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The Accent Chair and Standing Desk Duo for Alpha Females

29 June 2021

The Alpha Females of Today's Generation:

Sophistication and intelligence-these are the best traits of today's alpha females. They are the feistiest people in different industries who are making a difference and leaving a legacy. They carefully lay plans and make sure they accomplish a lot of things as planned. On the other hand, despite their strong personas, they could not easily avoid experiencing stress and fatigue that are normal in their work. Most of these are ergonomic problems such as:

  • neck pain
  • frozen shoulders
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • tennis elbow
  • lumbar pain 
  • leg pain 

These are the common kinds of pain that most alpha females experience. These ergonomic problems start with a tingling sensation, numbness, or soreness then they escalate to severe pain. This is not good especially for women because they are prone to bone diseases such as osteoporosis. Hence, it is better to try something ergonomic such as the products from Flexispot. 

This is because the products from Flexispot could ensure that the client would be experiencing the kind of ergonomic solution he truly deserves. 

You might be one of these females who experience ergonomic problems in the office every day. Thus, the best thing to do with that is to find the best ergo solutions from Flexispot. In this next part, we will be discussing how Flexispot makes their ergo products superb and the reasons these products could provide the best ergonomic solutions. 

The Ergonomic Wonders of the Flexispot Ergo Accent Chairs and Standing Desks:

At Flexispot, you may ensure the sturdiness and the high quality of the ergo products such as the accent chair and standing desk. Surprisingly, the designs of the accent chairs are not as complicated as the ergo office chairs but Flexispot ensures that ergo accent chairs follow the curves and contours of your body. Part of the process of creating the ergo accent chairs is the fatigue test. These tests ensure that you would not feel fatigued or stressed even when you sit on this chair. This is good because when you need to do a lot of tasks in the office, and you know that you will be sitting for a long time, using the accent chair could give you the most comfortable sitting experience unlike with the ordinary chairs that would make your lumbar ache. 

At Flexispot, the accent chairs are suitable for the standing desks because although they are not height adjustable, you could still pair them with the standing desk. 

Flexispot accent chairs also have wood frames and designs that are ergonomically designed to carry your weight evenly and protect you from losing balance. The chairs do not get damaged no matter how heavy the pressure is put on the couch. 

The accent chairs from Flexispot have a couch that is stitched tightly on the frame to ensure a closer contact of the hips to the wide backrest of the chair. The accent chair also has a wide backrest that could ensure the protection of the spine and lumbar. If you closely check the accent chair from Flexispot, you would notice that the backrest has a curve that perfectly fits the back and would not put much pressure on your neck too which happens when you use an ordinary chair. 

The accent chairs may not have an armrest that is curved but its design still stimulates blood circulation along with the shoulder and arm areas. The curved design of the accent chair complements the curves of the shoulders and arms, making it convenient for you when you sit here. 

Another thing about the accent chairs from Flexispot is you may lay your back on them without getting spine strain because the cushions are soft and you could relax and adjust to them without feeling stressed. 

Most of the accent chairs from Flexispot also have high-rust resistance. Thus, when you use them, you don't need to worry that the gunk would cover the steel frame after using it for a long time. Besides, the accent chairs from Flexispot are water-proof, thus you don't have to worry that the cushion would absorb the moisture and would eventually damage the product. Indeed, there are many reasons accent chairs could be paired up with the Flexispot standing desks. 

Meanwhile, the standing desks from Flexispot are some of the best ergo products that this company produces. This ergo equipment could also prevent the severe pain caused by improper ergonomics. This is a great pair for the accent chair because of some reasons. 

The standing desks from Flexispot are precisely created to ensure that your spine health would not be compromised and you can be protected against ergonomic diseases. 

From the screws to brackets, the ergo standing desks from Flexispot are the best in the market because they can help multitask at work. They are speedy and in just less than 2 seconds, you can work based on your desired height of the desk. This is perfect for an aggressive and result-oriented woman like you. 

These screws also make sure that the desktop and the leg frames of the standing desks are screwed tightly and would not get damaged no matter how heavy the equipment or devices on the surface be. The weight capacity of the standing desks from Flexispot (including the laptop weight) is around 220lbs. Hence, it would be safe still to put your laptop or scanner on the surface because you know it would not easily get damaged. 

The lifting mechanism of the standing desks from Flexispot is incredibly speedy. Hence, you can work faster in the office and you could do a task at the same time as you wait for the standing desk to reach the desired height.

Final Thoughts: 

All these specs and functions of the Flexispot accent chairs and standing desks could make your work lighter as you achieve more goals in a day. These could prove that with the right ergo products, achieving your goals and surviving in the cutthroat industry as an Alpha female is possible.