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The 3 Secrets In Dealing with the Psychological Distress

01 September 2021

The blog post from Cardiac College-Health E-University mentioned the outcome when you dwell too much on psychological distress. One of these things was the effect on your heart health. As mentioned, too, you might experience a surge in your blood pressure, making your blood thicker and leading to blood clots. Psychological distress comes from everyday stressors. Sadly, some of these stressors are work-related issues.  

The examples of psychological distress are incapacity to widen the range of motions, getting drained to the max, and losing a good sense of concentration. These are just some of the worst experiences you might have at work when facing stressors. 

In this case, how could Flexispot help you overcome the psychological distress? Would you consider a brand to alleviate the things that you experience when under this condition? The three secrets of dealing with this problem are in this article today. But, let us try to understand first the role of Flexispot in helping you overcome such a predicament. 

Flexispot's Role-Pivotal and Effective:

Flexispot is not just your typical ergo products company. It is a provider of the global brand of standing desks like Kana Bamboo Standing Desk, sit-stand desks like Comhar All-In-1 Standing Desks Glasstopstand-up desks like Kana Pro Bamboo Standing Desks, ergonomic chairs like Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair. Indeed, users in the market rely upon these products. Every product that Flexispot creates is groundbreaking and could deliver the best ergonomic solutions to people who need to surpass the problems they find with improper posture, hunched back, and strained spine. With the solutions that Flexispot could give, you would not regret purchasing equipment pieces from them because they could aid you in dealing with psychological distress. Stressors such as technical glitches and other work-related concerns would be easy to deal with once you decide to purchase the pieces of equipment from Flexispot. Alongside these features, there are ways to surpass the problems that might not just ruin your mood but would bring you illnesses such as musculoskeletal disorders and cardiovascular diseases. So, here are those. 

The 3 Secrets:

Tired businesswoman at workplace

a. Stressors Are Inevitable But Manageable:

Stress and fatigue are inevitable. These are everyday things that happen in the workplace-having no problems or challenges means you are not growing. What you can do is acknowledge these stressors and be pragmatic in dealing with them. The way you handle them is what matters most. 

If you let these things fully consume you, you would end up physically drained. So, a way to manage them is to understand your feelings well. Write them down on a piece of paper-let the frustration and upset feelings become words and sentences. Pour your heart out. Then, once you finish writing them on the paper, either tear the paper apart, cut them into small pieces, or shred them. 

Mesh Desk Organizer DO01

Let Flexispot help you through its products. The Mesh Desk Organizer DO01 could be helpful. Put a "Jar of Positivity" on this organizer. Write on a small piece of paper all the positive things. Fold every piece, then put them inside the jar. Let the feeling pass because that way, you'd be able to stay calm without ignoring what you feel. When you get challenged with negative emotions, take the pieces of paper and read them. Through this act, alleviating the frustrating feeling would be easier. 

Couple arguing near the window

b. Disputes With Colleagues are Part of a Process:

Office politics and conflicts with colleagues are a normal part of a process. As you outgrow the old you, you might encounter misunderstandings that cause conflicts. Indeed, some people cross the line and push your button, but you need to deal with the situation rationally. 

One of the ways is to be in the situation but try not to attach to the drama. Confusing, right? Let me put it this way: you have to acknowledge that feeling it gives you but never assumes. Try to understand that people have triggers, and if they have gone overboard or overreacted, then ask them how you could help them in your ways (remember not to own their feelings; learn to be neutral). Then, let them process what they did without you being too pushy. Leave them and when you know that they are already calm, work things out and learn to meet halfway. That way, you might also understand them more.

Flexispot Ergonomic Office Chair OC7

On the other hand, this act may give you stress too. Once you feel that disappointment or resentment starts to crawl up your system, relax and have a quiet time. Sitting on the Flexispot Ergonomic Office Chair OC7 could help you relax because this chair has a moveable headrest and S-shaped backrest that could make you feel relaxed during your process. 

Accepting that the situation might not be easy but what you could do is trust the process. 

Happy businesswoman sitting at office

c. You are Bigger than Life-Surpassing the Distress is A Victory; Celebrate no Matter How Small that Achievement Could Be:

Never underestimate the power of positive thinking. Cultivating this attitude requires hard work and dedication. It's because staying positive is not easy to achieve, especially in dreadful situations at work. So, in that case, think that you are a powerful vessel that could keep afloat amidst the trembling conditions in the office. 

Ergonomic Office Chair 9051

If you find it challenging to focus on the good things, try doing some meditations. Always allot 10-15 minutes every day for a reflection where you would stay quiet on your seat-Ergonomic Office Chair 9051 of Flexispot is the most recommendable because of its size and sturdiness. Do breathing exercises and try not to overthink (you may close your eyes or keep them open while you stare at something). Then, visualize the words strong and resilient embodying you. After that, please think of the words stress and fatigue fading in whatever ways you want them to disappear. Once you finally finish this, you would feel more confident and invigorated. 

Final Thoughts:

Coping mechanisms vary depending on the people who have them. Some may have a higher tolerance, while others could not even stand a simple problem in the office. So, the results may differ too. Nonetheless, facing psychological distress would be successful with sheer determination. What's important is, you are there, strong-headed, and ready to experience these challenges. In that case, never forget that there is a brand that could help you deal with all the problems, and that is Flexispot-as sturdy as the Ergo Chair and as durable as the standing desk.