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The Best Fitness Equipment for Your Kid's Exercise Time

09 August 2021

Indoor Calisthenics Achieved with the Right Ergonomics

The global pandemic which started in 2020 has continually made drastic changes in how we have lived our lives. Indeed, a lot of people had experienced sedentary lifestyles because of the new set-up at work and home. Alongside the working adults are the young children, who, before the start of the pandemic had experienced living sedentary lifestyles because of today's technology - most kids have shown a fondness for gadgets which resulted in computer game addiction.

Even now in 2021, computer game addiction and other activities that involve less physical activities are part of a sedentary lifestyle. Hence, as a parent, you must take the initiative and help your child overcome the possible pain that he might experience because of sedentary activity such as computer game playing. 

If your child experiences these things, then it is best to choose the most-trusted ergonomic pieces of equipment in the market. Products that would let your child immerse in physical activities at home that could be as superb as his gym class. The brand that you can trust - Flexispot (the home of the most incredible standing desks, sit-stand desks, stand-up desks, and ergonomic chairs) could encourage your child to have indoor calisthenics. 

Through these products as well, you may be able to help your child have an exercise routine. With the features and specs of this fitness equipment, your child's exercise activities could be made superb in 5 ways. In the next part of the article, let us talk about the ways Flexispot products could make your child's physical activities engaging. 

Practicing Calisthenics at Home

When you need to encourage your child to do indoor calisthenics and avoid sedentary activities, Flexispot can help you get through it with its innovations and creations that are above and beyond the competition. Here are the 3 pieces of Flexispot products that can help your child have a superb exercise time. 

1 .Flexispot's 2in1 Chairs

Flexispot can bring your child's exercise time to the next level as they offer a chair that can be used as an office chair and fitness equipment. You may choose between two products: Sit2Go 2in1 Fitness Chair (the one that has the mesh backseat that can support your child's back, neck, spine, and hips especially when he does some stretching exercises while sitting.). 

This fitness chair can be suitable for your child because he can focus more on his stretching exercises while sitting on this chair because of the comfort and safety that it could give. 

Sit2Go 2in1 Fitness Chair

The Sit2Go 2in1 Fitness Chair's seat tube can easily be raised to the highest level if your child is tall and can manage to cycle even if the seat tube is adjusted to the high level. Sitting on this can be very convenient because the seat tube itself does not get wobbly thus your child could maintain a good sense of balance.   

It also has the back foot that would support the whole product. With this, you may ensure that your child would sit on a stable fitness chair and would not fall off and get injured.

Under Desk Bike V9U

The other type of fitness equipment and office chair in 1 is the Under Desk Bike V9U. This piece of equipment could be used best with the standing desk from Flexispot (You may choose either the Kana Bamboo Standing Desk or the Comhar All-In-1 Standing Desk Glass Top). This desk bike is height adjustable and uses a unique gas lifting system that makes the use of this desk bike more convenient. 

This desk bike could also ensure a whisper-quiet operation. This means that even if your child cycles on the pedal of the Under Desk Bike V9U, there would be no noise in the room so if you got other kids who need to focus on their homework, they would not get interrupted. 

The fitness chairs mentioned are sturdy and offer absolute convenience when used. However, as a user of these fitness chairs, you must take extra care. For example, the crank on the Desk Bike, when you cycle on the pedal of this product, you must check each side or edge if there is a noise coming out of it. If the noise does not stop then you must call Flexispot for assistance. 

2. Flexispot's Vibration Plate

At Flexispot, you may also find an exercise machine that could provide your child with the whole body vibration. This could be ideal for children who are challenged with losing weight. Child obesity is prevalent in the US. Thus, parents like you should take the initiative to help fight this problem by starting at home. That's why making this part of the exercise routine every day is recommendable. 

Exercise Machine Vibration Plate VB1

With the help of the Exercise Machine Vibration Plate VB1, your child may be able to improve his core strength. It's because as the child steps on the vibration plate, the machine can stimulate his whole body and can help him sweat a lot. With the speed level that goes up to 99 levels, your child may have a higher intensity of the workout that could help him perspire. On the other hand, you should still seek the advice of your physician before letting your child use this vibration plate. 

Aside from perspiration, your child can get rid of body waste particularly around the stomach because the vibration plate could enhance metabolism. Once your child experiences this feature of the vibration plate, you may ensure that he could be fitter and healthier because his body would be well-conditioned and he can have an active lifestyle. 

Final Thoughts:

Providing meaningful exercise time for your child means you are protecting him against the threat of a sedentary lifestyle-which could lead to illnesses, not just musculoskeletal pain. With the help of the Flexispot fitness equipment, you can ensure that your child is more energetic and has an improved natural defense against sickness.