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Support For The WFH Employee

26 April 2021

A worker’s time is solely their own. They can slip in a few moments or two to give some cuddles to their children if they have some. Eating can also be done anytime they please as long as it is not during a meeting. 

However, the line between an employee’s life and their work sometimes get blurred. There are some companies who forget that their employees are only human and are their most valuable asset. Yet, most work-from-home employees are overworked while not being compensated right.

If you have a spouse or you are living with someone you are dating, chances are you have already seen them get overwhelmed with their work. It also does not help that sometimes, even the household chores seem like a task that would not be completed unless they start to do it or groan about it. Then you need to step up and be the best partner they could have asked for in the midst of this pandemic.

You do not need to do grand declarations of love but these tips and tricks are guaranteed to keep your loved one’s work and life balanced.

Do Your Duty
The mental workload is the demand that awaits a person after their tasks are over. It can also be defined as the mental stress and strain of being too busy yet feeling like the work just never stops.

With that in mind, you might want to check on your partner. Their mental workload might have been the same or worse, doubled, the minute they started working from the confines of your shared home.  Take this time as an opportunity to do some of their chores as well as starting early for your daily accomplishment around the house.

While it may be seemingly mundane, taking the initiative to do your daily chores without their reminders will come a long way for your partner. This in turn makes your work-from-home partner really delighted and happy to have found you.

If you want to take it a step further, you both can do the same tasks together. This is a fun and intimate form of bonding as it helps you grow closer together through finishing a chore.

Prepare their favorite meal

On most days, some single employees at home are too busy to even remember cooking a meal. Which is why those workers at-home with their partners who cook are beyond blessed.

If you do not know how to cook, head up to the internet and find the ingredients and procedure for their comfort meal. This way, you are lessening the chances that the food you served is not their cup of tea. A comfort meal will also bring them just by the minute it took you to present it to them.

Your gift that would keep on giving

On most days, your partner is probably hunched over the computer table typing away while their back takes the brunt of their weight. They might smile through it all but you cannot deny and hide the fact that the pain is a bother for them. Their posture also suffers tremendously that there are days when you just want to straighten them up from time to time.

Which is why it would be helpful to read more articles on FlexiSpot's websites about how you can make their home office more ergonomic and healthier for them to do their jobs. This way, their productivity will greatly increase as their pain significantly decreases.

Fixing and reminding them to be mindful of their posture are not the only ways you can help them. Simply giving them a gift that cares for their spine and overall health is a great way to lighten their faces up.

Once you are decided to give them an ergonomically-sound gift, FlexiSpot has got your back. And yes, the pun is intended.

To pick the perfect gift, consider which part of their workstation is causing their body pains. If they are always hunched over the office desk, then it is time to upgrade to an ergonomic standing desk like the bestselling Kana Bamboo Standing Desk (Eco & Pro) by FlexiSpot.  This desk offers the perfect workstation solution that is also aesthetically-pleasing for their eyes. This is all because of the elegant bamboo surface that FlexiSpot does really well, even for the other offerings. That is not all, because the Kana Bamboo Standing Desk (Eco & Pro) also prevents your partner from sitting too much due to their work. With just a touch of the advanced button, they can easily adjust the desk’s height according to their preference.  The need to fumble the standing desk around is a thing of the past as the Kana Bamboo Standing Desk (Eco & Pro) is a desk that just keeps on giving.

For those whose partners’ backs are always hurting, investing in a high quality gift with also the bestselling Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair will save their backs as well as their hard-earned bucks. The Soutien provides relief for your loved one’s back with its 3D lumbar support system, 135 degree lounge tilt, and 4D adjustable armrest to give the ultimate sitting experience. This ergonomic office chair features the best-in-industry Samhongsa Class 4 Gas Lift and a certification by TUV/BIFMA/SGS. The applause and certification is well-deserved too since with over 10,000+ pressure testing, the Soutien proved to the world that it can handle whatever your partner’s work life throws at it.

Be the Partner
While their presence at home gives you a lot of reassurance that your relationship will stand the test of time, your loved one still deserves to feel loved.

Most often than not, the assurance gives us so much comfort that we tend to take our partners for granted. That is why a way to mitigate this is to always remember that you two are a unit. Together, you both can overcome any obstacle that life will give you. While they are also working, a tight hug and a quick peck on the cheek would surely make their day brighter from work.

Use this opportunity to show your partner that you care and support them-- through thick and thin, back aches and Zoom Meetings.