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3 Awesome Gaming Chairs That Make Studying Fun

16 August 2021

The traditional classroom setup and instruction had transformed in the second quarter of 2020 as the global pandemic had started affecting many nations, making them hit rock bottom. 

According to reports, schools had their transition from face-to-face learning to online learning, many students have encountered musculoskeletal problems. Hence, in this case, Flexispot (the home of the best standing desks, sit-stand desks, stand-up desks, and ergonomic chairs) could help parents as you trust in times of uncertainty over the ergonomic health and protection of your child. Each gaming chair from Flexispot could offer unique ergonomic solutions. In today's article, we'll find out the three ways online class becomes fun and exciting because of the Flexispot gaming chairs

Classes and the Global Pandemic

The global pandemic of 2020 was a massive catastrophe even educators and students needed to adjust the transition from face-to-face learning to online lectures. However, most children in the US are accustomed to gadgets and have access to the internet. 

The school year, 2020-21, has started by September 2020; two-thirds transcended to remote learning settings as mentioned by the Household Pulse Survey and reported by the National Center for Education Statistics. Further, 90% of adults could provide their children with access to the internet and available gadgets. 

We may find this great news, but it does. Unfortunately, it doesn't warrant the dangers of ergonomic problems children could have encountered since the global pandemic started affecting many households in the US until we have already reached the 2nd quarter of 2021. 

Make Online Classes Fun

The online class could be tedious and dragging if your child does not have the proper ergonomic protection. Commonly, non-ergonomic pieces are found in each household, exposing the children to ergonomic problems, so Flexispot has created a wide array or selection of the best products to protect the children from biomechanical pain. At the height of the global pandemic, more than 40% of children tend to have a higher risk of obesity because of passive activities. The challenge is how parents like you could make your child's online class ergonomically protected and fun. Here's how Flexispot could help. 

Gaming Chair GC01

First, Flexispot could make your child's class fun through gaming chairs that are flexible and durable. Gaming Chair GC01 is one of the chair products that Flexispot could offer if you're looking for a removable head pillow and lumbar. Once a chair has detachable parts, especially around the backrest, your child could adjust his sitting. He could change the pads and lumbar of this chair so he could feel more comfortable. 

The Gaming Chair GC01 could also move from 90 degrees to 130 degrees. It is giving your child the comfortable angle to adjust his back and head-on. This function could also give him the best visual rise and protect his eyesight from the blue-ray that damages the sight of anyone who gets exposed to it. 

Lastly, this gaming chair is high back and has segmented paddings that could complement the curves of the backbone. This product could also protect your child from the threat of a severed spinal cord. Thus, if you choose this gaming chair, your child's class would be more fun, and it would help him focus more on the lessons that he needs to learn. 

E-Sports Chair with Headrest and Lumbar Pillow 8521

Second, Flexispot has gaming chairs like the E-Sports Chair with Headrest and Lumbar Pillow 8521. This chair weighs 58.1 lbs. It also falls into the big and tall chair category, but it's bigger than the Ergonomic Office Chair 9051 weighs 51.9 pounds. Thus, it is more suitable for children that need more ergonomic protection during classes. 

If your child is extra active and does a lot of movement on the chair, this one fits him. However, with this chair, you can make sure that he would stay put and minimize unnecessary movements. Indeed, it is essential in an online class because facilitating learning online is more complex than giving information in a face-to-face class setup. Children tend to quickly lose engagement in this kind of setup, especially if they know they could divert the topic of getting distracted. At the same time, the teacher speaks during the face-to-face class. There are instances where some children could control the tools in their online classroom without the teacher knowing they do it. So, as a proactive measure, letting your child use this chair is helpful. 

Ergonomic Chair DJ0032

Third, if you need a gaming chair with adjustable armrests and can lift easily, the Ergonomic Chair DJ0032 has an impressive load capacity of 250lbs though it looks smaller than the E-Sports Chair 8521

This office chair has segmented paddings that could give comfort to your child following the curve of the spine through its well-padded backrest. Thus, when your child sits on this chair, he can protect his lumbar. Plus, the hollow-carved design could ensure that the nerves and muscles all over his body, especially around the spine, would not get stunted, and the blood would flow easily around, especially during his online classes.

So, having one of these chair products from Flexispot could help you make an ergonomically protected child space in your house where your child could excel even in an online class setting. With Flexispot, you can make sure that your child would not experience the biomechanical pain that might lead to severe spinal cord injury which usually happens when a child does not use the ergonomic products. When you use Flexispot, you would not face a surge in medical bills. Thus, making you save more of your money. 

Final Thoughts

As many countries still struggle to sustain quality education for all children, you may continue providing your child the opportunity to learn, hone his skills, and excel more with his studies. You need to rely on the products that are well-known in the market-just like Flexispot. It's because, with Flexispot's gaming chair, your child would always have the fun class he deserves to have amidst the global pandemic.