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The Benefits of Using an Under Desk Hammock for Pregnant Women with Edema

03 June 2021

I used to look at my cousin's foot when she was in her 6th month of pregnancy. I remember taking a closer look at those veins and I accidentally uttered words that almost made her upset with me. I got to apologize for being so nosy back then. With all her composure, she calmly explained what was happening to her. She told me that it was part of her pregnancy. The swollen ankles and feet happen because she needs to carry extra weight. I attentively listened to her as she told me that she was having "Edema". So, I asked her more about this condition. From then on, I learned to support her more and to avoid asking questions that may upset her because I have realized that every pregnant woman becomes more sensitive because of the hormonal changes in their bodies. 

So, before we dive into the other psychological effects of having edema, we will discuss first what Edema means and what are the causes of this: 

● Edema: This is a condition during pregnancy that is caused by the fluid secreting in the body and the growing of the uterus. The swelling takes place in the ankles and feet. Aside from these areas, the extra fluid might get stuck in other body parts like:

❏ arms

❏ hands

❏ legs

● Symptoms: Edema might show symptoms on the parts mentioned above. They may look stuffy and some may cause embarrassment for pregnant women these symptoms include: 

❏ swelling or puffiness

❏ stretched on shiny skin

❏ dimpling or pits that take place when the area is pressed

❏ swollen abdomen 

Unfortunately, aside from these causes, there are other medical reasons for the Edema. Some pregnant women are unaware of these underlying conditions because, before their pregnancy, they already acquired these illnesses although indications manifested later in their trimester. Those underlying conditions are: 

● Underlying Conditions: 

❏ congestive heart failure

❏ kidney diseases

❏ liver cirrhosis 

Should a pregnant woman think that she has the underlying conditions, she must consult her doctor immediately for an alternative treatment because it is mostly possible that medications would not be given to her because of her condition.

Some people choose natural remedies like taking herbal supplements although most doctors do not encourage this. 

● When to see the Doctor: A pregnant woman should consider seeing her doctor should the following symptoms manifest at the same time with Edema: 

❏ shortness of breath

❏ difficulty breathing

❏ chest pain

This should be a cause of worry because there might be a possibility that a pregnant woman might be experiencing pulmonary edema that needs immediate treatment. 

● The Risk Factors: Pregnant women are prone to different conditions they might experience weight gain, high blood sugar level, and other illnesses that occur during pregnancy. Hence, different medications are prescribed to them when they are pregnant. Thus, they become at high risk of acquiring Edema. The resulting increase in the risk of Edema:

❏ taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

❏ medications to treat high blood pressure 

❏ certain diabetes medications

Edema is also a condition that has different complications. Hence, a pregnant woman could face a lot of double whammy situations when they are in that condition. Those complications are risky for both of them. The following complications might take place if left untreated:

● Complications of Edema: 

❏ decreased blood circulation: This is the reason most pregnant women who have edema have shortness of breath.

❏ decreased elasticity in the veins, muscles, and joints: Pregnant women find it difficult to walk at times and the body becomes heavier. 

❏ increasingly painful swelling: This takes place consequently because of the decreased elasticity in the veins and joints. As those parts become swollen, redness and swelling on the affected area take place hence the pregnant woman experiences more pain. 

❏ stretched skin that causes itchiness: This happens as Edema worsens. The stretched skin becomes itchy and irritating increased the risk of skin ulcers: Due to the decreased blood circulation, the skin of a pregnant woman has a higher risk of having skin ulcers. Hence, if you notice, some pregnant women tend to have skin rashes or uneven skin tone because of this. 

These examples are given not to scare the expecting mothers who would be reading this article. This is just to show the possible things that they may encounter during pregnancy and this is to inspire them to do proactive moves so they could avoid complications caused by Edema especially if they are part of the working class. Dedicated working moms need to have protection against these conditions. At work, stress is the first thing that creates havoc on their health. Hence, this might affect them and their babies. As mentioned above, Edema is caused by the extra fluid in the body and the uterus that doubles in size. It means that as the pregnant woman doubles in size, the more it becomes possible for her weight to grow heavier. Hence, there is a certain pressure put on her legs, ankles, and feet. In that case, she should use a piece of equipment made to serve as an under desk mate and Flexispot has it for every pregnant woman. This is the:

Under Desk Foot Hammock FH01:

This is a foot hammock that is recommendable by doctors because it loosens tight leg muscles. A pregnant woman who has Edema needs this because it could help her relieve the possibility of having swollen legs. It recommendable for the pregnant woman to elevate their foot and legs so the blood circulation will be better. Hence, with the foot hammock from Flexispot, she could experience the comfort that she needs when doing a lot of things in the office. Indeed, with the help of the Under Desk Foot Hammock FH01, her pregnancy journey and work would give her a worthwhile experience because this is made to support every woman who is facing challenges during her pregnancy.

Final Thoughts:

Every woman is a beautiful warrior in her own ways. The Physical changes are inevitable but the beauty of a kind-hearted person who braves the problems of pregnancy would blossom into a fiercer individual who is willing to sacrifice half of her life to bring a precious life into existence.