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Studying And The Correct Posture

12 October 2023

Maintaining the correct posture while sitting is so important. This is especially important for those who spend a long time sitting. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, many schools have adopted the online school model in which classes are taught online at home. This required students to sit in front of a screen at a desk for five hours or more. All classes were conducted on a screen and written, and reading assignments had to be done while sitting on a desk.

Incorrect sitting posture for extended hours can have disastrous effects on the head, neck, shoulders, back, and spine; therefore, it is essential for anyone sitting for prolonged hours to work towards improving their posture. Adapting ergonomic methods has been a game changer in improving physical health as well as productivity. Ergonomics works towards developing furniture designed to adapt to the human body's requirements, whereas the other way around.

Here are the following reasons why maintaining the correct posture while sitting for prolonged hours is so important:

Reduces The Incidence Of Headaches

Sitting in an incorrect posture, such as over-extending the neck, bending the head over, or raising the shoulders, can cause unnecessary strain on the head and neck region. This can put pressure on the cervical spine resulting in dizziness, spasms, and headaches. It is very important to sit with the head held straight and focused on the screen at eye level when taking online classes. When reading or writing the shoulders must be relaxed, neck straight, and the head bent over the assignment without bending the upper back or shoulders. It is important to invest in a good-quality ergonomic study chair and a study desk to ensure that you maintain the correct posture while studying.

Reduces Eyestrain

Craning the neck to get a good look at the screen, hunching or bending over into a book while reading, lying down while reading, or attempting to study in dim light are all causes of eye strain. Eye strain can be very uncomfortable and painful and can reduce the quality and efficiency of your work. The signs and symptoms of eye strain include:

Burning eyes

Watery eyes

Pain in eyes

Difficulty focusing

Itchy and red eyes

Improves Breathing

Sitting in a hunched or slumped position can cause the abdominal organs to become squashed together. Sitting for long hours in a hunched position can cause the chest muscles to tighten and become stiff. This can disrupt breathing and result in respiratory difficulties. This can easily be prevented and reversed by sitting in a good-quality ergonomic study chair and maintaining the correct posture. Studying on a couch or bed is the primary cause of poor posture and postural-related breathing problems.

Improves Digestion

Sitting in a slumped or hunched position can cause the abdominal organs to become crowded and sit on top of one another. This can result in slower or poor digestion and feeling bloated and full. It is important not to eat while sitting in a slouched position. It is also not recommended to lie down immediately after a large meal. Sitting upright in the correct position or taking a walk is very important to prevent indigestion and heartburn in students who have to remain seated for long hours.

Reduces Backache

Sitting in an incorrect position for extended periods can result in misalignment of the spine as well as potential injury to the back. This can cause pain in the upper middle or lower back and can sometimes be extremely painful and disabling. Most students study in the most uncomfortable positions and ignore signs of back pain. It is important not to neglect the initial signs and symptoms of back pain as this can worsen over time and may even result in complications. Sitting on the correct chair and in the correct posture can immediately reduce and prevent back problems.

Reduces Risk Of Injury

Incorrect posture has the potential to cause back injury due to spasms and jerky movements. Prolonged sitting in the incorrect posture can also cause injuries related to fatigue and overexertion. It is important to be aware of maintaining the correct posture.

Reduces Risk Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common problem among students who use the mouse frequently and type on the keyboard. Incorrect positioning of the wrist and elbows can result in a painful condition called carpal tunnel syndrome, which presses on the nerve on the wrist and causes pain in hands and fingers of the affected side. It can take months to heal and can decrease productivity. It can easily be prevented and reversed by adopting the correct sitting position and the correct placement of the wrists. It is best to rest the elbows at 90 degrees on the study desk and to place your wrists in line with your elbows.

Reduces Risk Of Head And Neck Pain

Sitting in an incorrect posture, such as by bending your upper back, slouching, craning your neck or over-extending your head, can result in neck spasms or neck and shoulder pain. This can be a painful and uncomfortable position, and it is very important to make sure that all students are sitting on the correct ergonomic study chair and study desk. It should be at the correct height and should not put extra pressure or strain on the head, neck or shoulders.

Increases Energy And Productivity

Sitting in the correct posture tends to make you feel energized and gives you an energy boost. Slouching and sitting in hunched positions can make you feel lazy and drowsy and decreases your efficacy and productivity at work. To ensure that you get the maximum amount of work done and use your time effectively, it is important to invest in a good-quality ergonomic study chair to improve and maintain your posture while studying and working.

The Features Of A Good Quality Study Chair

All students and parents of younger students must consider investing in a good quality ergonomic study chair and desk. It is very important to ensure that students are working and studying while maintaining the correct posture. A good quality study chair has the following features:

It Should Have an Adjustable Height

An adjustable height feature is so important for children who are growing. A study chair is a long term investment and should last a long time. With growing height, the chair should be easily adjusted to allow the seat to be raised to the ideal height to allow the feet to rest firm and flat on the ground and to prevent them from hanging above the ground.

It Should Have Washable And Breathable Seat Fabric

The seat should be made with washable and breathable fabric to allow air to circulate within the seat fabric to prevent the user from feeling too hot while they are sitting. The removable and washable seat cover allows the seat to remain to look fresh and new for many years as well.

The Seat Should Be Wide Enough

The seat should not be too narrow or small. It should allow the user to sit comfortably on the seat so that their hips and thighs fit completely on the seat. The seats should not be too tiny or too narrow and should be large enough to accommodate the student as they grow bigger and taller over the years.

The Seat Should Have A Swivel Function

A swivel and movable function of the chair allows it to move across the room as well as allows the user to reach all parts of their desk without having to get up from their chair. This makes it a convenient and ergonomic feature in the chair and allows it to be moved into a different room in case the student wants a change of scenery or environment while working.

The Seat Should Provide Adequate Lumbar And Back Support

Adequate lumbar and back support cannot be emphasized enough. The correct lumbar support in a chair is extremely important to allow the spine to remain in the ideal position as well as to provide an adequate backrest to the user. This prevents the user from suffering from back pain and spinal misalignment while using the study chair for online school, exams, or projects.

The Final Word

Sitting in the correct posture during online school, studying, and working on projects is extremely important. Incorrect posture for extended periods can result injuires, sprains, exertion, and fatigue. It is very important not to neglect posture and to invest in a good quality ergonomic study chair for students. FlexiSpot has some of the best options for study chairs that can be used easily in the home and will last a very long time. They are of excellent quality and guaranteed durability and should definitely be used by all students who spend long hours sitting behind desks.