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Stress and You

28 June 2021

Today we are living in a world with too many stressors around us. Our lifestyle suddenly changes because of daily unpredictable events that are inevitable. We still have the pandemic around us, so the “new normal” is what we live by today which is a lot different from the normalcy before this pandemic began.

The unpredictable situations we are in produce many stressors that adversely affect our lives physically and mentally. Job loss, loss of loved ones, financial difficulties, housing problems, and other events that lead to stress are all around us.

So how do you cope with them?

For me, stressors are already part of our lives. We cannot avoid them as they are uncontrollable and unavoidable, so having that in mind, I just fight them head-on as much as possible because we cannot get rid of them at once so we accept these realities in life.

As defined by Dr. Roman Palma in his book, based on the Gould Medical dictionary, “ stress is any stimulus or succession of stimuli of such magnitude as to tend to disrupt the homeostasis of the organism; when the mechanism of adjustment fail or become disproportionate or uncoordinated, the stress may be considered an injury, resulting in disease, disability or death.”

Dr. Palma continued that in” the state of stress, there is an alteration in the biologic, chemical and physiological processes of the body. There is increased cortisone and adrenaline to meet the demand of stress, giving rise to increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, insomnia, loss of appetite, etc. decreased in lymphocytes and decreased production of antibodies, thus reducing the body resistance allowing foreign invaders to multiply leading to fulminating infection and death.”

“The disturbing biologic, chemical and physiologic processes may cause loss control of growth of abnormal cells which leads to cancer. This hypothesis can explain the development of all types of cancer in the different parts of the body due to one cause which is “stress.”  

I have emphasized these sentences as written in Dr. Palma’s book has it on this article verbatim to give emphasis on the cause of cancer which is the byproduct of stress. Although other medical experts could contest these views and statements from a doctor, it does have factual information associating stress with different types of cancer. 

We commonly believe that cancer is produced by having excessive alcohol or drugs, and other lifestyles that cause cancer, however, there is one that lurks around us that causes it too, such as stress. You may find it dreadful and fearful to read however, in one way or another this gives us information and factual truth about how stress could seriously and fatally affect all of us.

We can learn to avoid being stressed out by not overworking.

We must learn to do things at a normal pace because work will never finish. They say “do not finish your work, or else your work will finish you.” Does it sound logical? I leave it to your judgment.

To fight stressors, we have to learn to adjust ourselves to sudden changes in our lives. Those who can’t may possibly get sick in the long run while those who take life as it is without too much worry will not be affected and will be able to surmount any obstacle in life.

You dream of beautiful things for your future in a manner that you do not do it at a fast pace but you have to strive for it in a moderate and relaxed manner as it will come when you are taking action on it and having a positive attitude about it.

It is also essential to have peace of mind.

Especially amidst the turmoil in life today, worrying about contracting a dangerous virus. We have to be conscious about our health and have to follow all the health protocols required of us.  

We also must shun negative attitudes such as anger, hatred, envy, greed, jealousy, envy, revenge, regrets, and suspicions because they are negative emotions that could affect our physical as well as mental health.

As Dr. Palma stated in his book, quoting Marceus Aurelieus, “ If you are pained by any external thing, it is not this that disturbs you, but your own judgment about it.”  

He also advised that we should not live with guilty feelings in the past but rather forget these guilts and forgive ourselves as we forgive others and just live for today. Our future will be brighter than we think.

Stress can be avoided so we might as well do things that could combat or prevent them from happening in our lives. If we cannot find right away solutions to our problems, we can think about them in a positive manner. If we know the problem, we have already solved one-fourth of the problem. In every problem, there is a solution if only we can have the time to think about it and not do something drastic that may harm us emotionally and mentally. We can avoid stress with determination and resolve to combat it.

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