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The Beauty Guru's Beauty Room

19 April 2021

Social media has made the consumption of content much easier and accessible for people across the globe. With it came the new wave of content creators call the beauty gurus. They are the people who make video blogs (or vlogs) that heavily feature beauty as their main topic. For a lot of women, beauty is their duty and for the others, it is also their bread and butter.

Many women and even men around the world create beauty-related content that teach their fans and viewers how to create the glamorous smokey eye and what products to buy to create the perfect nude lip. Once their following grow bigger, the beauty vloggers can branch out to different contents like fashion and the crowd favorite, beauty room tours. 

The beauty room tour is a pleasure to watch because this shows more of a vlogger’s personality that shines through the room. This also displays what hard work and creativeness can give you.

While the makeup and beauty tools are essential, the beauty vlogger’s room should also help them reach their highest potential by being the safe space where their creative ideas can run wild. These can all be achieved with FlexiSpot's state-of-the-art products.

You might be wondering, “Why FlexiSpot?”. While it is true that FlexiSpot is known for office supplies and furnishing like the best standing desks and ergonomic office chairs that care for your overall well-being, with a little bit of imagination and creative ingenuity, anything that our store offers can fit in your ideal beauty room.

The Table With Contents
As an aspiring beauty guru, your face is the money maker of your video content. The table where you make your art come to life is then the foundation. This holds each and everyone of your beauty supplies to create beautifully crafted looks that will inspire and intrigue your viewers. Once you have enough viewers, a beauty room tour must also catch their eyes and keep their attention on you.

The Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Glass Top - 48" W is the right choice for the beauty guru who wants the right mix of splendor and convenience for a table.

While your face is the focal attraction of a video, your posture can make or break your appearance by making you look unsure of your creation. Which is why a standing desk is the solution for all your spinal health worries. Painstakingly putting on elaborate makeup looks can be likened to working at your office desk all day. As you all have known, sitting and working at your desks for long periods of time is not ideal for those with back problems. 

With FlexiSpot's stunning standing desk, you can both achieve the functionality of the usual vanity desk while still having that extra oomph and health benefits that will fit right in your beauty corner. This table comes in two colors; a luxurious black and pure white that has a tempered glass top that is easy to wipe once all the colors and messy powders are on it.

The Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Glass Top - 48" W is also embedded with convenient USB charging ports that are compatible with devices with a Type- A or Type-C charging. These are particularly helpful once you need to keep your devices fueled up for the day filled with beauty-related work.  

For additional space, this standing desk also comes with a built-in pull-out drawer to provide seamless storage for your beauty tools and supplies. The Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Glass Top - 48" W is the best standing desk to cater to your style and essential work needs.

Understanding The Desk Underneath
Just as there are a lot of beauty gurus around the world, the myriad of makeup choices is twice as many as all of us. While makeup artists tend to hoard a lot, all the products that you, without fail, use should be in a storage near you.  

Storage bins are a clunky way to eat space up your standing desk that also doubles as your vanity table, which is why the Under Desk Drawer S01 by FlexiSpot is here to beautify and organize your space. This sleek yet heavy duty under desk is made with a durable, high-quality steel frame with two rolling tracks for an ultra-smooth rolling. While the Under Desk Drawer S01 fits perfectly well with every FlexiSpot standing desk, do not worry because it can also be attached to other desks of your liking.

The Under Desk Drawer S01 by FlexiSpot is really  the most convenient, smart, and stunning way to add another element and space to your beauty workstation.

Mirror, Mirror On My Desk
A steady hand and lots of patience and skill is needed to achieve symmetry of a creative makeup look. And the Three-paneled Mirror With 2.3 Times Magnification and Led Light MR01 will make the guesswork lighter for you by providing magnification with 2.3 times intensity. The embedded light that surrounds the mirror is particularly helpful if your room’s lighting needs a little boost. The intensity of the light can be adjusted to your liking with just a simple button to adjust according to your needs.

In addition to the organized desk courtesy of the Under Desk Drawer S01, the  Three-paneled Mirror With 2.3 Times Magnification and Led Light MR01 also has a storage tray to put your lip products and other small beauty things in the pan included for optimal accessibility. 

This mirror can also be powered by two power supplies which are 4 AA batteries and USB charging cable (that can be plugged in with the Comhar's convenient USB charging ports).

A Chair Fit For A King And Queen
For the finishing touch, an ergonomic accent chair is the cherry on top of your beauty room. It should be comfortable and at the same time, pretty enough to make you want to sit and film yourself doing makeup. 

FlexiSpot's Accent chair 005 is the chair for the job. With its wide and thick integrated headrest and a backrest that imitates the human spine design, it effectively eases the burden of sitting to give you a comfortable experience while you are doing what you do best which is art and makeup.

Beauty is your duty and the best way to pay homage to your craft is by investing in furniture that is not only gorgeous but also does more than you have paid for.

So head on to FlexiSpot, let your imagination run wild and get amazing deals for your beauty room.