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Ergo Chairs: Protecting You from Office Hazards

15 July 2021

Mishaps and Hazards:

So you are under a pretty tied-up schedule because of the monthly report. You just checked the calendar and you know you are 2 days away from the deadline. Hence, you need to work it all up for more than 7 hours. Then, as you go along a busy workday, you'd suddenly feel the soreness around the neck which begins to crawl down the shoulders and spine. 

This one is a typical scene on a day of a worker who experiences ergonomic pain in the office. This is indeed a mishap for some because ergonomic pain is not a simple thing. There are a lot of risks when you experience the ergo pain such as: 

  • neck soreness
  • back pain
  • spine strain
  • tennis elbow
  • frozen shoulders 
  • muscle cramps

These risks become known as office hazards. These hazards may seem to be harmless at first but if you would not be able to identify the ergonomic problem and would ignore this pain then your condition might get worse in the long run. 

In actuality, there are countless reports of ergonomic-related hazards in the office that start because of improper posture and incorrect equipment. Yes, your office equipment has something to do with the ergonomic pain that you experience. In particular, the chair that you sit on could either make you lose the proper posture or improve it. So, with that, we will discuss in the second part of the article the things about the ideal ergonomic chair for you. There might be some things from the checklist that are not present when you use your office chair. This may help you double-check the piece of equipment that you have in your workstation. 

Ergonomics and Checklist:

So, before you try finding the most ideal office chair for you, you need to check first all the features and qualities of an ergonomic chair. This is important because it could save you from finding an improper piece of equipment. This could also help you save time and could give you the chance to save more of your savings instead of purchasing the wrong piece of equipment for your workstation. So, let's start enumerating and discussing each of these qualities. 

  • A good ergonomic chair is flexible:

This is the first quality that you must look for in the right ergonomic chair. It should be a piece of equipment that could allow you to do the sit-stand movement when working. The sedentary pain usually starts when you could not make the periodic breaks and spend more time sitting on the chair. A prolonged sitting could harm your spine. Thus, a good ergonomic chair is what you need, to let you do the sit-stand movement. Plus, what you need is a piece of equipment that has a cushion that is close to the backrest of the ergo chair. This is to increase the contact of the backrest and the spine. If this is not possible, make sure that the ergo product could provide the lumbar support that you need to make sure you would not get the spine strain. 

  • A good ergonomic chair has a wide backrest:

This is the second thing that you must observe with an ergonomic chair-the backrest. A backrest should be wide enough to cover your shoulders. This is because when your neck, shoulders, and back can't lean on the wide backrest of the chair, a particular pressure would be put around the neck and shoulders. As a result, strain and pain are felt around the lower areas or the pain around the source of strain becomes sore or more painful. Thus, you have to make sure that the chair that you are going to buy has sufficient support for your back. 

Aside from these main features of a good ergonomic chair, there are a lot of things to consider so you could call it effective. In the next part of our topic, we will be discussing the ergonomic chair products that have these amazing features. Products that are sought-after in the market and are purchased by more customers. All these wonderful ergo chairs are from Flexispot- the true home of incredible standing desks and ergonomic chairs. 

Finding Ergo at Flexispot:

Aside from the sit-stand desks that follow the contours of your body and help you observe the sit-stand movements when working, you can also experience the best ergonomic solutions with the office chairs from Flexispot. 

Part of the company's objectives is the dedication to let office workers like you experience relief from the ergonomic problems that you normally experience after long hours in the office which are already considered work hazards. Thus, at Flexispot, they create incredible stand-up desks or standing desks like the Kana Bamboo standing desk and ergonomic office chairs such as the Ergonomic Office Chair O3CB. At Flexispot, office chairs such as the Ergo Office Chair O3CB could help you avoid lumbar pain and neck soreness because of their wide backrest. This ergo chair has one of the main features that you look for when we talk about office chairs. 

The ergo chairs from Flexispot can protect you from office hazards because they are made with precision and exact measurements. They are flexible too. Hence, you can make sure that you can sit conveniently on the ergo chair from Flexispot. There are various ergo chairs from Flexispot that offer this kind of feature. One of those is the Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair. You can recline this chair up to 45 degrees. With this, you can make sure that you can experience absolute comfort when you are in the office. 

In actuality, Flexispot has a wide array of the best ergonomic chairs. These ergo products together with the sit-stand desks could protect you against office hazards that might cause severe pain and illness in the future. Hence, these products are superb and well-trusted by most users in the market. 

Final Thoughts:

Finding ergonomic solutions is easier with Flexispot. This is because all the products made by this company can ensure your absolute safety and protection without breaking your bank hence when you have them in your workstation, you would feel that you are protected and safe.