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The Best Desks For Your Needs

02 August 2021

When it comes to office furniture, starting with a desk that matches your specific demands is a great starting point. And besides, it is where you spend the majority of your working day. With so many functions and add-ons to pick from, it's critical to think about what's most crucial to you before making a purchase.

The sort of desk that you or your colleagues utilize at work is probably not highly prioritized of workplace concerns. For much of modern employment history, the work desk was one of those items that we spent considerable time using and little time thinking about. However, sedentary jobs in the United States have expanded by 83 percent since 1950, citing fears about the health hazards of sitting far too much. Studies have identified that our sedentary, office lifestyle increases diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. There is also a significant link between employee productivity and the physical work environment.

Whether you're thinking of changing offices and need furnishings, or you're just revamping your current workspace, this guide will give you a better idea through the best solutions for your business needs – and make your colleagues pleased with the result.

Choosing A Desk

When selecting desks, take the following considerations, which may influence the sort of desk you purchase.

Office layout and business process

  • U-shaped and L-shaped desks are great for individuals who require some extra storage and/or surface area.
  • Writing desks offer elegant lines that complement open-plan workspaces. They often provide little storage, making them excellent for businesses with flexible seating but less so for those with an abundance of paperwork.

Daily work demands

  • Wiring holes are commonly required on desktop computers to control tangled connections.
  • L-shaped desks, which promote teamwork, are ideal for frequent collaboration.
  • Extensive paperwork indicates the necessity for additional surface/shelving areas, as well as filing cabinets or drawers.


  • Choose desks with ample legroom. Even better, choose desks that can be elevated or lowered. If something is prohibitively expensive, ensure that chairs can be lifted and lowered.
  • Consider footrests for persons who need them, whether for medical or comfort reasons and make sure you give wrist pads for hard-edged tables. One name that you can surely count on when it comes to ergonomics is FlexiSpot. Each day at FlexiSpot, they envision, build, and implement ergonomic solutions to help people live healthier and more productive lives. 

Below are some of the essential characteristics you might desire in a desk, as well as how to bring them into your work sooner rather than later.

Saves Space

A workspace that accommodates the computer, printer, and a few shelves provide a compact desk alternative to optimize your space further. It doesn't have the storage capacity of a traditional desk, but it does the job of saving space.

We recommend:

Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Bamboo Texture Top

The Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk is a revolutionary workstation. It is such a comprehensive and efficient standing desk that not only boosts productivity by keeping you from sitting for the whole day, but it's loaded with features and an exquisite style that sets it apart from the rest. It adjusts from your perfect seated position to your preferred standing position with the push of a button, all while maintaining your monitor, mouse, and keyboard at the most ergonomic position for efficient and productive work.

  • Ideal Corner Desk for a Limited Space: The Comhar occupies little floor area while providing one of the roomiest workstations available. A corner, nook, or empty wall is all that is required to accommodate Comhar for establishing your own corner office.
  • Considerate Anti-Collision Feature: The anti-collision mechanism protects the workstation by keeping it from being damaged or smashing other objects and items while in motion.
  • Steady Motion Through Sturdy Construction: The desk structure is made of powder-coated steel tubing, which withstands scratches and stains and ensures stability even at the maximum setting. Additionally, if your desk legs are unequal, resulting in a tilted surface, use the leveling glides along the bottom of the desk to secure and even your desk.

Desks With Specialized Functions

Depending on what you accomplish at your workspace, your desk may require extensive functionality that a standard desk cannot give. A drafting and drafting table has a movable tilted top for individuals who need to use a pen or pencil as much, if not even more than a computer. The majority of drawing tables are stool-height and do not have desk space for laptops or PCs; however, a few do.

We recommend:

Height Adjustable Drafting Table

With FlexiSpot's electric adjustable drafting table, you can stay motivated and invigorated when painting, drafting, or drawing. It's specially built to handle all of your large-scale sketching and painting work while allowing you to transition between sitting and standing with the touch of a button.

  • Tabletop with Tilt: Tilt the adaptable desktop from 0° to 40° to find the best position for various applications such as writing, reading, working, and drawing.
  • Safety Ledge Stopper: No matter whatever desktop angle you choose, the stopper prevents your electronics, paintings, and paperwork from slipping off the desk surface.
  • Expandable Desk with Integrated Drawer: The tabletop has a drop leaf design that can expand to provide more desk space or collapse to accommodate small spaces. A handy pull-out drawer in the desk offers a tremendous integrated storage capacity for your office and home materials.

A standing or stool-height work desk, often with height-adjustable legs, helps lay down materials for planning or cutting. While there is usually little to no associated storage, the larger surface allows for item rearrangement as needed.

Standing Desks

Standing desks are a feasible option for sitting desks for those concerned with the long implications of sitting at a desk for hours day after day. Attachment items, such as adjustable arms designed for use with a laptop, can transform your current workspace from sit to stand in seconds. More than merely a monitor height adjuster, such attachment components can be used to create an elevated or lowered partial desktop.

A completely height-adjustable desk, where the entire tabletop can be shifted from sitting to standing with the twist of a handle or a touch of a button, is even superior. They may not have the storage space of other desks, but if you want a multifunctional desk that is also good for your health, this is an excellent idea.

We recommend:

Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series

The FlexiSpot Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series is an outstanding choice for its height-adjustability functionality. This standing desk is jam-packed with capabilities on which you can benefit from using a standing desk, along with durability and dependability. 

  • Greater Load Capacity: Even with a total weight capacity of 275 lbs, the powerful dual motors allow for a maximum lifting speed of 1.4"/s (EC4).
  • Smooth, Quiet, and Quick: Its desk frame is made of powder-coated steel tubing and is resistant to stains and scratches. Even at the highest level, the dual-motor lifting mechanism and strengthened framework could guarantee optimum stability.
  • Advanced Control Panel: Our innovative keypad offers three memory height settings and a customizable sit/stand reminder system, as well as an energy-efficient, LED display. You may easily switch positions and receive pleasant alerts when it's time to stand.

When it comes to feeling comfy and enhancing productivity, the products you choose to outfit your office can make a big difference. Because every workstation has a few essential criteria, desks have been standardized and universal for many years. Thankfully, there are already so many diverse choices available that selecting a desk may be much more personalized.