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Stress-Free Cable Management

31 May 2021

Have you been stressed out because of the many cables and cords you have to arrange and manage? I sometimes find it really stressful to get organized with my cords and cables for phone chargers, computer cables, cord for the headset, and cords that I need to put together and store in one purse. I am a person who hates clutter and I do not want to look for something I need urgently and I could not find it. But we have to live with it because having these cords for the devices we have is already part of our lifestyle.

The big cables of computers sometimes pose risks for people around and even for the computer user. When these cables get tangled and negligently spread around, you might trip and accidents may happen. There is already numerous research about cables causing risks or accidents in the workplace for some employees. The good thing is that most companies are changing the lay-outs of the offices and re-designing them to reduce cable-related accidents.

I have read an online article about how to manage and organize computer cables under the desk which I found helpful (LLoyd, C. 2017). 

● Before trying to organize the cables, we have to unplug them for safety

● Find a strategic place to mount the power strip permanently although a little foresight is also needed because it is possible that the desk would be transferred or moved to another location. Think about this.

● Mounting on the wall would be much better to prevent the cables from dangling down to the floor

● Wrap the cables and plug them in - if the cables are long, they have to be put together with velcro straps so that it is easier to unwrap them when it is necessary 

● Label each cable - this is a smart idea because sometimes cables are confusing and you do not want to plug a cable that is not appropriate for the computer or equipment you’re going to use. Labeling the cables will make work faster and efficient

I think everyone should be educated about cable management as no one is exempted to do this and there will come a time that we will be on our own to organize and manage our computer cables. We cannot leave everything to the technical team or anyone who knows about cable management. Anyway, we can always do it with the help of the online articles on cable management. 

Actually, I bought some velcro straps for my computer cables and cords at home. They really serve the purpose well and it is easier for me to shorten or lengthen the cables as needed. And I do not feel stressed out anymore with the organizing, arranging, and putting all the cables in the right places. I can work really smoothly with organized cables.

For personal phone chargers and earphones, I have a small purse where I put all of them so I could just get it from the purse when I need any of them. However, when all of them are in one place, they are tangled, and sometimes it takes time to untangle the charger from the earphone cords which I really hate. I think they must have separate storage or another purse for chargers and for other cords. 

I think Flexispot has a better product for cables and cords organization and management. YOu know FlexiSpot is famous around the world for being a leader in home and office ergonomic furniture that are geared towards wellness and productivity.

Aside from the furniture, they also have products to boost physical fitness including some accessories that are really functional and innovative. I also admire this company after checking on its website and seeing the wide array of products that are unique and functional.

I think this is the reason why FlexiSpot is trusted by millions all over the world. They are not only after profits but they really care for the customers and future users of their products.

For cable management, one product that is functional and very useful is the Cable Management Kit Organizer Set CMP013I am sure that this product will help us manage and organize all cables and cords and keep us away from stress, worries, and risks that may happen if we do not organize our cables and cords well.

I think you would be glad to know some of the features of this very useful cable management kit from FlexiSpot namely:

● The material for the self-adhesive cable tie bases is of high quality, that is, they are durable, flexible, and lightweight. 

● Right out of the box, you can quickly and permanently get rid of unsightly power cords, HDMI cables, etc. because the product is created for fast and easy use. 

● It is designed for the ultimate management system that is easy and quick to use

● Great for organizing messy and tangled cords anywhere -home, office, dormitory, entertainment, car, school, etc. for protection and safety of everybody including your family 

● It offers value for your money: This package includes 50 PCS cable ties,5 PCS velcro ties,10 PCS cable identifiers, and 10 PCS cable tie bases to meet your daily use requirements. After using these clips, the plastic package box can also be recycled for storing other small items.

With this small kit, it can do a lot for our cable management issues. Aside from helping us organize and manage our cables and cords, it protects us from possible hazards of trip or fall because of tangled cables around. It is a big deal to be safe in our workspace. As such, we can work productively because we do not feel stress while working and we could focus more on our job. So this product is a huge thing in a small package.

Please visit the FlexiSpot website today for you to check on other outstanding products from this company. There is a lot to choose from and I am sure that you will get one or two for yourself. Do it now!