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The Best Ergo Office Organizers for Linear Workstations

26 July 2021

Optimizing Workstations: An Employee's Predicament 

One of the most practical types of workstation is the linear workstation. This is typically a single row of office tables that do not have wide spaces. This is economical especially if you need to give the best work environment for 20 employees or more in a 60sq meter office. 

The challenge of this kind of workstation is the optimization of the work area. It is important for the sake of the employees who are the core of the business. Most employees these days, experience ergonomic problems such as:

  • neck soreness
  • spine strain
  • leg pain 
  • hip pain 
  • headache

After long hours of working in a narrow-spaced workstation like the linear workstation, most employees suffer from neck soreness. This happens when an employee struggles a lot to maximize his workspace and feel comfortable. At times, the type of equipment worsens the condition of the worker especially if he or she uses a non-ergonomic product. When he uses this kind of product (especially the office chair), it results in neck strain in which he suffers from the throbbing pain that at times results in a stiff neck. 

If your worker would continue using non-ergonomic chairs, in particular, he might also have the spine strain. This always happens after a prolonged sitting. Usually, when a worker spends more than 6 hours of work without alternating his movements, there is a large tendency that he would experience numbness around his spine. This is dangerous especially if this always happens. This could put your employee at risk because when there is a prolonged sitting, his spine would be severely affected which could lead to a stooped posture. 

Non-ergonomic products could also be the drawer or the desk organizers. When your employee does not use this kind of equipment, he might also experience stress, fatigue, and body pain. This is because when he or she does not use the right equipment at his workstation, it would be difficult to avoid the body pain that might take place in the long run. This pain could also be because of the messy office desk and the clutters around the workspace. This is taking place at the linear workstation. This is because of the limited space in the workstation. That is why using the Flexispot ergonomic products such as the desk organizers and file cabinets would be the best option. 

The Best Ergo Solutions from Flexispot

Flexispot is known for the care and dedication they provide their clients through the best ergo solutions. From standing desks, sit-stand desks to ergonomic chairs, clients could ensure that the products that they would purchase from Flexispot are on the cutting edge and would provide them with superb ergonomics that they could find in the market. 

Flexispot knows the struggles and hardships of the employees and management when it comes to the ergonomic problems that commonly take place at the workstations that have limited spaces. Aside from providing incredible standing desks such as Kana Bamboo standing desk and ergonomic chairs such as Ergonomic Office Chair OC3B, they also offer the best desk organizers and office cabinets. 

If an employee finds it difficult to put all his writing tools or office materials in a space that would help him organize then the Mesh Desk Organizer DO01 could help him keep his things nicely. This is because the Mesh Desk Organizer DO01 has different containers and spaces that are well-divided. Hence, when you use this desk organizer, you may ensure that all your belongings such as scissors, writing tools, and folders would be kept safely on the desk organizer. Once you do this, you may avoid the stress and fatigue that would possibly get in the way. 

What's also amazing about this desk organizer is it's sturdy and could hold large folders. Indeed, it's a beneficial multifunctional piece of equipment that could help you avoid the stress of decluttering your workspace. You could surely save more space in your workstation despite the possible limited area where you could place your office materials. 

At a linear workstation, it is possible that octopus wiring could take place, especially if there are minimal electric outlets in the office. We all know that in an office there could be more than 10 devices that would be charged plus the other electronic gadgets that are needed at work. Thus, it is important to supervise this in the office without compromising the convenience of the worker. Thus, a standing desk like the Esben Standing Desk UD4 is recommendable because this is a stand-up desk that is not just height-adjustable and does not just have spacious drawers but also has built-in charging ports. So, there would less entangled wires on the floor plus, your employee may charge his device right on his station. So, while he sits and stands in finishing his report, it will be easy for him to charge his devices and be safe from the injuries that may take place because of wire entanglement. 

Another example of an office organizer from Flexispot is the Mobile File Cabinet CB2. This is a file cabinet that has a circular arc design so it would be safe for the worker to move around the linear workstation during the busy time in the office without bumping on the pointy edge of the cabinet unlike with the ordinary office desks that are sharp by the edge. 

This mobile file cabinet also has the route cables that keep the wirings around the workstation clean and tidy. With these routes, the worker could ensure safety and an organized table at work. Despite the limited space in the office, your employees could have the perception that the workspace is spacious with these desk organizers. 

These are just some of the vast selection of desk organizers from Flexispot. These are worth the money that you're going to spend because with these at the linear workstation, you may save more space and provide your employees very conducive workstations. 

Final Thoughts

Office organizers are the pieces of equipment that could help us in little ways. With these in the work area, the pacing and movements in the office could be optimized during operations, Hence, Flexispot is here to provide you the most ergonomic and effective office organizers in the market.