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5 Ways to Strengthen Tonic Muscle Fibers

27 August 2021

The tonic muscle fibers or the slow-twitch muscles are the fibers bigger than the phasic muscle fibers. They are very resistant to fatigue compared to the fast-twitch muscle fibers that can easily get lengthened and stressed. 

One of the most significant differences of the tonic muscle fibers is they slowly and evenly use energy compared to the fast-twitch muscle fibers. Although they get the power gradually, the good thing about them is they don't get fatigued. 

Some of the ways to energize these muscles are by standing up and sitting. In this case, Flexispot can help you pump up these muscles. Hence, when you strengthen these muscle fibers, you may improve your heart health too. So, it's best to use Flexispot in strengthening these muscles with their products. But, why Flexispot? How could this brand help you optimize your tonic muscle fibers? In this article today, we will know how these things become possible. 

Flexispot - A Workout Ally

When we talk about the aerobic circuit (an activity that strengthens the heart), we rely much on Flexispot. It's because Flexispot is a well-known producer of the best standing desks, sit-stand desks, stand-up desks, ergonomic chairs, and fitness equipment. 

So, you aim to strengthen your tonic muscle fibers. Thus, Flexispot can be your greatest ally. It's because the pieces of equipment from Flexispot do not just limit you from using some standing desks or ergo chairs for work purposes but also some workout routine. 

As we mentioned earlier, slow-twitch muscle fibers require slow pacing. It does not rely on bursting energy compared to the fast-twitch. Hence, simple activities like sitting and standing up using the Flexispot products can help you strengthen your tonic muscle fibers. 

As we move along now in the next part of our discussion, we will talk about how to make the slow-twitch fibers strong and how to incorporate the exercises with the Flexispot equipment pieces. 

How Flexispot Helps

The following ways are what you can apply when you need to strengthen your tonic muscle fibers. These are activities that you can apply using the Flexispot products. 

a. Sit and Stand with the Help of Ergo Chairs

Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair

It might seem to be an activity that would not let you strengthen your slow-twitch fibers and heart strength, but the thing is, sit-stand movements could aid you in maintaining these fibers. 

Let's say it's a busy day at work and you could not co stretching because of that. You may still find a way to lose some calories and exercise your muscle fibers. You may do it with a Flexispot Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair (an office chair with a mesh backrest) or Ergonomic Office Chair 9051 (a tall and big office chair with a thick cushion). These office chairs could surely give you the flexibility and freedom to execute sitting down and standing up exercises without straining the sitting bones and waist. Moreover, when you practice sitting down and standing up, you attenuate the blood sugar surge by 43% (BMJ journals, a short report on the effects of prolonged sitting desk-based workers in 2013). Hence, these activities that you would do with the help of Flexispot ergo chairs could make you stronger and more productive at work. You may also strengthen your tonic muscle fibers. 

b. Stationary Biking Can Be Possible with a Desk Bike

Deskcise V9 Pro

Some do not believe that when you are in the office, you may not have the chance to lose some calories. However, with the Flexispot Deskcise V9 Pro, you may be able to do biking without the hassle of finishing your work simultaneously. It's because the Deskcise V9 Pro has the structure and function that allows you to cycle off the pedal without interrupting your work. You can use it with or without the desktop. Indeed, using this desk bike can help you avoid the sedentary lifestyle that can threaten you at work. 

c. Yoga and Meditation on an Ergo Chair Could Be Helpful

Ergonomic Office Chair OC7

Mindfulness activities such as Yoga could help you relieve stress a lot at work. You don't need much equipment for this. A sturdy ergonomic chair like the Ergonomic Office Chair OC7 could help you do the Lotus sitting position and make the breathing exercises smooth and easy. 

Yoga is a helpful but straightforward kind of exercise that can strengthen the lungs. The moveable headrest and mesh backrest can ensure that you would not fall off from the chair while you do the Lotus position. Thus, this product is beneficial at work, and doing this kind of exercise can ensure that your tonic muscle fibers will be more muscular. Therefore, the structure and function of the Ergo Chair OC7 can complement your activity a lot. 

d. Indoor Rowing

AB Foldable Rowing LCL

Who says rowing gets only done on water? Did you know that Flexispot can let you do rowing, a form of strengthening your tonic muscle fibers? Yes, at Flexispot, you can enhance these fibers with the help of AB Foldable Rowing LCL!

It's a revolutionary product that can help you strengthen your slow-twitch fibers with its rowing mode. Just click its two levels of adjustable resistance, and you can finally enjoy this exercise routine without the hassles. You can also ensure that you would not get injured when you use this product because of its ergonomic design and functionality. 

So, you may enjoy an indoor rowing activity to enhance your slow-twitch muscle fibers. 

e. Chair Pilates

Ribbed Low Back Armless Swivel Desk Chair 1391L11

Chair Pilates is a type of exercise that can help you strengthen your tonic muscle fibers—even sitting on the chair, such as the Ribbed Low Back Armless Swivel Desk Chair 1391L11. You may try the examples of Pilates, such as the Seated Rotation and Seated Leg Lifts. Indeed, doing the Pilates Exercises with this accent chair from Flexispot can ensure you more substantial tonic muscle fibers over time. It's because this accent chair From Flexispot has a sturdy metal base and curves that complement the spine a lot—making it more suitable for Pilates Exercises. 

Final Thoughts

Our immune system is the thing that we must strengthen these days as the strains of Covid-19 mutate and many variants get discovered. Hence, every part of the body needs to be strengthened. Optimizing your muscle fibers will help you achieve a more robust defense against sickness. Flexispot is here with its wide selection of items to ensure that you can fight sickness.