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The Advantages of Using a Standing Desk: Kids

08 July 2021

Providing young learners with an interactive and educational surrounding through a clever classroom layout and moveable seating could be just as critical as developing a comprehensive curriculum. Conventional school furniture can have a detrimental effect on a pupil's potential to learn and possibly result in long-term medical problems.

At the moment, American pupils spend a majority of their time at school sitting at their tables, and educators, as well as parents, are beginning to notice the consequences. According to studies, having to spend the entirety of each day seated adds to a sedentary lifestyle. This results in scholastic difficulties in pupils, and may even contribute to complications such as back discomfort, diabetes, elevated blood pressure, and sleeping problems.

It also does not help that once they go back home, the children are still sitting while studying. As most parents know, children are balls of energy. Staying still and seated for most of the day wastes their potential but did you know that you can mitigate the health complications that may arise with just one change to their study habits? 

You most probably have heard about using a standing desk in the workplace. Several colleagues of yours are even obsessed with the minor change that provides a major impact on their health. So, why not get your child their very own standing desk, right? While it may seem like a ton of money upfront, the benefits and savings you will have in the long run will outweigh the initial expense.

Are you still dubious about this seemingly gimmicky table? Well, here the merits of your child using a standing desk-- may it be at school or in the comforts of your own abode.

Promotes Movement and Mitigates a Sedentary Lifestyle

Children are naturally energetic. They seek the thrill and fun of moving around to explore the world. You may even notice that even while explaining, they tend to be animated as if they are shaking off extra energy from their tiny bodies. You can relax because this is natural. However, most schools only utilize traditional desks and chairs. So, how can you help them get some movement on their body if their schools and studies need them to stay still? By investing in a standing desk of course!

With your child's energy, sitting for an extended period of time can wreak havoc on their health. That is why it is unsurprising that substituting minor activity for staying seated can drastically enhance overall physiological wellness.

That is why it is unsurprising that substituting minor activity for staying seated can drastically enhance overall physiological wellness.

A sedentary lifestyle can increase a child's chances of developing childhood diabetes, hypertension, liver failure, and cardiovascular issues, among other things. Whenever pupils remain reasonably active each day, they are able to burn off more fat and optimize their blood flow, lowering their risk of developing such chronic diseases.

Furthermore, when children lead sedentary lives and stay seated for an extended length of time, they tend to develop bad posture. When this occurs, the diaphragms basically contract and take in less air than they must. Such slumped position not only reduces a kid's focus and concentration by delivering reduced oxygen and blood to the brain, but it can also result in significant physical problems such as weakened muscles, joint pain, and back problems.

Teachers, parents, and learners can mitigate these potential dangers, develop their limbs, and focus on improving their stance by using the Height Adjustable Ergonomic Study Desk by FlexiSpot.

Develops Individuality yet Fosters Friendship

The main goal of a classroom is to be conducive for learning. However, everything the school has built would be nonsense if children feels isolated inside a classroom. That is why, standing desks that caters towards children can help them foster friendships and bond with their other classmates.

The majority of us have attended a school with a typical classroom setup. You envision rows of individual desks uniformly distributed apart and facing the chalkboard. The classroom learning design promotes individual course work, with the belief that this type of segmentation can foster autonomy. Nevertheless, this lone arrangement can exacerbate learners' feelings of alienation, impair their capacity to function in a group dynamic and give them the impression that they lack adequate assistance.

While a standard table configuration enables kids to work independently, an ergonomic classroom that utilizes standing desks encourages collaboration with their classmates and helps them gain self-esteem. Additionally, because children can move more freely within the classroom, they are more inclined to partake in collaborative efforts and better understand others whilst also learning from one another. Without any of the hassle of rearranging large, cumbersome desks to mingle with classmates, children are better able to collaborate and develop a greater sense of familiarity as well as comfort with expressing their thoughts.

Helps with a Child’s Mental Well-Being

With all of the above-mentioned advantages, it's comes as no surprise that standing desks can also assist in making your psychological health better.

When students are idle, disengaged in their schoolwork, or passive with their friends — all of which are potential consequences of long periods of sitting while studying — children are far more likely to experience psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, and a negative perception of self. By integrating movable, standing desks, these difficulties can be addressed and kids' general mental wellness can be improved.

When youngsters move, they enhance their circulation and blood flow, which stimulates the production of mood-enhancing neurotransmitters such as serotonin in the brain. Whenever youngsters engage and mingle with their same-age peers, they build their personality and develop the courage to assert and present themselves. Standing desks can help children enhance their interpersonal skills, stay motivated and determined, and obtain frequent exercise.

It may seem like a big investment, but standing desks are the future of a better classroom environment. Not only would it help with your child’s posture, it can also assist in their emotional development. So, what are you waiting for? Head on to FlexiSpot’s website to invest in quality but cost-effective standing desks for the young learners.