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The Benefits of Adjustable Bed Bases

09 January 2023

Sleep is a big deal, both for the body and mind. It's an integral part of our day-to-day lives and can be affected by myriad factors: stress levels, weather, lack of exercise, and lack of sleep. The latter is known as sleep deprivation. Sleepless nights are quite common, with many adults stating that they've experienced difficulty falling asleep due to their hectic schedules. You're tossing and turning, trying to find the best position. You wake up with pain and aches the following day. An adjustable bed base could provide a cushion against these effects when you purchase it for your bedroom. It is a great way to get a better night's rest if you're tired of tossing and turning. Because there are so many adjustable bed bases, it's not hard to find one that works for your needs. Getting one for your bedroom has various benefits, but before we talk about them, we need to get the essential details about this device straight.

What is an adjustable bed base?

With the rising popularity of adjustable bed bases, you might wonder, what exactly is an adjustable base? The term is actually used to refer to the frame of the mattress. It can also be referred to as an adjustable bed frame, bed bases, and bed. An adjustable base is a foundation that allows the user to raise their head and/or legs. It allows the user to adjust the height and angle of the head, foot, or both ends of a bed. The base can be adjusted while sleeping, making it easier for people to find their most comfortable position.

The adjustable bed base is not just for those with health issues or disabilities; anyone can use one! If you want a better night's sleep, then an adjustable bed base might be just what you need. The benefits of adjustable bed bases are numerous, but here are some of the top reasons you should consider investing in one:

Relief from pain

Sleeping in a proper position can be a great way to manage pain and inflammation. It also helps you get a better night's sleep. However, sleeping in the wrong position may cause aches and fatigue. If you sleep in the wrong position, your body will have to work overtime to correct itself. This could cause more damage than it's worth. When dealing with aches and pains, orthodontist specialists often recommend sleeping in different positions depending on what pain is bothering you. When using an adjustable bed base, you can find the ideal positions to give a weightless feeling to your injured parts. Sleeping on an adjustable bed base ensures that pressure on your hips, knees, feet, and back is evenly distributed to relieve tension.


The use of an adjustable bed base is also beneficial for people with arthritis or other joint problems who may find it difficult to get into or out of bed. Using an adjustable bed base, you can quickly and easily change positions without moving or dragging your feet across the floor.

Reduces snoring

The adjustable bed base is a major benefit when it comes to sleeping disorders, as it helps with the alignment of the head and neck, which is important for keeping the airways clear when sleeping. This can help with sleep apnea and other breathing issues that may be causing you to snore.

Reduces swelling

Adjustable beds have been around for a long time and are a great way to make your bed an extremely comfortable place to sleep. An adjustable bed base is a handy addition to your bed because it allows you to raise your feet in the air to relieve pressure from your lower extremities when you are asleep.

If you have ever experienced swelling in your feet during the night, then you know how uncomfortable this can be. The only way to fix this is by raising your feet above your heart so they can drain adequately while you sleep. An adjustable base is a comfortable way to achieve this position without needing pillows.


Adjustable beds provide a wide range of functionality when it comes to sleeping positions and positioning. This allows them to be used in many ways, including as a regular bed (with or without sheets), a recliner chair (with a backrest), and a couch.

Increases blood circulation

Adjustable beds increase circulation by allowing your body to move naturally throughout the night while you sleep. By lying on an adjustable bed base, blood flows freely through the veins in your legs and feet so that they stay warm and healthy during the night. This contributes to better circulation and, as earlier stated, helps prevent swelling in those areas during cold weather months or even after sitting for long periods at work!

Alleviates acid reflux

Adjustable bases are perfect for people suffering from acid reflux as well as other breathing-related problems. Acid Reflux occurs when your stomach acid flows to the lower esophagus. How long have you been sleeping on your stomach or side? This can interrupt the normal position of your esophagus, which will affect how it works and make it harder for your body to digest food properly.

Things to Consider when Choosing the Best Bed Base

The adjustable bed base is an excellent investment for anyone who wants to sleep better. Whether recovering from an injury, dealing with chronic pain, or just wanting a better night's sleep, an adjustable bed base will make all the difference. There are many different types of adjustable bed bases on the market. The key to finding the right one for you is understanding your needs and priorities.

It's important to know whether you need the base to be compatible with your current mattress. How much weight can the base hold? What are the comparable models? Also, it's wise to be informed of any medical conditions that might prevent you from using certain features before making a purchase. The base's warranties, trial period, and affordability are something to consider.

At FlexiSpot, you will find the best quality adjustable bed bases. The adjustable bed base s1 is equipped with an easy-to-use adjustable head that inclines from 3 to 60 degrees and will also keep you comfortable with a solid base that is compatible with most mattresses. The sturdy base has been tested to withstand 330 lbs and will fit on the slats of the existing bed frame; therefore no need to replace it. Incorporating the anti-slip felt at the bottom of the bed frame increases friction, keeping the frame in place and preventing the bed base from scratches.

The FlexiSpot adjustable bed base s4 incorporates a first-class construction and quality to bring an ideal product for those searching for a tough and durable bed base. The motor, as the heart of an adjustable bed base, has passed strict SGS testing with more than 10,000 adjustments at a load of 600 lbs. It can easily support three adults of medium stature. It provides strong support even when both the head and feet are raised to the highest level. The adjustable 6 legs are solid and stable, accompanied by 6 non-slip felt stickers to protect the floor. It is Zero gravity mode raises your legs slightly above your heart to keep your spine's natural curve. Also, the bed base comes with an under-bed light to help with vision at night. It is controlled by a wireless remote control designed with backlighting to help control it in the dark, and you can store it in the side pocket provided. The retainer bar and sidebars will help hold the mattress firmly in place.

If you're in the market for a sturdy and dependable bed base, the FlexiSpot adjustable bed base s5 is another excellent option. The motor, the bed's beating heart, has been put through rigorous SGS testing, withstanding more than 10,000 modifications at a maximum weight of 750 pounds. Similar in design to the S4, this table features six sturdy, adjustable legs and six floor-protecting, non-slip felt stickers. In the Zero Gravity position, your legs are elevated over your heart, preserving the natural bend of your spine. A night light is built into the bed frame to aid in visibility. A wireless remote with illumination allows you to operate it even in the dark; you can stow the remote away in a handy side pocket. The retainer bar and the sidebars will hold the mattress firmly in place.

Getting better sleep is important for overall health, as well as being able to live a more productive life. With adjustable bed bases, you can improve your sleep and get a better night of rest. Visit FlexiSpot and order your favorite FlexiSpot adjustable bed base.