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Stepping Outside to Work From Home

02 July 2021

Since the outbreak of the virus, the entire planet has been shifting its operations outdoors. Businesses have welcomed the outdoors as a safe place to meet, with increased ventilation being the main driver behind COVID-19 mitigation. If you work at home and have access to an area in which you can concentrate on your laptop outside, sunlight and fresh air may do marvels for your attitude and mood. Whether on a porch or in a yard, an outdoor workstation enhances your working and living environment and will provide the needed reprieve after weeks of living in confined spaces with housemates or family members.

Working from home during the summer is almost unbearable. When you do take your laptop outside, the layout isn't always efficient. Moving your work-from-home workspace out can be a refreshing approach to get you enthused about your job again, breaking up the pattern of working from home and even brightening your mood. The key to creating an outdoor workspace is to prepare for any surprise that nature could have in store for you.

You might very well have updated your patio, installed garden furniture, or constructed an open kitchen. Prepare for the next surge: a new fad known as working from outdoors or #WFO. Continue reading for a few pointers on how to shift your daily fix of screen time to the great outdoors and establish an effective workspace to spend your day.

Priority: Shade

Wherever you decide to set up an alfresco workstation, make sure it has the potential for shade. You would not want to be baking in the sun while preparing a large presentation. Glare on your computer screen is caused by direct sunlight, making it extremely difficult to view your display. As a result, eyestrain might occur, resulting in migraines and decreased productivity. Sunlight can also cause your computer to overheat, reducing battery life and causing performance issues. If the weather outside is unbearably hot for you, it is most likely bad for your laptop as well. Find the shadiest spot in your outside space, whether under a foldable patio umbrella or a tree.

The Workspace

Attempt to find an office in your outdoor environment, even if it's only a spot nestled in your backyard or a swing on your veranda, just like you would in your indoor space. You'll get a lot more done if you have a little more privacy.

  • In mild weather, robust, weather-resistant outdoor furniture is comfy. Patio chairs do not have ergonomic qualities to sustain long periods of sitting; therefore, you need to consider specific add-ons. A lumbar support pillow improves extra padding, and a seat cushion may make even the most uncomfortable wood, metal, or plastic chairs feel much better.
  • It would help if you also considered purchasing a laptop/monitor stand and a mini wireless keyboard for the most optimal screen-reading and typing performance.
  • Consider movable furniture if you have limited space to work with or no permanent outside spot to call your own. It is often less expensive than traditional patio furniture, and it provides greater mobility when storing your chair, desk, and other equipment indoors. Just keep in mind to bring everything not indicated for outdoor use inside after you're completed working.
  • Proceed to your allocated shaded place with a foldable chair and a collapsible tray-style tabletop for the most cost-effective alternative. Ideally, the tray table should be at least 18 inches wide to accommodate your laptop and mouse.


Do you want even more isolation in your outdoor workspace? To establish separation from the rest of your environment, you may install sheers on your veranda or a screen on your deck. Outdoor curtains with tension rods are easy to put up and take down, allow you to adjust to changing sun positions, and provide some privacy from neighbors.

Work Surface

If you're familiar and comfortable working at a desk, bring that luxury outside with you by using an outdoor dining table, especially if it's beneath an awning. If you intend to work outside for the majority of the day, you'll need a solid worktop and a comfy chair. Check that your chairs are comfortable enough to sit in for a few hours and that your tabletop is at a reasonable height for your laptop. This mobile desk from FlexiSpot glides smoothly with its four-caster swivel and has front leg stoppers to ensure your new stand stays firmly secured in place. With its large casters, it rolls around on hardwood easily. Best of all? It's height-adjustable, which means you can still take advantage of the benefits of using a standing desk, even from your porch.

Working at a larger table allows you to keep goods such as snacks or drinks and other necessities close.

Seating Options

You'll be more motivated to return to your workstation if you don't have a place to sit. Add a comfortable seat to assist you with work and accessories to help you stay engaged. Changing an outside space into a work-friendly environment does not have to be a significant or costly undertaking. Many people choose neutral materials with splashes of color for alfresco sofas and chairs. Choose a statement-making lounge chair or a more informal choice like an outdoor bean bag to provide a moment of relief.

Gear Up!

The easier it is to move from working inside to outside, the more likely it is to use your outdoor home office. Some essentials you would need include:

  • lap desk
  • laptop bag to easily carry everything outside
  • extension cord
  • power bank
  • Wi-fi extender
  • noise-canceling headphones or Bluetooth speaker
  • sunscreen
  • insect-repellent
  • fan
  • allergy medicine

Take advantage of your outside time. If you must engage in a video call, situate yourself such that you may display attractive greenery or flowers in the backdrop. Take breaks to enjoy your scenery and the natural ventilation. There are numerous ways to be productive while also getting some sun this summer. Take your laptop outside, breathe in some fresh air, and begin working on a new project in a stylish outdoor setting.