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The Benefits Singing a Lullaby while Sitting on an Accent Chair

23 April 2021

The mother’s voice means safety for the baby. It is his refuge when he feels hungry or sleepy. It brings peace to his tiny battles- from a full diaper to his hunger for milk, these are the little battles that his mother fights for him. Nonetheless, what makes a baby pacified? Is there Science behind the mother’s lullaby?

Today, we will explore its benefits, the Science behind a mother’s soothing voice, and how an accent chair from Flexispot makes the mother and baby’s bonding time extra special. We will also talk about how a newborn baby perceives things.

So, let us get the rhythm going now.

The Newborn Baby:

First Week:

During the first week, your baby can recognize your voice though he can’t understand your words. He is not familiar with the new world outside your womb hence he depends much on you. He may not understand what you say but looking at him always especially when breastfeeding will develop the bond between you and your baby.

Second Week:

During this week, your baby can notice objects afar by 8-14 inches about the distance from their eyes to yours. So, when nourishing the baby, make an eye contact because that way it can develop his tracing skill and his eye coordination. Singing a lullaby can lull him to sleep plus it can stimulate his language and cognitive development (Laura L. Brady, AuD, CCC-A; Benefits of Lullabies for Babies)

Third Week:

By this time, your scent and your arms comforting. Your baby starts to develop his recognition of you and they start snuggling with you. Continue  

Fourth Week:

On this week, your baby starts to mimic sounds that they hear hence it’s really good to say the sounds back to them so their newborn developmental milestone grows. By this time too, you can hear them cry, they make the sounds ‘coo’ and ‘ahh’ especially when he sees you and his dad.

According to Dr. Brady, infants have the ability to manipulate things by hearing certain songs. Thus, lullaby is beneficial for them. This, creates great development in terms of neurological and physical movement. It can also develop your child’s pleasure senses and hormones; the music or sound that they hear can even shape their identities. Imagine the emotional bond that will grow stronger between you and the baby especially when you try doing it on ergonomic chairs which can support your lumbar so you would not get exhausted carrying your baby as you put him to sleep.

Baby’s 1st Month Milestone

During this month, your baby your baby’s core is sturdy compared to the first four weeks. He can:

Lift his head at about 45 degrees.

flash an adorable grin

understand senses

can have smoother movements

Baby’s 2nd Month Milestone:

By this time, your child starts to hone his social skills. He might only recognize his parents’ faces but bringing him to see the others can help him practice recognition of others’ faces; you’ll get surprised to his angelic smile.

The other things that he can do are:

becoming anxious to know more about his surrounding

tilting heads to observe what’s around him

touching and recognizing the texture of objects

Baby’s 3rd Month Milestone:

On the 3rd month, your baby starts to make more sounds like giggling, chuckling, and babbling in long chains. At this time, try to incorporate the lullaby songs when you are playing. Get the opportunity for him to thrive with you by his side. Although at this milestone, the baby develops more of his hand and eye skills, music still can instigate his communication skill because he gets the opportunity to recognize different sounds.

Baby’s 4th Month Milestone:

This is the time that your baby makes eye contact, the sound ‘daa-daa’ which some think that they are calling their dads but in actuality they are putting the sounds of consonants and vowels when they are doing that. At this time, they already have the distinct personality trait. You could even notice that when they sleep they respond with certain sounds with a distinct emotion. Thus, try to put some variations to your lullaby even when he’s awake, try to sing him songs with different emotions and animated gestures so his recognition of different kinds of emotion will be more effective and will register well on his mind. They best time to do this? When you are sitting by an accent chair that has a backrest and a curved cushion . Indeed, it’s a great way to nurture your child.

Baby’s 5th Month Milestone:

Aside from a more challenging path for them and for you because at this time, you’ll notice that they creep on the floor, they try putting the object that they see in their mouths. However, a significant part of this stage is, they start to compare the sounds of the toys that they drop, and they recognize objects through sounds as well. So incorporate upbeat music and the lullaby. Try to hum a sound while pointing to the object. Imagine like you’re teaching them different objects, in a Broadway style. This, you may continue doing while you sing him a lullaby at night which may tuck him on bed faster.

Baby’s 6th Month Milestone:

On this month, you’ll find more chances to become more animated because he starts to use his hand movements in a more sophisticated way; clapping his hands, or try wiping off the food tray. It can become messy but showing it to him by setting an example will help him develop this skill well. Don’t forget the lullaby which you can sing now in an upbeat manner.

Baby’s 7th-10th Month Milestone:

These are the months when they:

-         Start to socialize more

-         can recognize more familiar faces and try communicating with them through sounds

-         put more consonant and vowel sounds together and try to create more sounds out of these; when it comes to words, they can comprehend CVC words like ball

With these, it’s also recommendable to put out story books during bedtime or story time at the living room and tell them more stories. Sing to them the lines in order to stimulate their cognitive ability ( music helps a kid remember things a lot easier)

Baby’s 11-12th Month Milestone:

By this time, your baby is about to master his fine motor skills. As he master these, try not forget to enhance his recognition of sounds through lullaby or any upbeat music which you can do during naptime or when sitting on Flexispot’s Accent or Ergonomic chair

The milestone that your child is about to experience will always be full of challenges and achievements. Record these achievements and celebrate them with your child. Be there as he continues discovering what the world can offer to him.

You can do it, Mom!