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The Best Ergonomic Chair for Tall People

06 July 2021

From finding fitting shoes to a car they can comfortably drive, tall people sometimes find it difficult to find essential everyday items. This inconvenience also translates to finding an ergonomic office chair. Most tall people struggle to sit comfortably in office chairs, and you’ll often find them seated in awkward positions with their thighs floating past the seat's edge. They flex their knees to support their weight as they squash themselves into the ill-fitting chair. Sitting in such a stroppy position throughout the working day, just to have some work done, can affect one's productivity, not to mention their health. 

Prolonged sitting in an anatomically strained position causes several health issues, including muscle strains, impaired blood circulation, spine curvature, the unwarranted strain on the upper and lower back causing constant back pains, neck pain, and tension headaches, impaired digestion, and poor sleep. If you're sitting on an ergonomic chair that doesn't match your height, weight, and unique body shape, you're really not helping yourself. In fact, you're doing more harm than good to your body. 

As a tall person, being comfortable in your office chair should be a top priority to enhance productivity and stay healthy. Therefore, you'll want to find a tall-person-friendly chair, especially if your current office chair doesn't match your height. That said, here's a guide to choosing the best ergonomic chair if you're a tall person and a brief on one of the most highly recommended office chairs for tall people. 

How Tall is Tall?

This is a really common question when it comes to choosing a tall-friendly ergonomic office chair. Height is a subjective measurement, and it's highly relative. For instance, a 5'8'' person may be considered tall by a 4'1'' person but considered short by a 6'5'' person. 

However, to provide a clear distinction, a tall person is someone above the average height established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). According to the CDC, the average adult male height is 5’9’’ and 5’4’’ for adult females. Anyone, including females above the average height, i.e., 6 feet (182cm) and above, is considered tall.  

Finding the Best Ergonomic Office Chair for Tall People

There are tons of options when considering ergonomic office chairs for tall people. You ought to start searching systematically to find one that suits your precise height and matches your specific needs. Here are things you need to do when searching for your ideal ergonomic chair if you’re tall. 

Start By Finding Your Body Measurements

It's a no-brainer that most people don't know their exact height. Before splurging on your ideal ergonomic office chair, start by taking your body measurements, i.e., your full height, the height of your back from the top of your head down to the base of your spine, length of your thighs from waist to knee, and also the length from your knees to the bottom of your feet. 

You may also want to measure the length of your waist, especially if you're a plus-sized person. This will enable you to find a suitable seat with the right depth and width, and height. Note down your body measurements for future reference. 

Check Out the Detailed Measurements of a Chair 

To find a chair that’s compatible with your body measurements, check out the exact dimensions of the ergonomic office chair. The dimensions can either be found on a tag attached to the chair or on the product page. Some critical dimensions to consider include: depth, width, back height, back width, seat depth, seat width, seat height range, and armrest height (to the lowest and highest position if it's adjustable). 

The table below shows the recommended seat height of an office chair as per your height. 

Person’s Height(Feet) 

Chair Height(Inches) 


18 inches 


19 inches 


20 inches 


20.5 inches 


20.7 inches 


21 inches 


21.3 inches 


21.6 inches 


21.8 inches 


22.1 inches 


22.4 inches 


22.6 inches 


22.9 inches 


23.2 inches 

Ergonomic Factors to Consider in an Office Chair for a Tall Person 

There are several vital ergonomic factors to consider in an ideal seat for a tall person to ensure maximum support and correct posture. These factors include: 

Seat Height 

When you're seated in the right posture, your legs should be bent at a 90-degree angle, and your feet should rest flat on the floor. The chair's height should be adjustable to match the length of your lower leg, from the knee to the bottom of your feet. It's harmful to flex your knees or extend your legs while seated due to incompatible seat height as this leads to poor posture and increases pressure on your thighs and hips, leading to leg problems. 

For tall people, an office chair with a height range (from the floor to the top of the seat) of 18-23 inches is an excellent fit for seat height. 

Seat Depth 

The right seat depth ensures that your bottom from the buttock up to the end of your inner thigh is supported. This ensures that you maintain the right posture and remain comfortable while seated. Tall people often have longer femur bones hence require seats with a greater depth. Most ergonomic office chairs don’t give a seat depth adjustment allowance meaning you have to find the right depth dimension. 

