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The 5 Reasons Repetitive Motion Injuries Get Severe

17 September 2021

There were 1.8 million individuals in 2018 that got affected by RSI (Repetitive Strain Injuries), according to the report from HealthDay (Repetitive Strain Injury, Dec. 31, 2020). It was also mentioned that 30% of workplace injuries are from 100 musculoskeletal disorders. Looking at these figures, we may have an idea of the problems we could face when there are office hazards present. The worst thing about it is, the biomechanical pain starts with strokes on the keyboard, the monitor screen of your device not being below the eye level, and improper position of the keyboard and mouse. In our discussion today, we'll talk about RSI and the reasons they get severe. Moreover, we will discuss how Flexispot can save you from all these injuries. 

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Workstation Hazards and the Ergonomic Help from Flexispot

Your workstation might be a massive source of ergonomic problems. From the keyboards that could create spasms around the fingers to the computer monitor that could hurt your eyesight, all these things could lead to the worst pain you could encounter in the office. Surprisingly, these things occur when you make repetitive motions for more than 30 minutes. 

The rule is: alternate your movements within an hour. Let's take this scenario: Trisha, the corporate secretary for Company A, and Megan, the barista from Coffee Shop A. 

Both of them have the most exhausting day at work. However, when they had their bone scan in the same hospital, Trisha discovered a slipped disc. Now, In this case, why was Trish the one having the musculoskeletal disorder if she works in the office? If you compare Trisha's job to Megan's, you'd think the latter has a more exhausting job as a barista. 

The answer to it is: Trisha has already developed a sedentary lifestyle being an office worker who spends her time sitting on the chair and doing the same routine over and over again. Unlike Megan, who uses her whole body in moving around the coffee shop serving drinks, buzzing out some cutleries and plates on the table, and making sure that her work area is clean. Although Megan is also prone to crippling pain, if you compare the two, Trisha is the one who does not alternate or switches from one movement to the next. Thus, she is more exposed to the threat of overuse syndrome. 

The threat of repetitive motion injuries might happen to anyone who does not switch movements or repeats the same task over the course an hour or more. So, situations like this could harm other workers as well. On the other hand, we are focusing now on office workers because many of them experience these problems. It's also because a new business paradigm has already emerged. The work-from-home setting is becoming more popular in different countries; thus, there are huge chances that the number of individuals who experience the overuse syndrome would rise in the coming years. 

Despite these predicaments, there is still a respite from all threats of musculoskeletal disorders, and that is through Flexispot- the home of the best standing desks, sit-stand desks, stand-up desks, and ergonomic chairs. Once this brand becomes your partner in achieving ergonomic protection for your workers, you would be able to save them from the crippling pain that poses a threat to them. In the next part, we'll see why RSI becomes severe in most cases. Then, we'll understand how Flexispot could give the ergo respite that your workers deserve most. 

The 5 Reasons

a. Keyboard May Cause Inflammation of the Muscle and Tendons

It happens when there is much force in typing. It depends much on the person's motion; the amount of force exerted. So, when the person typing puts much force on the keys, it can result in the inflammation of the muscles and tendons. Ideally, the person who's typing must not bend his arms and wrist. He may use a wrist rest, but he must still sustain the soft touch or the neutral position when typing. 

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This position can avoid strains and injuries to the muscles and tendons on the wrist and fingers. In this case, Flexispot products like the ClassicRiser Desk Converters have removable keyboard trays, so you may ensure the neutral position that you need when typing. 

b. Mouse and Keyboard Placed Incorrectly on the Table Surface

Ideally, your wrist should be straight and level to your elbows when typing to achieve the neutral position. This position could also avoid shoulder strains. It's the reason the wrist and fingers should not bend too much when ordering because that's where the music starts that reaches to the other parts of the upper extremities. 

So, even your mouse should be in a neutral position. There should be less effort when you are moving it. Your fingers should not rise, or they should be lying flat on the mouse to avoid the strain around the tendons of your fingers. 

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Unfortunately, the tables you have in the office affect the position of your mouse and keyboard and the size of the desktop. In this case, what you need are large standing desks. Flexispot has got it for you, such as the Kana Pro Bamboo Standing Desk that has a wide surface and tremendous loading capacity of 275lbs- you'll like it, and you'd get a lot of benefits from it. Most of all, you may avoid musculoskeletal disorders with this kind of sit-stand desk. 

c. Chair Does Not Support the Spine

The backbone is a vital part of the body and is extremely sensitive. The more chairs are non-ergonomic, the bigger the risk of getting exposed to RSI. The backrest should support the cervical spine or an injury may occur. It's the reason more desk-based workers experience the long-term health havoc of non-ergonomic chairs. 

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It could cost you as an employer higher expenses. That's why letting them use chairs, ergo like Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair, could be excellent. 

d. Prolonged Sitting Causes RSI

People used to think that office workers are the luckiest ones in the working class because they sit all day long for long hours. The irony is office workers are some of the individuals that face significant health risks. After all, they expose their spine to a severe biomechanical disorder. 

Long-term bone conditions that can cause complications at old age are unavoidable because of improper posture. Osteoporosis is one of these illnesses. Hence, workers, most especially women, should practice good posture through periodic breaks in the office. It includes but is not limited to stretching, walking around the office, a 15-minute break, and doing a different task for another 20 minutes. These activities may vary your muscle movements, making you more flexible and fast. 

e. Improper Gripping Could Also Trigger RSI

Picking up the litter on the floor without bending over properly or straining the shoulders when getting something from the other table are some of the things that you do that cause improper posture. These activities may cause you RSI too. In this case, practice the proper posture even when using an office desk. That's why Flexispot created the standing desks; so people can quickly and easily adjust the height of the table. With the help of these standing desks, you could avoid injury to and around your spine. 

Final Thoughts:

It's beneficial for workers in the office to have ergonomic products to avoid RSI issues. Hence, nipping things in the bud with the help of Flexispot could be constructive.