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The Beauty Queen In You

27 May 2021

On May 16, 2021, the 69th Miss Universe pageant was broadcast around the world with millions of viewers thrilled and excited to know who would be the next Miss Universe 2020. I think everybody knows Miss Mexico was crowned Miss Universe 2020. The newly-crowned Miss Universe 2020 is Andrea Meza who bested around 73 candidates in the most prestigious international beauty pageant.

A Beauty Queen and an Activist

The 26-year old beauty queen hailed from Mexico and is a graduate of software engineering. It was reported that she is an activist that focuses on women’s rights. The other side of her shows her aesthetic skill in being a certified makeup artist and a model to boot. She also believes in a healthy lifestyle. As such, she’s into being a vegan herself who also indulges in extreme sports.

A Brief History of the title “Miss Universe”

Today’s Miss Universe pageant was founded in 1952 by a clothing manufacturer of Catalina swimwear. In that same year, the first Miss Universe pageant was held in Long Beach, California, and was first seen on television in 1955. Miss Armi Kuusela from Finland won the first Miss Universe pageant.

It is not easy to become a beauty queen because of the many stages that beauty contestants have to undergo until the final judgment. There are certain requirements each country has to meet to be represented at the Miss Universe Pageant. 

● a country has to have a local company or a person to buy the local rights of the competition through a franchise fee

● it includes the rights of image, brand, and other pageant-related activities.

● the selection of each country's candidate is usually done from the local beauty contests where one winner will be the candidate for the national competition.

The selection process for the Miss Universe beauty pageant has three categories namely: swimsuit competition, evening gown, and personality interview. With the height requirement and weight requirements set aside, the focus now in the competition is on the contestant’s background, knowledge, communication, social activities, and credible representation of the candidate’s country on stage.

In each country, the beauty pageant contestants prepare rigidly for the momentous event. They usually hire trainers and coaches for physical fitness, modeling, makeup, and other components of the beauty contest. If you would notice, these candidates are usually active in sports, do physical exercises regularly, and observe healthy lifestyles such as eating the right kinds of food or having well-balanced meals as part of their beauty and health regimen.

For former Miss America, to be pageant-ready, you must work hard and be dedicated to your goal. She maintained her three meals and three snacks for the day before the pageant. Her day starts with Greek yogurt or a bowl of oatmeal with blueberries. While her lunch and dinner consisted of protein with steamed vegetables.

For physical training, former Miss America, Allie Curtis did daily workouts with cardio and weights for one hour or longer. Her trainer saw to it that she had different muscle groups toned and enhanced during the workouts. She exercised with weights and a Bosu ball; she also attended fitness classes such as Zumba and cycling (

For ordinary individuals like us, we can also attain that voluptuous and beauty queen body if we are determined to reach that goal. We can start with following our health regimen involving balanced meals with lots of fruits and vegetables. Although we like to indulge in fast food most of the time, I think it is allowable to a certain extent. We can still eat our favorite burgers and soda drinks at a minimum and must have more of the veggies, fruits, and nuts in our meals.

For physical fitness and workouts, it must be done regularly in a week like 3 (three) times a week lasting for 15 to 30 minutes at least, depending on whether it is your first time to exercise or you have already begun doing it regularly.

If you’re a full-time mom or stay at home, you can begin your exercise in the morning with brisk walking or with a stationary bike or other exercise equipment available for you. If you are a working mom or dad, it is still possible that you could work while doing your regular exercise.

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● You can tuck it under your desk effortlessly when not in use

● There are eight resistance levels that you could choose from as you level up your cycling exercise

● The LCD allows you to track, time, distance, calories burned, etc.

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