You can sit on the chair to determine if the seat depth is of the right size or check out the product’s page to find the seat depth dimension and relate it to the length of your thighs from waist to knee. If the seat depth is adjustable, the better. But ensure it’s of the right dimension in regards to your body measurement. A minimum depth of 19’’ or more is often compatible with tall persons.

Backrest Height  

The backrest should meet the base of your spine at the junction between the seat and the back of the chair. The backrest should conform to the natural curve of your back to offer maximum lumbar support. It, therefore, should be of the correct height in regards to the length of the size of your back from your shoulder down to the base of your spine. 


A headrest offers you many benefits allowing you to lean your head and avoid straining your neck and shoulder. While they are a tremendous ergonomic addition to a chair that enhances your sitting comfort, non-fitting headrests can cause more harm than good. 

When searching for your ideal office chair, ensure the headrest is tall enough and aligns evenly with the back of your neck or your cervical spine. Preferably, consider ergonomic office chairs with an adjustable headrest as you may not use it all the time. A fixed headrest positioned too low or too high can be upsetting and fails to serve its intended purpose. 

Seat Width 

The seat width determines how well you fit in the chair. Seat width of 16" is generally compatible with most people, including tall people. However, consider office chairs with a seat width of 19'' or more based on your waist size if you’re both tall and plus size.

Is the Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair OC10B Right for You? 

The Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair OC10B from FlexiSpot is highly recommended for tall persons. Equipped with a seat height range of 18.5-22 inch, back height of 22.05’’, seat depth of 16.93’’, seat width of 20.08’’ adjustable armrest with the lowest position at 23.62’’, 299 lbs weight capacity, and an adjustable headrest, the Soutien OC10B office chair is indeed the right fit for a majority of tall people. 

Besides its tall-friendly dimensions, the OC10B ergonomic office chair packs impressive ergonomic features giving you the ultimate comfort behind your desk. This mesh office chair is designed to enhance your work efficiency and increase your productivity while ensuring you remain healthy. The ergonomic features that make the Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair OC10B among the best low-budget office chairs include: 

3D Lumbar Support System 

The OC10B is integrated with a 3D lumbar support system encompassing 3 height adjustment levels and a gentle rebound system to ensure maximum back support. What's more, the bionic-engineered backrest curve excellently conforms to your spine and neck, providing full lumbar and headrest support. This ensures you're always seated in an upright position and alleviates the effects of poor posture, most notably constant back pains. 

Cushioned Adjustable 4D Armrest 

The OC10B features flexible 4D armrests padded with plush skin-friendly cushioning for maximum comfort. The armrests seamlessly conform to your arms and elbows, providing maximum shoulder support while working or taking a short break at your desk. Besides, the armrests are adjustable in 4 dimensions; they can be lifted, lowered, tilted right or left, and moved forward and backward for maximum comfort and support. 

Premium Breathable Mesh 

If you don’t know the benefits of a mesh office chair, breathability is one of them. The Soutien is constructed from high-quality, breathable, durable, and flexible fleece mesh. As such, it offers you maximum ventilation keeping you cool and dry, especially on hot summer days

45-degree Backrest Tilt

Coming with a 45° backrest tilt, the Soutien allows you to recline in comfort as you take intermittent breaks in the course of your workday. This helps to ease pressure on your lower back and maintain a healthy posture. 

Adjustable Seat Depth  

The Soutien’s seat depth can be adjusted to match your body shape and provide the ultimate comfort. The seat is also enhanced with extra-comfy padding to offer the ultimate sitting experience. 

The Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair OC10B's tall-friendly dimensions and fantastic ergonomic features make it among the best-in-class ergonomic chairs for tall people. If your body measurements conform to the chair's dimensions, you'll undoubtedly want to acquire this chair to experience comfort on another level.

Final Words 

Tall people often have difficulties in finding essential items. When it comes to office chairs, it’s vital to use one that conforms to your body dimension, thereby providing maximum body support and comfort. As a tall person, when looking for a suitable ergonomic office chair, you’ll want to start by determining your body measurements then compare them with the chair’s dimensions to find the right ergonomic fit. In addition, you should also look at the chair's ergonomic factors, including seat height, depth, width, headrest, backrest, and armrest height. The Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair OC10B is highly recommended for tall people thanks to its tall-friendly dimensions and outstanding ergonomic feature. Give it a try!