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Staying Creative While Working Remotely During Lockdown Is Possible With These Tips

02 November 2021

An employee could work on-site in some cases but also work from home in other cases. 

With the introduction of this new hybrid model, individuals and small teams will have better access to talent, be more productive, experience lower costs, and be more flexible.

However, mixing virtual and on-site work can be more complex than we think if you do not stay creative during quarantine.

There may be several reasons for this. In any case, despite the advantages of large-scale teleworking, there are more disadvantages than advantages.

Not only is it riskier to work remotely or virtual, but it inevitably diminishes creativity, innovation, and learning on the job if you know how to stay creative during the lockdown.

Effective Ways to Stay Creative During Confinement

Take a Wellness Activity

Take a Wellness Activity

It is essential to schedule regular sessions where you can take a break. It can be any activity that involves self-care: yoga, meditation, short naps, or even a relaxing facial. 

Try something new every day to get creative and maintain your energy level during the confinement.

A daily change in routine is an essential factor in changing your home office's effective plan. Another important aspect is to make sure that your self-care is not related to work.

Be Open for More Intervals

There is a tendency to work more at home and move less in the home office. You can keep your creativity going during the confinement by taking occasional breaks and occasionally moving your workspace from your home office to the living room, bedroom, or patio.

Team with Friends

Team with Friends

Online coworking can be an option if you are not tired of zooming in. Organize the week, so you have time to collaborate with your colleagues and change predefined work locations. 

You can also team up with friends who work in other offices and reserve a coworking space together.

Setup Time Blocks

One of the benefits of work-life balance is that you can choose your own work time. Time chunks allow you to experience maximum flexibility, freedom, and control. It is beneficial when you need to multitask many priorities and to meet commitments.

To develop a creative version of yourself and help you stay sane, try time chunking. It enables you to keep track of your workflow, prevent burnout and possible mistakes.

Prioritize Heavy-Duty Work Challenges

Keep Your Focus on Challenging Set Time Blocks

Keep Your Focus on Challenging Set Time Blocks

One of the benefits of having a work-life balance is that you can choose your work hours. Time blocks allow you maximum flexibility, freedom, and control. It is beneficial when you have multiple priorities to multitask and meet commitments.

To develop a creative version of yourself and help you stay healthy, try time. It enables you to keep track of your workflow, avoid burnout and potential mistakes.

Focus on demanding tasks and avoid distractions from daily tasks to maintain a work-life balance. If there is no emergency, security issue, or other problem, continue with the rest of the day.

Make regular lunches with your customers part of your schedule. Meeting clients outdoors is a better option than zooming in. It is essential to avoid relaxing, eating, and cleaning when you are stressed.

Simplify Your Morning Routine Before Work

Having a well-thought-out morning routine helps me to be efficient both professionally and personally.

Rigorous meditation, affirmation, visualization, and exercise programs keep one focused and cultivate creative muscle memory; Therefore, it is helpful to stay creative during blocking.

As long as the motivation is goal-oriented, the rewards and associated reasons usually motivate.

Limit Screen Distractions and Gadget Exposure

Limit Screen Distractions and Gadget Exposure

Social media and messaging software make it easy to stay in touch with other people today. The situation is more serious when we sit in front of our computers most of the day.

It is a good idea to unplug your laptop and phone for at least a few hours. Without distractions like social media algorithms and others, your brain has plenty of time to wander and develop new ideas.

Planning and Sending Thanks

Never underestimate the power of thanks. It will make you feel good to return the love and encourage others to appreciate what you are doing for them and spread the love.

Sending a gift certificate, gift basket, or special gift to someone who went out of their way to help you is the easiest way, but you can always send a gift certificate, gift basket, or special gift.

Schedule with a Meetup with Friends or Colleagues

Schedule with a Meetup with Friends or Colleagues

According to current scientific knowledge, a person's perception of reality works in social interactions with people of different origins.

Virtual networking is still possible, even when we are not traveling or participating in conventional events. 

Is it possible to use Zoom to host a biweekly hobby group gathering to get creative during closing?

How about uniting complementary skills as employees who want to understand better what motivates intelligent and motivated people to grow the business? 

To reinvigorate your mind, we can organize additional sessions such as art and renovation or online puzzle breaks.

Modify Your Work Environment

Modify Your Work Environment

Different perspectives encourage creative thinking. It is possible to get used to a particular way of thinking by staying in the same position, following the same routine.

One way to incorporate variation in your workplace is by having a standing desk.

FlexiSpot offers the Kana Bamboo Standing Desk, among other ergonomic products and accessories. This tool is necessary so that you can be more active and keep the creative juices flowing. Not to mention, it will even help you be more healthy and fit as you alternate between sitting and standing.

Whenever we change work environments and develop new creative solutions, our brains suddenly turn off automatic pilots. It is also possible to dress up as different people, wear creative socks, or choose the best office color.

Try Mindfulness and Meditation

Many lectures, groups, presentations, webinars, apps, etc., are popular on MINDFULNESS. We become more aware of our present experiences. You need to consider the many options and choose the one that interests you the most.

This technique is simple and effective for restoring the mind and extremely useful for maintaining creativity during confinement.

You can even listen to an audio guide for a guided meditation while walking. If it takes you a moment to catch your breath, think about your surroundings before reaching for the phone again.

Breaking Your Autopilot Routine

Breaking Your Autopilot Routine

Your autopilot mode is perfect for getting things done as quickly as possible when you have tight deadlines.

However, too much of this could leave you drained and dull. Simply changing your morning and evening routine can spark your creativity.

Alternatively, you can get a new cup of coffee and drink coffee with your other hand. You can brush your teeth better with the other hand. Redesign the kitchen/bathroom area to make it look different than usual.