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The 3 Best Workout Buddies from FlexiSpot

31 May 2021

The Fight Against Obesity:

Fast food, sweets, and savory chips plus the promotion of these food items by the media are the things that make people who experience obesity fight back. The sedentary lifestyle and improper eating, behavior make a person struggle more. In a study made from 2017-2018, the prevalence of severe obesity among adults aged 20-39 was 9.1% (On this note, it was indicated that women were affected by severe obesity. So, if you're going to observe it closely, the people who are aged 20-39 are mostly office workers or the ones who experience a sedentary lifestyle. Thousands of self-regulated diets and workout plans are surfacing online. Videos of workout activities are being streamed by many people who wish to shed pounds as they keep a more active lifestyle. However, these ways should be consulted first to a doctor because not all workout plans could be suitable for all people. 

Choosing the Right Workout Buddies:

Should a person decide to lose weight safely and effectively with the advice from his physician, there is workout equipment that he could choose from. If one would look for these pieces of equipment, Flexispot is here to offer the most effective workout equipment which are: 

● Desk Bike V9

● Vibration Plate Exercise Machine VB1

● AB Foldable Rowing LCL

These are the best choices if you are an office worker who wishes to lose weight and avoid a sedentary lifestyle. The first piece of equipment from Flexispot is called the Desk Bike V9. It's a very reliable product because it could: 

● help improve blood circulation:

When a person becomes stagnant and stops having an active lifestyle, he experiences stagnation in his bloodstream. This might not cause a sudden attack but could harm him in the long run. Hence, he should use pieces of equipment such as the Desk Bike V9that is built with an 8-level magnetic tension resistance that could help a person adjust to the level that his body needs when he exercises. With just a little click, he could control his cycling. The Desk Bike V9 too could fit people between 5'1 to 6'2 so a tall person does not need to worry about losing balance or tumbling down when he is on the desk bike. Most of all, this desk bike could carry a weight of up to 300lbs so we could say that this one is sturdy and could keep one's balance when he cycles on it. 

● give sufficient lumbar support

As mentioned above, one person could keep his balance using the Desk Bike V9. This is because this piece of equipment is made from materials that could not easily be damaged and would remain sturdy despite the high level of cycling. It's cushioning and build quality help the person improve his blood circulation and support his lumbar even with just sitting on this desk bike cushion. Even without standing or getting off the bike, one person could lift and adjust his seat. 

● make the person maintain an active lifestyle

With the Desk Bike V9, an office worker could cycle and work at the same time. One doesn't need to worry about a sedentary lifestyle because, with this piece of equipment, he could simply cycle on the bike without getting off. What's best about the Desk Bike V9 is he could operate on this equipment without creating noise that could distract others who are also working. One does not also need to worry about how to store this piece of equipment. With its easy-rolling casters, one could easily keep the Desk Bike V9 in a safe place in the office.

The second best workout buddy allows a user to have good blood circulation through a whole-body vibration. This would require him to stand on the equipment and burn fats. This product is what we call the Vibration Plate Exercise Machine VB1 the incredible features of this product are: 

● VB1 has wavers that cause the movement of the whole body through a vibration that makes the muscles contract. This boosts the metabolism and expels the toxins in the body that causes the accumulation of hardened fats. 

● The vibration plate possesses a frequency of 50Hz that could cause the whole body vibration. It also has a speed range of up to 99 levels. Hence, once you step on it, you would feel that there is a surge of energy throughout your body. 

● The vibration plate could also carry weight as heavy as 333lbs. So it's very ideal for those who like to lose weight quickly. The full-body vibration could cause the good flow of the blood. We all know that when our body achieves a good blood flow, it could condition the other organs and can strengthen the bones. This is the reason the VB1 is also an ideal workout buddy. It's because as we strengthen our muscles, we can strengthen our bones with the help of this piece of equipment.

● VB1 is easy to use and maintain. If you need to move it to the other side of the room, you could simply grasp it to the other end and easily roll it. In cleaning this product, you may simply use a piece of warm damp cloth with detergent. 

So, imagine having a long day at work. With the VB1, you may enjoy quality exercise without the use of big exercising equipment. You may simply step on this. Work on with the available buttons and you may burn fat and lose weight easily. 

The last piece of equipment that one may consider using which could help him lose weight is what we call the AB Foldable Rowing LCL. This could revolutionize your workout because of its fantastic specs which we would discuss in the next part of our article. The AB foldable Rowing LCL is a reliable piece of equipment because: 

● It is wider and durable. It has a soft foam pad that allows the user to feel comfortable no matter how intense the workout becomes. 

● This is a core and AB machine that has an ergonomic handle and an armrest with soft rubber. 

● It has 2 angles and 2 difficult levels. So, if you are a beginner, you may consider this piece of equipment because this may give you an easy exercise. You just have to adjust it to the angle that best fits you. 

It also has a pulley set that offers a smooth and quiet operation compared to other gym equipment that creates noise when you use them. 

At times too, with the regular gym equipment, you don't have the assurance that you'd have a safe footing. Hence, the Foldable Rowing LCL offers a safe footing because of the non-slip foot pedals with large Velcro straps. With this, you don't have to worry about slipping your foot or hurting your knees when you exercise on this piece of equipment.

Final Thoughts

Now that we are finished discussing the best workout buddies that one worker could choose, one could decide which of these would be most compatible for him but whatever piece of equipment he chose, all these could help him maintain his posture because Flexispot offers the products that are built using the ergonomic system.