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Sweat It Out!

10 June 2021

Sweating or perspiration is common especially when we do physical activities such as exercise or even when we feel nervous in an awkward or a bad situation we are in. That clear liquid that is secreted by our sweat glands comes out of our body that regulates the temperature and eventually cools it off.

When we sweat, we feel better and more comfortable, especially during physical activities. It is also good when we are sick with fever, that is our body temperature becomes hotter. So we need to let the sweat glands release perspiration to cool off our bodyWe feel better after sweating because as this liquid coming out of our body evaporates, our temperature goes down.

Sweating comes out of our body in different body parts such as under the arms, on the feet, face, and the palms of our hands, where many sweat glands are located. There are three types of sweat of glands in our body as discussed in an online article (www.getroman.com/health-guide/) 

  • Eccrine glands- they are found all over the body and mainly secrete water and electrolytes through the surface of the skin
  • Apocrine glands - found in parts of the body that contain hair follicles such as the groin and armpits. these glands produce thicker and oily sweat which has protein, sugars, and ammonia
  • Apocrine glands - combination of the two aforementioned glands and does not open into the hair follicles

The article also discussed some reasons why we sweat or perspire which I found informative.

  • Some medications - different prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs can cause sweating as a side effect. Some prescribed medicines affect the brain, and others affect other parts of the central nervous system that are related to sweating. 
  • Hormonal conditions like menopause - changing estrogen levels can influence the production of sweat. For women, menopause— is a time “when estrogen can be all over the place—is unpredictably sweaty.”
  • Some foods such as spicy ones can raise body temperature that needs to cool down. According to research, caffeine can also increase sweating so as to alcohol
  • Higher temperature - could be caused by hot weather or even internal temperature of the body make us sweat which cools down our body temperature when sweat comes out of from our body
  • Stress - situations that stress us out cause the production of hormones like cortisol and adrenaline, that cause apocrine glands to release the thick, oily kind of sweat. 

Sweating is just normal for most of us but there are also some conditions related to it. Some people perspire heavily that is beyond normal and this condition, according to the article is called hyperhidrosis. It is reported that it is a medical condition that’s characterized by excessive and unpredictable sweating. This may happen even during cool temperatures or there is no physical activity involved.

On the other hand, others do not sweat at all. This condition is called hypohidrosis which is rare and can affect the entire body or just part of it. Some of its causes include severe burns, infections, or other skin injuries. Some medications and health conditions can also cause hypohidrosis. 

When we look positively at the benefits of sweating, we might as well follow proper hygiene to manage our sweating and reduce some bad odor when we sweat. We can take some steps such as: 

  • Regular bathing is good for making us clean and refreshed. It also washes away body odor caused by sweating 
  • Body deodorant or antiperspirant can help us a lot to reduce sweating especially on the armpits and other parts of the body
  • We may also have an extra t-shirt or top so that we can change our clothes when it is time to wear a dry and clean t-shirt or clothes.

In my case, I usually bring a small container of baby powder to reduce sweating and prevent somebody's odor. When I put some baby powder on, I feel refreshed and dry.

Sweating has other benefits.

Sweating increases circulation throughout our organs, muscles, and tissue. It helps our body to remove toxins such as waste products and alcohol when sweat is released from our bodies. When we are sweating salt is removed from our body reducing the risk of kidney stone formation.

Knowing these benefits may inspire us to be more active and start a new physical fitness regimen to sweat the toxins out of our body and bring about a leaner but stronger body.

We can start light exercises such as aerobics, or we can also use fitness machines and equipment to meet our physical fitness goals.

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