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Teleworking Is Here to Stay

Jul 14, 2021

Working from home has never been that popular, not until the pandemic threatened the world which until now is lurking around us. The reality of the abrupt change of work location, that is, shifting from office to home has made many companies and employees reform for a “new normal'' in the workplace. 

Teleworking is now a byword among most employees that they see themselves working in the comfort of their homes giving them the opportunity to stay home most of the time working and doing domestic chores at the same time. In fact, studies show that 71% of the American workers are teleworking right now and would like to continue this way even after the pandemic is over.

This new lifestyle for most workers has opened new realizations for them that teleworking can be done and effective with all the right online tools and platforms to communicate with co-workers and employers for job-related activities such as updates, training, and the like.  

While workers have different opinions on teleworking or working from home, 55% of workers affirmed that their job responsibilities can be performed at home and the fear of contracting coronavirus is the prevalent reason for doing so. In addition, these workers are” most likely to have higher educational attainment and in the upper-income bracket” (https://www.pewresearch.org/).

Most workers who prefer teleworking say that they can work smoothly at home with less distractions although half of the parents say that it is not easy for them to work at home without interruptions. Generally, most workers who are teleworking opine that they can perform their job and have been able to meet the deadline with computer literacy making it easier for them to work smoothly and efficiently.

Teleworking is not the “in” thing in the US, working in the new normal at home is widespread across the globe that even in less developed countries, working from home is popular and companies offer work from home arrangements with employees to get the work done. With a high-speed Internet and a good working computer in tow, there is no way that a worker and getting the tasks done be compromised.

My previous company also offered teleworking arrangements and most of the employees took advantage of it. Memorandums were cascaded from the higher-ups to the rank and file employees on how this arrangement can be done and a one-day training was also conducted for the sole reason of making sure that the transition from the old system of working in the office to teleworking will be done smoothly.

However, some of the employees were requested to still report for work in the office building as some of the work is not possible to be done at home. For example, technicians and those that need to inspect machines and other-office-related tasks were requested to come to the office for work.

When the pandemic is over, (hopefully soon) it is reported that most workers would still prefer teleworking and majority of them are the women who want to work at home most of the time. Working mothers actually, are the ones who will be juggling from professional work to domestic chores.  

With the majority of the workers giving more importance to teleworking or working from home, there is still much to do to make a home office more attractive and motivating to finish the job on time. Location, layout, decors, and pieces of furniture will be some of the things that a teleworker will consider for the new home office area. 

The location can be in the bedroom or another room where there is a peace and quiet atmosphere and the space is sufficient enough for all the furniture to be placed strategically. The color that should pervade in the room will also be vital for consideration. It is said the colors set the mood for anything that you want to do and accomplish.

The space to be considered as a work area has to have enough ventilation. In contrast to office buildings where air-conditioning units are installed that give off impure air, homes usually have much better ventilation with fresh air coming and permeating through the big windows of a room. You can also have the option to use your air conditioners when the intense heat outside is unbearable.

The pieces of furniture should also match the color of the room or the overall theme you would prefer for your home office. Furnishings and furniture such as curtains, bric-a-bracs. tons of books, file cabinets that are necessary for making your work done efficiently and inspiringly should also be part of your home office design and layout.

For smaller spaces, you will be more minimalist in that sense to be able to have sufficient space to work and move around when called for. Smaller spaces can have less furniture and furnishings to make them look spacious which enables freer movements. In this case, I suggest that you try to see some of the products for home office furniture on the FlexiSpot website.

One great idea is the Aesthetic Sit Stand Workstation M6 30". This awesome desk converter is awesome because it does not take too much space in your work area. You just have to place it on top of your old table or desk and voila! You have transformed your small workspace into an efficient and smart home office. It is a cost-saver that you do not have to buy a new table or desk for your home office. It is sleek and versatile that everything that you need is within your reach because this workstation has attachable accessories where you can put your office supplies right next to your workstation.  

It also has a spacious keyboard tray where you can put your laptop and other devices and has a monitor mount with different viewing angles that are easy to assemble for better working conditions without suffering from eye strain.  

Sitting and standing postures are allowed with their movable adjustment up and down whenever you wish to sit or stand during the intense performance of your work. This enables you to work worry-free of pains such as neck pain and lower back pains. Check this out on the website.