Have An Apple A Day

Increasing or activating brown fat in your body is one technique to boost your resistance to cold. Brown fat is not the same as white fat, which most people think of when they think of fat deposits, and it assists in burning calories and eliminates white fat. But that's not all it's excellent for: it can also boost your cold tolerance. So, if you're cold at work, eat an apple: according to a study, the ursolic acid present in apple peels might increase brown fat, helping to keep you warmer.

Take The Stairs

Often, getting up and moving around is the only alternative. You can step outside, but the whiplash of moving from cold to hot, or vice-versa, isn't always good for our immunity. Stand up and walk around the office or up and down a flight of stairs in your office building instead. It will not only keep you warm, but it will also provide you with some time away from the computer monitor and your office chair. Stairwells in huge office spaces aren't nearly as frigid as the offices themselves, and the exercise will also raise your core body temperature.

Consume Warm Food and Drinks

Keep yourself warm from within by sipping hot cocoa, warm coffee, or tea. Purchase a flask or a hot pot to maintain your beverages warm while you sip them gently all through the day. If you like tea, you may buy a cup with an infuser that allows you to steep it right at your desk. Alternatively, a cup of boiling water will suffice. If you work in a cool workplace, reheated leftovers soups from the night before could very well be your go-to lunch option instead of classic summer cuisine. Eating raises your core temperature by activating your metabolism. It's basic, but every ounce of warmth counts. Grasp your warm mug and enjoy a blissful moment.

Sip Some Ginger Tea

Ginger has a thermogenic effect, which means it increases your metabolism and elevates the body's temperature. So, if you're feeling a little too cold, try a cup of hot ginger tea for a double dose of warming.

Sign Off Early

A study discovered that elevating melatonin in rats caused white fat to brown. Instead of just taking a pill, a straightforward approach to boost your melatonin levels is to prevent nightly exposure to blue light from devices; thus, shutting down early may make you feel warmer in the workplace as well.

Take Some Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an excellent supplement to take during the heat. According to a study conducted at the University of Alabama, it improves your body's ability to endure heat and improves your body's ability to withstand cold.

Keep Some Slippers Handy

In the winter months, many people switch from boots or shoes to heels on their way to work. During summertime, you can wear slippers instead of sandals, at least when your feet are under your desk. Given that our limbs are among the primary sources of body heat loss, this easy method can help you feel more at ease in no time.

Get Up and Move

Sitting motionless all day results in decreased blood circulation, which might make you feel chilly. During the day, try standing and moving about. On your breaks, go up and down the stairs several times if your company has them. You could even experiment with a standing deskHeight-adjustable standing desks may urge you to alternate between sitting and standing on occasion.

Apart from keeping warm, standing provides other perks when working. You might find yourself becoming more productive. And if you prefer to sit instead, you can continue to extend your legs and move your feet around to boost not only your circulation but also your warming factor. Under-desk bikes are a piece of excellent office equipment to have to promote even more movement even while sitting.

Visit Your Doctor For A Thyroid Check

It may be frigid at your office, but if you're the only one who's chilling to the bone, you should have your thyroid tested. Being cold all the time is a sign of hypothyroidism, a disorder that can cause weight gain, pain, infertility, fatigue, and depression if left untreated.

Finally, Communicate

If you attempt these suggestions and still find yourself frozen, it may be time to intervene. Speak to the one in command of the air conditioning and see if they're willing to try some adjustments. When you're uncomfortable, your productivity suffers. Consider making a well-informed case for turning up the heat. Per the Department of Energy, setting the thermostat up 7 degrees can save your employer up to 10% on their electricity bill.

Overall, it will be some time before we can determine the best and most energy-efficient workplace temperatures. If your office is trying to give the best impression of winter, the least you can do is get up and go for a stroll every once in a while. It will make you sweat, perk you up, and is way better than sitting on your bottom all day.