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The Best Chair for a Video Game Editor

15 June 2021

I think one of the well-paid jobs these days is a video game editor. As I have researched about video game editors, I was surprised to know that a video game editor in the US can be paid an average of $40 an hour. So, it is quite a lot of money if you can be hired as a video game editor.

With millions of people around the world interested and are playing video games, men and women alike. Then being a video game editor could be a lucrative job. And as reported in an online article, the number of vacancies for video game editors has gone up to 26.14 percent and is expected to increase in the coming years. Interested? Let us know some of the requirements for being a video game editor:

  • Know about design, engineering, and software development
  • Be able to use a company’s game editing tools
  • There should be a real interest in video game editing
  • A love for video games and being part of the gaming industry
  • Skills in video game designs

If you have most of these requirements, then you can possibly apply for a video game editor position at any time as demand is unexpectedly increasing. I was surprised to see some video game editors who are quite young yet they are already earning a lot of money in this profession.

A video game designer is also an interesting occupation to venture into that pays well and if you have these skills as indicated by an online article. 

        1.Creativity - you have to have your creative juices flowing to enable you to design games, solve puzzles, create more challenges for the users to be engaged in the games

        2.Skills in multimedia development - you have to know photoshop and other software related to video game designs

        3. programming knowledge - a foundation on algorithms, data structures, and basic coding terminology

        4. Being able to adapt with others who have different skills than yours such as writers, artists, and other fields such as sciences

        5. Industry and being persistent - it is really a taxing job but if you have that  determination and you are hardworking, this is a good job for you

        6. Ability to tell a story - video games also have a story to tell about a situation, experience that should challenge the gamers as they compete to win in the game

        7. Communication skills - these are the ability to send your messages across to your target audience as games are also channels of communication

If you are new in this field the software that is suggested to try your skill in video game editing is:

  • Shortcut
  • Hitfilm Express

In video editing like editing written materials, you need concentration and this also requires excessive sitting that leaves you in a sedentary situation. In this case, you need to allow yourself to move at times and change your posture from sitting to standing as you edit because if not, prolonged sitting could possibly develop pains in the neck and in the lower back.

This is an adverse effect of doing editing work for a longer period of time. However, you can reduce or prevent discomfort and pains in some parts of your body by choosing an ideal chair for you to use while you edit your games. You can opt to use a gaming chair or an ergonomic chair to have a more comfortable sitting posture. 

But it is better to use one in which you have the option to change your posture as you edit by working in a standing posture to be able to at least move your body and not to engage in sitting posture for long hours which is really bad for you.

One of the best gaming chairs for a video game editor is from FlexiSpot. I can say this because this company is a leader in producing ergonomic home office furniture such as ergonomic chairs that are durable and multifunctional.

I would recommend the Ergonomic Gaming Chair with Retractable Footrest Ri3476.  This gaming chair is packed with features that a video game editor would be able to work comfortably on the chair and at the same time they could also play video games having a cozy and pain-free situation. Some of the stunning features of this gaming chair that are really noteworthy are:

  • Adjustable seat height and with the high back design, it is ergonomic and has comfortable padded backrest that extends to the upper back for greater and gentle back support. If you want to rest and recline, just pull the lever up while seated. The maximum reclining angle is 150 degrees. To stop reclining, you can pull the lever down while seated
  • The armrests are soft-padded and height-adjustable that is also lockable for more comfortable rest for your arms. 
  • The headrest and lumbar pillow are removable when you open the button. The height of the lumbar pillow is also height adjustable. With the headrest and lumbar pillow, the pressure is removed from your neck and back
  • The footrest located under the seat can be freely retracted. When you play games or work, push the footrest in.
  • The chair could be changed into a rocking mode, that is back and forth by pulling out the control handle. It also swivels 360 degrees allowing free movements in the workspace without strain.
  • The chair is made of premium PU leather that is scratch-proof, fade-resistant, and easy to clean
  • Versatility and functionality makes this gaming chair ideal for gaming, working, and for studying

With this gaming chair, I am sure you will be able to perfect your video game editing as it supports your body comfortably and ergonomically even if you have to sit for long hours. If you feel tired and exhausted, you can recline and take a rest with your neck and back fully supported. Even your feet can rest comfortably with their footrest. What more can you ask for?