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6 Ways to Customize Your Standing Desk Workstation

10 August 2021

Everybody wants an office that is both attractive and functional. You are probably aware that having a standing desk configuration allows you to have a healthy work experience regardless of where you work, allowing you to be more active while you work. 

As an office worker, you may consider creating an ideal desk configuration that improves your mood and increases your productivity, but you will need some standing desk ideas to do so.

Not only should we know how to construct a classic desk configuration, but also think about work ergonomics when designing a modern desk setting. As a result, when it comes to planning your office, things become a little tricky for practically every office worker. 

We recognize your predicament and want to make things easier for you. That is why we have compiled a list of some of the most inventive standing desk solutions to assist you in this predicament. So go ahead and take a look!

Consider a Simple Office Design

You are probably aware that the minimalist trend is pretty popular right now, and that everyone is talking about it. Simple and minimalist décor is always preferable because it eliminates any clutter that could interfere with your work.

As a result, simply keep necessary accessories and documents within easy reach. Consider purchasing a file cabinet and installing it next to your standing office workstation. This will assist you in arranging all of your accessories in a clutter-free manner.

minimal wall decor

Invest in Those Minimal Wall Decor

Simple wall décor may be a fun way to personalize your workspace and a great standing desk office concept. You can consider adding some minimalist wall panels or a few artistically nice artworks. 

You might also consider having walls with contrasting colors, as many office workers have done so in the past due to its enticing appearance.

Always Remember to Include Plants

Adding plants to your workstation is always a great standing desk concept. Do you have any idea why? Plants, on the other hand, refresh and invigorate your workstation. 

If you are thinking about what kind of plants you should get for your workstation, we recommend feng shui plants or hanging plants to be more specific. It is preferable to get a low-maintenance plant to save time on upkeep.

Smiling woman standing by the window at the table

Pick a Good Location Nearer to the Window

You have probably heard how vital natural lighting is for remaining productive. When there is natural light in the office, employees are more engaged and alert. 

Consider positioning your workstation near a window that will provide natural light to your workspace. When it comes to such locations, a corner with good scenic beauty would be a plus.

Tabletop Painting

Being creative with your desk is usually a better standing desk concept, as it allows you to make your workstation more appealing to the eye, which has a beneficial impact on your health and productivity. 

Painting your tabletop is usually a wonderful option if you want to give your office a unique look. FlexiSpot's workplace standing desks, on the other hand, come with a variety of colorful and elegant tabletops. 

If you do not want to paint your desk, a simple bamboo finish, like the Kana Bamboo Standing Desk, would suffice. Take a look at this product!

Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk (Eco & Pro)

Customize Your Standing Desk Workstation with FlexiSpot's Ergonomic Equipment

You may come up with a hundred different standing desk design ideas, but a workstation is not complete without a sturdy standing desk. Make sure you choose a strong standing desk because it is the skeleton of your workspace. 

We believe that FlexiSpot's The Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk (Eco & Pro) is the ideal option for this purpose. One of FlexiSpot's most popular models is this standing desk. It is a well-looking desk at a good price.

 It can assist you in relaxing and feeling better about your posture as well as any potential health issues. It has a lifting capacity of 275 pounds. One of the most amazing aspects of this standing desk is its ability to be effortlessly adjusted without creating discomfort or difficulty.

Final Thoughts

We have put together a list of the top standing desk ideas that are compatible with modern office design principles. These desk configuration ideas can help you be more productive while also improving the aesthetics of your office. 

As a result, you will have a pleasant working environment in which you will like working.

If you use a standing workstation, you have already taken a step toward improved health. Long periods of sitting have been related to health issues such as obesity and metabolic issues. To make the most out of your standing workstation design, it is essential to know these tips.