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Styling Your Office Around a Standing Desk

10 June 2021

Styling Your Office Around a Standing Desk

While proper ergonomics is vital in establishing how effective your office is, there are a handful of other measures that can be taken with the layout of your workplace to increase productivity. Finding the perfect height-adjustable standing desk, organizing the rest of your workplace, maximizing comfort, and putting everything you need at a reasonable distance while working at your standing desk are all part of the process. Creating a workspace, whether at home or in an office, that can accommodate the movement of sit-stand desks complicates the approach even more.

The most crucial characteristics of a productive office are comfortminimal distractions, and having whatever you need organized and easily accessible. A comfortable chair, a height-adjustable standing desk, and a monitor at the proper height are all necessary for comfort. An additional mouse and full-sized keyboard are also recommended for people who use a laptop. However, because you are also improving your physical health by using a height-adjustable standing desk, you must set your office desk and keyboard height to be comfortable for both sitting and standing.

Employees are now more concerned with adopting a healthy lifestyle in which they can work comfortably. A standing desk is an excellent choice for redesigning your workplace. One minor adjustment can provide you with a significant gain in working comfort and convenience, and you may use essential decor tips to customize your sit-stand desk. It will enhance the quality of your work setting. A height-adjustable standing desk allows you to change your working positions frequently, which is the best approach to prevent back discomfortshoulder and neck pain, and other issues. Everyone is surprised by the beneficial effects of a standing desk. Those with a creative soul may struggle to beautify their working space with a height-adjustable sit-stand desk


Finding a dedicated area may be challenging for a home office, particularly for individuals with little room. Even if it isn't the spacious, well-lit, ideal office of your dreams, it is critical to establish a separate workstation. You need a workspace that is solely dedicated to working. It might even be a specific spot at the dining table. The idea is to keep your workspace separate from your leisure atmosphere. That helps accustom you to concentrate when you're in that given setting. When your go-to site isn't cutting it, it never hurts to have a backup plan. For some, that means sitting on the floor, sitting on the couch, or standing at the kitchen counter. For others, this means leaving the house.

Adjusting your life circumstance frequently demands adapting your job lifestyle as well. An entire wall is not required to make the necessary distinction. A stylish barrier can assist in disguising your work area while also adding some flair to your living space.

Organize and Store

In a practical ergonomic office, keeping everything organized and the essential things within reach is especially important and challenging. To get clutter and objects you use less frequently out of the way, offices utilize vacant wall space for shelves such as Floating Shelves WSF1. Your shelving choices are more limited, with a desk that raises to more than a foot in height. Unless you obtain an adjustable L-shaped standing desk, like FlexiSpot's Seiffen Laminated Spliced L-shaped Standing Desk, you will have to deal with a desk that has two levels when standing. 

Make no compromises in the basics that you need to function productively because your workstation is not in a dedicated space. Having a particular and logical spot for anything and everything you use daily allows you to make better use of your time. You may have to keep old files, but they do not have to be stored at your desk; carve off some storage space in a closet if at home and label everything so you can find whatever you need. To personalize your office, you may even get baskets that complement your height-adjustable standing desk. You might also choose a compact file cabinet to sit next to or under your standing desk, a desk organizer, or a standing desk with some storage like:

Natural Light and Greenery

plant will provide fresh oxygen, allowing you to focus better and creatively. A green accent in your office will give it a vibrant appeal. Integrating nature into your workplace can also make a dramatic contribution. Plants help bring the space to life and show us that there is a living, breathing world beyond work whether or not the work is completed. Blues and greens, which are widely found in nature, have been seen to reduce stress and build a peaceful work environment. Make sure you have a comfortable area to relax your eyes. Every 20 minutes take a 20-second break by looking away from the monitor to somewhere 20 feet away for 20 seconds—greenery can provide the ideal break. Natural light will revitalize office appearance, and it will help relax your eyes when they become tired of looking at a screen for extended periods. 


Make sure you have enough light to see anything on your height-adjustable standing desk', but not so much that you topple over when you adjust it as a desk lamp would. It is critical to provide adequate task lighting to reduce eye strainIn conjunction with ambient overhead lighting, desktop lighting will provide the necessary lighting conditions for a comfortable work environment. Variety can also provide adaptability, permitting you to select the appropriate lighting for a particular job. Not only does this make the area feel more effective and adaptable, but task-specific lighting also helps avoid eye strain.


Add some artsy images and quotations to your office decor, and your office will seem completely different. You can use contrasting colors to make it more visually appealing. A height-adjustable standing desk's quality is everything. When changing positions regularly, you need a seamless transition. However, this does not imply that you must make sacrifices in terms of decoration. A height-adjustable standing desk now comes in a variety of colors and themes. You can select a color that complements your office. 


Standing desks have grown widespread in companies in various industries in the previous decade. According to a survey, 60 percent of firms now give or assist employees in obtaining standing desks, and they are preferred for home offices. Standing desks allow you to switch from sitting to standing, changing your viewpoint and reaping the health benefits of getting out of your chair for portions of the day. If you must sit, choosing the right height for your chair and workstation might lead to healthier days. Height-adjustable desks and seats can be lifesavers.

Other Useful Tips

  • To effectively manage your cables, you only need to remember three things: label everything, overestimate length, and avoid tangles. Keep things nice and organized, but keep in mind that you'll need to bring those cables with you occasionally. With proper labeling, you'll be able to pick up what you need to pack and go instead of sifting through the tangles for hours. If you need extra help, consider getting a cable management kit.
  • Setup your office away from distractions such as televisions and hobbies. This influences the room you choose, over which you have little control, and the positioning of your standing workstation and chair.
  • Noise-canceling headphones can be just as good at blocking out colleagues in an open office as they are at shutting out traffic noise and obnoxious neighbors. Smart speakers let you toggle through a playlist or a favorite calming classical composer without leaving your seat or switching to another window.
  • Your workspace should be comfy enough to work for extended periods but not so cozy that you are tempted to take naps. When working from home, keep your desk around a foot away from your bed, and fight the impulse to crawl back underneath the covers.

Designing an effective office around a height-adjustable standing desk is significantly more complex than planning an office around a conventional stationary desk. Yet, if the end product is constructed around a standing desk that allows you to work seated or standing up, it will be significantly more efficient. What works for one individual may not work for another, and experimenting with a few innovative ideas can help you find the ideal balance of creativity and productivity.