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4 Secrets for an Ergonomically-Protected Work Area

06 August 2021

Your workstation is like your frontier. This is the place where you can enjoy your privacy as well as your time to create meaningful ideas that you can contribute to the team. On the other hand, it's also a place where ergonomic problems arise. Around 80% of injuries or musculoskeletal pain start at the work station because of improper dimensions and angles of the equipment. In this case, what you need is to find the ergonomically designed pieces for your workstation just like the products from Flexispot-the home of the best standing desks, sit-stand desks, desk organizers, and ergo chairs.  

The Secrets in Achieving an Ergonomically-Protected Work Area

As you continue emerging as the gem of your company this 2021, you must keep yourself healthy and protected from the biomechanical pain that tends to weaken your body. 

A career-driven person knows to make his work area ergonomically protected and this individual could be you. To achieve that ideal workstation, you may consider Flexispot as your provider and companion in making your place safe from injuries. Through some secrets in achieving the best ergonomics, you may fully protect yourself. 

Ergonomic Office Chair OC7

1. Check your Chair. It Must Give You the Freedom to Sit and Stand While Working

Alternating your movements when you work is the first secret. To avoid the ergonomic pain caused by prolonged sitting, your chair must have the flexibility and mechanism that would allow you to change positions every time you feel that the 20-minute sitting is already giving you soreness. Flexispot can offer you not just 1 but more than 3 ergonomic chairs that have this feature. You may choose between the Ergonomic Office Chair OC7 (the product that has the S-curve at the back and has the flexible headrest), Ergonomic Office Chair OC3B (the chair that has the breathable Mesh backrest), and Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair (a product that has the passive lumbar support around the backrest). All these chair products are height adjustable and could be lifted because of the amazing gas lifting mechanism. 

Executive Office Chair OC6B

2. The Chair Should Also Be Half Below Your Office Desk 

This is another thing that you must know when you are at your workstation. Your chair must be height-adjustable which can help you set the height half below the desk. This could give a suitable dimension from the edge of the chair to the level of your seat. Once you achieve this dimension, you may be able to move freely without hurting your knees or giving you the hard time pulling yourself when leaning your back on the backrest of the chair. 

The best Flexispot chair that you can use with that is the Ergonomics Executive Office Chair OC6B. This is a product that has a breathable cushion and a seat height that reaches up to 21.7". Its lifting mechanism is an SGS (Standard Global Services) certified gas lift which means that this chair product could let you sit and stand or pull yourself closer to the office desk. 

With this office chair, standing up and sitting down is easier and would not strain your back and hips when alternating movements. 

35" EdgeRiser Standing Desk Converters M8MB

3. Your Visual Angle Should Not Strain Your Eyes When Sitting

When you are seated on your workstation, you must check the distance of your eyes from the monitor. That distance is called the visual angle. If the visual angle gives much pressure on your eyes and neck, it's an indication that you are leaning forward very close to the monitor. In that case, a desk converter from Flexispot could be advisable for you.

Desk Converters such as the 31" AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converters M7B (a desk converter that has the desktop tray that is easy to attach and remove) and the 35" EdgeRiser Standing Desk Converters M8MB (a desk converter that has a spacious area). When you have these desk converters, you may observe the proper visual angle that you need to have so your neck and eyes would not get strained.

These converters can also protect your shoulders and arms against the pain that you might acquire from the sedentary activities that you do in the office. It is indeed a product that can promote flexibility. 

Willow Solid Wood Standing Desk

4. Monitors Should Also be Positioned Well on the Desk

You might be exposing yourself to ergonomic pain when you don't place your monitor well on the desk. It might happen when you cannot observe the proper visual angle with your monitor. At times, you sit sideways when your monitor is not ergonomically placed on the desk. 

The problem with this though is some office desks do not have even edges and surfaces. Hence, you cannot place the device on a flat surface. In this case, Flexispot standing desks such as the Willow Solid Wood Standing Desk that has solid wood veneer and Rubberwood materials. The desktop of this standing desk can ensure you that you may place your device properly on the desk and would not cause the objects to fall from this desk because of the evenness of the desktop.

Aside from the Willow Solid Wood Standing Desk, there is also the dual-motor and self-lifting standing desk which is the Adjustable Standing Desk Pro. This product has a weight capacity of 275lbs so aside from the perfect visual angle that you can have when you use it, this desk could carry heavy devices for a long time.

So, now that we are done with the 4 ways to have an ergonomically protected work area, you may now be able to adjust the devices on your work area or switch to the best ergonomic products sold in the market. Once you achieve the ergonomically protected work area, you may be able to sustain the best ideas that you may come up with in the office. 

Final Thoughts:

The work area where you move around is also a place where you can create the best ideas that you can contribute to the company. Hence, you must work in an office where you can be protected against the worst ergonomic injuries, and with Flexispot, you may be able to achieve all your work goals with the ease and protection you deserve to have.