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The Advantages of Using Standing Desks with Great Lifting Capacities

31 May 2021

Ordinary Office Desk Vs. Standing Desks:

When we talk about durability and convenience, we would see a lot of differences between ordinary office desks and standing desks. While most business owners may say that standings desk are mostly expensive and would cost them an arm and a leg compared to the ordinary office desk, smart business people would invest in this kind of office equipment for certain reasons: 

● They would create a conducive and productive office environment: 

This is true for most smart business people. It is because once they put up a conducive workplace for their employees. Chances are they could make their workplace more productive because the employees would feel more energized and inspired to work. After all, they would see that they are taking care of well in the office. This may speed up their performance and would make them feel good and be more focused on their work. 

● Employees would not feel exhausted at work: 

Compared to an ordinary office desk, a standing desk may speed up the pacing at work because standing desks such as the ones from Flexispot have a speedy lifting capacity that is up to 220lbs for some particular products. So, imagine having the standing desks at work, it would help out a worker finish his task on time because he does not need to adjust a lot when working. If he needs to stand up while working, then he could simply press some buttons to lift the table. 

● Gone are the days that workers need to slouch at work:

This is another problem when a worker uses the ordinary office desk. Ordinary office desks might force the worker to slouch or hunch their backs just to see what's written on the computer or if they need to focus more on what is written. Unfortunately, not everyone could notice that they are already making an improper posture in the workplace. These are ergonomic problems that most office workers experience that could be solved by Height Adjustable Standing Desks from Flexispot

Some may not consider standing desks still because they do not know yet that they come at reasonable prices and have proven to be helpful especially for workers in optimizing their work speed and their performance at work. Some would still prefer ordinary office desks because they would find these pieces of equipment affordable. However, in the next part of our topic, we would be talking about those standing desks with incredible lifting capacities. Looking at these, we would also know the advantages of using these products. All are from Flexispot. The following standing desks that we would be discussing are: 

● Esben Standing Desk UD4 

● Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk EN1 - 48" W

● Theodore Standing Desk-48" W

If one business owner would put up a company, it is great to invest in these pieces of equipment because they are worth a dollar and are the best products in the market which we would be discussing in the next part of our discussion. The first standing desk that we would discuss is the: 

Esben Standing Desk UD4:

● This is a standing desk that could help you create your minimalist workstation. This is created with a spacious drawer that could help you stack and organize your office materials. With the drawer's height that is 11.8" and a width of 20.5", one could keep and organize his files or office materials and tools efficiently.

● This standing desk has two sub-types: 

The UD4EW and UD4W. The two subtypes have different features that you could ponder on. UD4EW comes in 2 easy buttons for the control panel. Unlike the UD4W, this type has no memory presets, built-in USB ports, and no anti-collision system but is still a very reliable standing desk. Meanwhile, we have the UD4W that has the Pro6-button on the control panel, has four programmable memory presets, 2-Type-A; 1-Type C Ports, and has an anti-collision system. So, looking at these features, you may choose a simpler minimalist design or the one that has a minimalist design plus other safety features. 

What's incredible about the ESBEN Standing Desk is it is height-adjustable and is flexible so one could simply put it near the window or anywhere around the room without any hassles.

The next standing desk is electric and height-adjustable. This one is the best-selling model. This is EN1 or:

Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk EN1 - 48" W

● EN1 is considered Flexispot's best-selling model because most people could this affordable standing desk that would safeguard them against spine-related injury. For only $300, you could enjoy a standing desk that was made with a high-quality standard. 

● This standing desk also has advanced functions that could give a user the comfort he deserves when working. EN1 has smooth adjustments, a whisper-quiet operation is very stable, and has the sit-stand reminder. So, indeed it is considered a great buy because, with just less than $300, you would enjoy using a standing desk that is premium-quality. 

● Lastly, EN1 has a lifting capacity of 154lbs (not including desktop weight) hence you would not worry about the things that you would put on the standing desk because it is sturdy and could manage heavy objects on top. 

So, looking at the second standing desk for the day, we could say that even on a tight budget, you could own a standing desk that will prevent you from having spine-related pain, frozen shoulders, or even lumbar problems. 

Now, for the last standing desk, we would talk about a combination of functionality and a classy design. This standing desk is what we call the: 

Theodore Standing Desk-48" W:

The last standing desk for this discussion is the Theodore standing desk or UD1B. This is a standing desk that combines the traditional American design and the edge of today's technology. UD1B offers ergonomic technology through its wonderful features such as the desktop size that is: 47.6 for the width and 23.6 for the dimension. It also has an integrated drawer that could store office stuff well. This is enough for a small-space office. With just a 3-step installation, one could enjoy this height-adjustable standing desk and could avoid spine-related injury. This is such a great innovation compared to the ordinary office desks that force workers to slouch and improperly have their posture. 

Final Thoughts:

With all the specs of the products mentioned above, one could decide what is the right desk for their employees. In a final word, these standing desks have the best price in the market because they could last for long years and could maintain the health of the workers in the company.